Merry Mix-Ups: Chinese Family Finds Out Long-Time Dog Is Actually An Endangered Bear -
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Merry Mix-Ups: Chinese Family Finds Out Long-Time Dog Is Actually An Endangered Bear

Imagine adopting a dog, learning to love him, and then finding out years later that he’s not what he seems! That’s what happened to one family when they discovered a rather alarming surprise this May!

20. The Rookie Mistake

In 2016, a family in China supposedly adopted a “Tibetan mastiff” and brought him home. A Tibetan Mastiff is a rare dog, but not so much that it would be strange for one to own one.

19. It Happened In May

But just this month, the unthinkable happened! The family that had adopted the dog, found out that he wasn’t what they thought he was. All this time, they had a wild animal under their roof.

18. A Sign From The Bear Gods

The first sign was that he wouldn’t eat much except for fruit and noodles…lots of noodles. Dog food wasn’t on the menu and the noodles were given buckets at a time. Strange, but not unbelievable for a dog of his size.

17. Clifford, The Big Black Bear

Then, the next hint was that the bear was getting…really big! The family was confused as to why the “dog” kept growing and growing and growing. Did he have some sort of condition? Did he need veterinarian assistance?

16. The Most Surprising Day

Not long after the realization that the dog was over-sized, the family found out exactly why their dog seemed unhealthily large. Turns out, that mastiff was actually an Asiatic black bear.

15. The Family Prince

They had spent two years treating this bear as an overgrown dog! The kids would play with him and he blended in with other dogs. He was well-behaved and followed traits of other mastiffs.

14. After All This Time

The story is fun, but it raises many questions as well! If they kept it like this for so long, how in the world did they suddenly find out that their family pet wasn’t exactly domestic?

13. How’d They Know?

The giveaway was that the bear started walking on two feet and stood three feet above them, weighing over 250 lbs. Not exactly the size for any known dog breed.

12. Just Big-Boned

A mastiff of this sort rarely reaching 150 lbs, with males never reaching 200 lbs, no matter how overfed and hefty. To think that one could be 250 lbs is quite alarming.

11. Protector Of All Beasts

The Tibetan Mastiff dogs are often used in nomadic cultures to protect sheep from wolves, leopards, bears, large mustelids, and tigers. Yep, to “protect” bears! That’s quite a job!

10. The Japanese Fox

The story is fascinating to hear, and rather unique. However, this isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened. Not long ago, a family thought they had a spitz when in actuality it was a fox.

9. King Leopard The Cat

Then, last month, a man who had thought that a leopard was a domestic kitten. It was adorable, but leopards should be protected, not kept as pets!

8. An Intentional Mix-up?

Though things like this may happen, this sort of mix-up may be uncalled for. Some experts say that the family is in the wrong and knew right away they had the Asiatic wonder.

7. From An Expert

Lynn Cuny, founder and president of Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation in San Antonio, says, “young wild animals have a different look and smell to them compared to domesticated pets. Wild animals will be more scared and anxious in unfamiliar environments with humans than their domesticated counterparts might be.”

6. What Do We Have Here?

So how could a family think that an Asiatic black bear was a puppy? Maybe they didn’t? The bears are nearly endangered and often used for vile purposes. Could this family have used the bear for their own gain?

5. The Illegal Trade

In many countries, the bears are illegally traded and milked for their bile. The liquid is often sold as a drug for all sorts of things…as accurately useless as it is.

4. Maybe They Did

However, it’s not up to us to say if the family is innocent or not. For that reason, the internet is having a heyday with this info! Bask in the innocence while you still can!

3. Maybe They Didn’t

The bear could have been very happy with his family, being treated so well! After all, they seemed to care about him as the family turned the bear into the wildlife rescue team so he could get the nutrition and environment that he needed.

2. Hope For The Best

If they really did think that this bear was a mastiff, then their naivety is adorable. They truly connected with this wild animal without even knowing what it was. Now that’s a love story we all long for!

1. The Perfect Match

Either way, this story makes us think…maybe we’re giving bears bad name. If they can live peacefully with humans for so long, perhaps they are the best pet a man could ask for! Just make sure you check with the experts before looking into it!

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