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Woman Wins $188 Million Lottery And Donates Money To Her Local Pastor – Then He Sues Her For More

All of us dream of one day winning it big with the lottery. Just imagine being able to purchase anything that your heart desires. It sounds like true perfection. Well, that’s exactly what happened to this mom from North Carolina when she won it big with a $188 million lottery. Everything was going great, until the unthinkable happened.

20. Lottery


Every day, people walk into local supermarkets and grocery stores to purchase a lottery ticket. Once a week, the numbers are drawn and one lucky person gets to walk away with millions. Despite the chances being slim everyone still tries.

19. North Carolina

Image: Shareably

Marie Holmes is a mother of four living in North Carolina. She decided to take some of her extra money and put it on the Powerball. Little did she know that this decision would change her life forever.

18. Hardworking


Marie was working tons of different jobs in order to support her family. Finally, it was getting to the point where she didn’t know how she would pay her next bills. She was hoping for a miracle…

17. Lucky Winner


One day, however, Marie’s luck finally turned around. After purchasing a Powerball lottery ticket, Marie tuned into to find out that she had won the big jackpot and boy was it a lot of money!

16. Big Winnings

Image: Huffington Post

In February 2015, Marie finally won it big with a jackpot of $188 million. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Marie decided to take out all of her money in one lump sum of $127 million – finally it seemed like her life was falling into place.

15. Hard Lesson

Image: viralthread.com

However, Marie’s life was far from its happy ending. For you see, she was about to learn a serious lesson about just how easily everything can be taken away from you. It all started with her neighborhood pastor.

14. Kevin Matthews

Image: hyperactivz.com

Kevin Matthews was the local pastor in Marie’s hometown. He would often counsel Marie during hard times in her life. The people of Shallotte, North Carolina have often looked to Matthews as a community role model.

13. Helping Hand

Image: hyperactivz.com

The entire community has dubbed him the ‘warrior of Christ’ because Matthews would constantly be reaching out to help others. Marie would often come to him for help when she was having money troubles and personal issues. She was grateful to him and the church and wanted to give back…

12. Giving Back

Image: hyperactivz.com

In order to give back to the church and the pastor that had been there for her, Marie came up with a generous idea. She decided to donate a large sum of her earnings to the church. Her and Matthews came up with an idea of where the money would go.

11. Retreat Center

Image: hyperactivz.com

Matthews and Marie came up with the perfect idea of putting money into a new retreat center. Marie agreed to hand over 10% of her lottery winnings to help open up the new space. The two of them made a verbal agreement that Marie would donate $1.5 million – however, things quickly soured soon.

10. Soured Relationship

Image: Shareably

Although Marie made a huge donation of $700,000 to the church, this wasn’t enough for Pastor Matthews. Matthews then made the decision to sure Marie for the full $1.5 million that she promised him. “The bottom line… I just want her to do what she said she was going to do,” Matthews told Centric TV.

9. Accountable

Image: Yahoo

I want peace and to do what God told me to do. I want her to do what she said she was going to do,” Matthews continued. “I really feel like a warrior for Christ and people need to be accountable.” Matthews opened up a suit against the single mother, one that would cost her around $10 million…

8. Verbal Agreement

Image: hyperactivz.com

Since the agreement between the two was only verbal, there was no binding written contract. This became a huge issue in the lawsuit. Matthews refused to let that stop him and he would not face the church until he got the full amount he was promised.

7. Emotional Distress

Image: hyperactivz.com

Matthews began to plead that the lawsuit was bringing him huge emotional distress which led him to win the case. “Because of the emotional distress and mental stress, they put me through, I had to start taking more medicine for anxiety and depression due to this situation,” Matthews stated. The community was shocked by his behavior…

6. Backlash

Image: hyperactivz.com

Although some of the church community was by his side, many others were appalled by the Pastor’s behavior. One man even tweeted, “Pastor Kevin Matthews is the Devil in disguise.” To add insult to injury, Marie was already struggling with another huge problem as well.

5. Bail Out

Image: viralthread

During this time, Marie’s partner, Lamar McDow, was arrested on suspicions of being a drug dealer. Bailing him out of prison cost her an enormous amount: $21 million. Marie denies all of the claims against her partner and you won’t believe what she had to say!

4. Racism

Image: hyperactivz.com

Marie denies any claims that her partner Lamar is a drug dealer. She has been quoted stating that the claims are the product of “racism” against her and her partner. McDow had a lot to say as well.

3. Envious People

Image: hyperactivz.com

We are a couple, and I am the father of her youngest child. This is what people do for each other. She has the money and she can do what she wants with it. If I had that money then I would do the same for her. People are just jealous because of how much she won and people want to see me locked in jail,” McDow told the DailyMail.

2. Helping Out

Image: hyperactivz.com

Eventually, Iyanla Vanzant, the host of Fix My Life, reached out to Marie to help her out during such troublesome times. Vanzant helped Marie build up her self-confidence so that she can spend her lottery winnings in a better way. The help has improved Marie a lot.

1. Never Easy

Image: hyperactivz.com

Marie’s story has proven that no matter how much money comes into your life, things can never be fully perfect. For now, however, the single mother is still living her life and enjoying the rest of her newfound wealth.

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