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The Abandoned City Six Times The Size Of NYC That No One Has Heard of

20. The Mysterious Abandoned City

Image: Viral Thread

Did you know in the country of Burma there is a town that no one in the world has ever heard of? Six times the size of New York City, this city cost billions to build, yet is practically abandoned to this day. Strange you say? Well, the story behind the construction of this city is even weirder.

19. Burma’s Strict Regime

Image: Asian Correspondant

The country of Burma is located in Southeast Asia and is under the control of one of the strictest military regimes in the world. While the country’s residents are fighting for political change, the government has other plans, keeping the country out of the public eye.

18. A Change for the Capital

Image: Viral Thread

Ten years ago, the Burmese government decided it was time to move their capital city from Yangon to Naypyidaw. The move was viewed as out of left field because the current capital city had been functioning fine, also, no one had even heard of the other city. Regardless, the capital was moved, and since then the city and its residents have been off limits to the western world, even though it cost billions to construct.

17. Where are the People?

Image: Viral Thread

Originally designed to house millions of people, the city is currently almost empty. According to inside sources, the city has only a few government workers living there and the residents are slim to none. Why did the government build such an expansive metropolis if there is hardly anyone living there?

16. A Hasty Move

Image: Viral Thread

The administrative capital was officially moved to the new city on November 6, 2005 despite construction not even being completed. While much of the reasoning is shrouded in mystery, different branches of the government were moved to the new capital from November to March 2006.

15. Billions in the Making

Image: Asian Explorers

As mentioned previously, the project is estimated to have cost billions with construction beginning in secret in 2002. Sources claim that 25 construction companies were hired by the Burmese military to assist with the project.

14. A Rare Inside Look

Image: Viral Thread

A team of journalists from The Guardian visited the city, a rare event for outside press. The team described the city as an “eerie picture of post-apocalypse suburban America.” One journalist said it was like a David Lynch film that took place in North Korea. Sounds inviting, right?

13. Jungle Fever

Image: The Broke Backpacker

Built in the middle of a sprawling jungle, the city is actually in a very unsettled area of the country. However, with so few people living within the city limits, there’s actually very little conflict. We guess invading an empty city would be quite pointless.

12. Great Technology, No Customers

Image: Vocativ

Another strange aspect of Naypyidaw is the entire city has Wi-Fi, despite the fact there are practically no residents. Even the restaurants and hotels are equipped with the latest technology, despite not having any customers.

11. Exquisite yet Empty Resorts

Image: Trip Advisor

One of the main resorts in the city is the Hilton.  This photograph depicts the main pool area of the resort, where it seems no expense was spared. Although, you have to ask why they need such a big pool since the likelihood anyone will be swimming is pretty much a big fat zero.

10. Vacant Highways

Image: 20min

Most of the streets in the city are four to six lanes, and were designed to handle large amounts of traffic. However, as you can see, there’s barely anyone using them. For the most part, the streets are usually deserted. We guess it must be really easy to get to work on time.

9. Cleaning for No One

Image: Daily Mail

Here’s a photograph of workers cleaning the streets. This is a typical day in the city, where all you might see are a couple government workers tending to the grounds. You have to wonder what they could possibly need to clean since practically no one lives there!

8. Beautiful Monuments

Image: Wikipedia

Government monuments were built with great detail and care. Some of the structures are absolutely breathtaking, but sadly there are no citizens or tourists to gaze upon them. It certainly seems like a lot of work for no one to enjoy.

7. A Sad Scene

Image: Exotic Myanmar Travels

This stunning monument is one of the city’s most iconic buildings. As you can see, there is NO ONE there but a vendor hoping to sell some wares. We can’t imagine business is that great based on the current “crowd.”

6. A View Inside

Image: Inside Asia Tours

This photo shows an average day inside one of the city’s public buildings. The keyword here is “empty.” It’s a sad truth that this auditorium will most likely NEVER be filled with people. At least it’s pretty to look at right?

5. The Tunnel Rumor

Image: Viral Thread

One unique feature of the city is its massive network of underground tunnels. Why they were built is still a mystery to most, but some speculate they were designed to help the government and its administration escape if there ever were an invasion. It’s rumored that North Korea helped build the network.

4. No Need for Reservations

Image: TripAdvisor

An empty restaurant in one of the city’s eight provinces, we can’t imagine what their happy hour looks like. For a capital city, you have to wonder why anyone would ever move there. While we understand the necessity if you work for the government, but as a citizen there is practically no incentive to live in such a stark/empty environment.

3. A Lack of Tourism

Image: KMA Hotels

Despite its unwelcoming stance to foreigners, people can visit the city of Naypyidaw, and the amenities are quite spectacular. The Star World Hotel offers up a resort-like atmosphere with an on-site restaurant and bar. However, to put things in perspective, there is only ONE review for the property on Also, rates are as low as $52 a night. Talk about a steal. You probably would have the entire place to yourself.

2. An Aerial View

Image: Secret Escapes

Looking at the city from this aerial view reveals just how impressive the architecture is. NYC has got nothing on this city. It’s just too bad barely anyone gets to enjoy it on a daily basis. There really isn’t much a tourism push in Burma to begin with. However, you’d think they would want to show off this spectacular city.

1. The Mystery Continues

Image: Wikimedia

Although the construction of Naypyidaw was a successful and extraordinary project, many economic analysts don’t know what its true purpose really is and whether or not it will have long-term consequences on the country’s economy. Spanning almost 3,000 square miles, the city is roughly the size of the states of Rhode Island and Delaware put together. Regardless, of its size and purpose, the city continues to remain a strange mystery to the outside world. A strange yet beautiful expanse of stunning architecture with no one to enjoy its many sights.

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