When the MOBA League of Legends started back in Season 1, there was barely a Meta (or Metagame). Everyone ran on a rampage not knowing what to do or where to start. Some Annie players even took Infinity Edge and dominated their opponent. When the Europeans came into the scene, everyone was surprised with what they did to win their LoL games. Almost no one cared for the Jungle yet the European teams took advantage of it and in the end, they won the first League of Legends World Championship (Team Fanatic).

Ever since then, League of Legends has evolved into a more technical and mechanical game that is rich with strategies. When hearing the word “Meta”, one thing comes into your mind and that’s the most viable strategy that allows you to win games; that’s basically it! When you use strategies or LoL champions that are currently strong in the Meta, you are most likely to win.

League of Legends is generally separated into two things: Solo Queue and Team Play. Both have their own unique Metas like some champions are better off in Solo Queue than Team Play or this team composition works like magic in coordinated team fights. We’re here to give you 3 of the best League of Legends Combo Synergies. Be it a duo lane or a wombo combo team composition, we will be judging these combos by its efficiency, over-all impact, and our very own best LoL combo ranking.

  • Miss Fortune and Sona A.K.A “Bullet Time Crescendo” (Duo Bot Lane): This one is actually old and almost withered in the Meta, but due to Miss Fortune’s kit rework (those crits baby), it has recently been viable in the bot lane. You may not see this much in competitive play due to the fact that Miss Fortune is not that Mobile (let alone, Sona) but on Solo/Duo Queue though, it’s different. The amount of damage coming out of Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time is sometimes ridiculous that it results in an overkill and Solo Queue players are not that coordinated that they can stop MF’s channelling ultimate (well, most of the time). Pair that up with Sona’s Crescendo then you have an awesome mini Wombo Combo going on in the bot lane. Why Sona? As mentioned above, Miss Fortune is not mobile so her survivability relies on a support that can heal or protect her. Right now, the Meta calls for a farm fest and staying in the lane as long as possible without dying reaps great rewards. Sona compensates for that with her Heal and movement speed buff (not to mention her Q that deals tonnes of damage with Thunderlord’s decree as your Keystone Mastery).
    • Combo Efficiency: 7/10
    • Overall Combo Impact: 7/10
    • Combo Rating: 6/10

  • Twisted Fate and Nocturne A.K.A “The Global Threat” (Mid and Jungle): There was a time before season 3 ended that Global Team Compositions dominated the Meta in both competitive and regular play. The usual compositions commonly had Nocturne and Twisted Fate paired with other bad-ass global LoL champions like Shen or Karthus. Nocturne’s Ultimate, Paranoia, synergizes well with Twisted Fate’s Destiny. The only downside for this is when you happen to execute the combo poorly, you end up getting “Aced” rather than getting THE “Ace”.
    • Combo Efficiency: 8/10
    • Overall Combo Impact: 9/10
    • Combo Rating: 7/10

  • Yasuo and any other LoL champion that has an Area of Effect knock-up A.K.A “Sorye Ge Ton!” (Whole Team): I know, I know, it’s overrated. But we have to admit that having a good Yasuo on your team paired with a couple of knock-ups can be very, very rewarding. Execute this lovely combo twice or thrice, you can snowball and win the game. The recent changes in the Masteries have been very useful for Yasuo even if he was hammered with a handful of nerfs. Besides, hearing him scream “Sorye Ge Ton!” sounds like a legitimate battle cry.
    • Combo Efficiency: 9/10
    • Overall Combo Impact: 9/10
    • Combo Rating: 9/10

There are hundreds of awesome LoL combo compositions that synergize well but are likely to get countered. Game knowledge is the key to creating combos for League of Legends. If you want to know more about what’s viable or what’s trending in the current Meta, take some time to watch some LCS (North America), EU LCS (Europe), LCK (South Korea) or LPL(China) games or streamers like Faker, Trick2G or Boxbox. You learn a lot from them and it’s one of the best sources to get League of Legends game knowledge from.