With E3 now only a week away it’s set to be an event full of big thrills, and one developer has kept radio silent for a fair old while now. It’s no secret that Rocksteady knows how to make a superhero game, so it’s at least a safe bet that the British-based studio will most likely stick to this mould. Whether it be their dedication to the world of their central character or their ability to successfully translate lavish comic book storylines in a more digestible and grounded way, the question everyone is asking is what have they been working on?

Here are three top picks as to what DC Superhero Character Rocksteady could give the Arkham treatment:


Perhaps one of the more obvious choices is Azrael. This would encompass more of a direct sequel to the Arkham series, leaving off to where the last game ended as throughout the duration of both City and Knight, Batman is told the age-old cliché that “a storm is coming”. The Azrael storyline eventually ended in Arkham Knight after the character had fully proved himself to Batman, aching to be his eventual successor.

The advantages of choosing Azrael for Rocksteady’s next superhero game are that it allows us to stay in the moody and gritty world of Gotham that has already been created, yet doesn’t limit the possibility of exploring some of its outer sections such as Bludhaven. In terms of character however, Azrael wants to do good just like Batman, yet would possibly be able to enjoy that fact that he is preventing crime a little more, being able to live without the guilt of having his parents killed as a child.

Green Arrow

The Beauty of choosing Green Arrow for Rocksteady’s next superhero game is that the character is extremely popular at the moment (thank you CW) yet Oliver Queen’s back story has not been overly explored or redone to the degree that Batman’s origin story has. The character would provide somewhat of a half step for the studio, still being set within the DC universe whilst not directly being considered as a sequel also.

Traversal within Star City would undoubtedly be a lot of fun, making use of the Green Arrow’s knack for zipwiring across the rooftops. Here alone, one of the biggest concerns of open world games is already addressed. The DC rogues gallery would be readily available also, leaving room to further explore more niche villains such as DeathStroke, Captain Cold and maybe even the Clock King (Green Arrow’s equivalent to the Mad Hatter).

Wonder Woman

Sorry Superman fans, but it’s no secret that at present, Wonder Woman is the talk of the town at least in terms of the DCEU. Swiftly recognising all the expected gameplay-grounding barriers that come when trying to implement the fan-favourite man of steel into a superhero game (look at Superman 64), it’s very much a possibility that Rocksteady instead looked elsewhere in the trinity to create a game focussing on the exploits of DC’s resident Amazonian princess.

Wonder Woman’s shield and sword combat mechanics alone would be distinctly new enough to completely give Rocksteady a chance to step away from Batman’s brawl-based shadow, swapping out fisticuffs for something a little more sharp and shiny. Like with other heroes on this list, Diana Prince’s story is also less well known, giving open world game veterans the ability explore a villain-filled story campaign within an entirely new setting with a female heroin centre stage for a change. They did it with Batgirl: A Matter of Family, it’d be nice to see them do it again, though this time on a much larger scale.