NCSoft’s Blade & Soul, having just released in Northern America and Europe last January 19, 2016, has amazingly struck to two million players. Because of this stunning success, NCSoft has released a new update called Rising Waters. The new content update will be including three new PvE dungeons which will put players to the test and a new Hongmoon level.

Dungeons added in Rising Waters are Bloodshade harbor, Nightshade harbor, and a 7-floor dungeon named Mushin’s Tower.

Bloodshade Harbor


Bloodshade Harbor is a dungeon designed as the base for the Blackram pirates and Admiral Hae Mujin. It can be played in two difficulties: normal difficulty is designed for a maximum of six players, whilst hard difficulty supports up to four. This dungeon is said to have some of the hardest bosses in the game, namely Venomous Thrasher, Munitions Officer Blood Mane, Cobalt Widow and Scarlet Widow, and lastly, Admiral Hae Mujin himself.

Nightshade Harbor


Nightshade Harbor is actually Bloodshade Harbor too. The only differences between the two of them is that NightShade Harbor’s environment is during night time, and the maximum number of players allowed. This dungeon has a maximum of 24 players.

Mushin’s Tower


Mushin’s Tower is an ancient tower constructed by the Naryu Empire for sages to train Mushin, the heir of Naryu’s royalty. In the Rising Waters update, the first seven floors of Mushin’s Tower will be released, giving players a chance to challenge each stage in hopes of reaching the top. Each floor is designed with a set of different obstacles, enemies, puzzles, and boss battles.

These dungeons will be accessible to players once they’ve defeated Vice Admiral Poharan from the Blackram Supply/E. Fleet Chain dungeons.

In this update, Hongmoon level is also increased, letting players go beyond level 45 and gain additional skill points to make their characters even stronger. Rising Waters also welcomes the start of PVP, adding in a new user interface that will assist in evaluating character skills and acquires Zen Beans, the game’s PVP currency.

More information regarding Blade & Soul’s PVP will be released in the near future. Stay tuned! Sign up for a Free account HERE.