Handsome Jack cosplay from the Borderlands series

Handsome Jack best cosplay

Cosplay by Lillyxandra and her boyfriend

The man himself would approve: this Handsome Jack and his insanely good make-up job and cosplay costume are too good to be true!

Vincent Valentine and Cloud Strife cosplay from Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII cosplay

Cosplay by Darcywilliam and Daisyda

These Vincent and Cloud cosplays look downright awesome and very accurate, ready to take down a certain silver-haired, flower girl-slaying villain at a moment’s notice.

Naked Snake/Big Boss cosplay from the Metal Gear Solid series

Metal Gear Solid Snake cosplay

Cosplay by Rick Boer

This could very well be a scene from a movie! This cosplayer is absolutely spot-on as the sneaky, legendary soldier in his Naked Snake cosplay.

Max Caulfield cosplay from Life is Strange

Max female game character from Life is Strange cosplay

Cosplay by Zevylily

Are you sure Max doesn’t have the power to cross mediums? Because this female game character cosplay of Max Caulfield looks like she came straight out of the Life is Strange game! The blue butterfly and photo are both cool touches.

EDI cosplay from Mass Effect

EDI female game character cosplay

Cosplay by Andromeda-latex (Previously known as Anatomic-latex)

Joker’s heart, be still! Seriously, this EDI cosplay costume looks awesome- now all she needs is the Normandy and we’re all good to go to take down the Reapers!

Triss Merigold cosplay from The Witcher series

The Witcher female game character cosplay

Cosplay by Fenyachan

These Triss Merigold cosplay photos are visually stunning! Check out the intricate leatherwork on her top! The nod to the books in the second picture is an awesome addition, too.

Lara Croft cosplay from the Tomb Raider series

Lara Croft female game character cosplay

Cosplay by Anaaesthetic

This Lara Croft cosplayer looks like she means business, ginormous tombs be damned. We adore the atmospheric backdrop and appropriately rugged look that make up this photo.

Lady Vashj cosplay from World of Warcraft

On the best cosplays for the female game character Lady Vashj

Cosplay by Valentinachan

Pulling off a WoW cosplay of a multi-armed female game character must be tough, but this Lady Vashj cosplayer does so with aplomb! This has to be one of the best cosplays and those extra limbs look pretty darn convincing to us!

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