This Deceitful Husband Harbored Dark Secrets from His Wife — You Won't Believe The Truth -
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This Deceitful Husband Harbored Dark Secrets from His Wife — You Won’t Believe The Truth

Do You Really Know Who You Love?

Image: Life Daily

Do you ever wonder if you know absolutely everything about your partner? When you make a commitment to a relationship, you go into it expecting complete honesty, but sometimes that expectation doesn’t always match up with reality.

Sometimes the ones we love the most have the deepest, darkest secrets.

A Typical Childhood

Image: Life Daily

Growing up in Oak Harbor, Washington, Robert Lee Yates belonged to a typical middle-class family. He paid attention in school, graduated and went on to be a correctional officer at the Washington State Penitentiary. However, it only took a few months for him to realize it wasn’t the job for him.

Enlisting in the Army


Wanting more from life, Robert decided to enlist in the United States Army. He became certified to fly both planes and helicopters, serving on a wide range of assignments in Germany. He even earned ten awards for his excellence in service.

Strange Behavior

Image: Life Daily

Robert would marry his first wife at the age of 20, but divorced after only 18 months of marriage. He then met Linda Baker and they were married only a few short months later. At first, things were perfect for the newlyweds, but it wouldn’t take long for Linda to notice some very strange behavior.

Craziness Ensues


As time went on, Robert’s strange behavior escalated. He would throw credit card statements in the fire and would also withdraw large amounts of cash from their bank accounts. Linda even caught Robert drilling a hole in the attic so he could watch their neighbors making love! Furious, Linda decided to move out and separate from Robert, but due to a guilty conscience she was lured back into the marriage.

A Startling Discovery

Image: Life Daily

Still disturbed by Robert’s behavior, Linda began to analyze all of the receipts and invoices coming into the house before Robert saw them. One invoice particularly stood out, a charge at Al’s Spa Motel, a location she had never been before.

A Sordid Affair?

Image: VIX

Immediately, Linda believed that Robert was having an affair. The motel was one of those seedy joints where you could pay by the hour and Linda knew the only reason someone would go there would be to cheat. Determined to get answers, Linda confronted Robert…

Wanting to Believe

Image: SeattlePi

Robert denied any wrongdoing, spinning a story that he visited the hotel to enjoy the hot tub and relax after work. Linda wanted to believe her husband had been faithful, but in the back of her mind she did question his explanation.

Intimacy Gone

Image: Life Daily

Meanwhile, Linda and Robert’s intimate life began to deteriorate. Robert struggled with impotence and Linda tried to understand. At one point Robert asked her if she would be interested in bringing another woman into the relationship, something Linda vehemently denied wanting.

Suspicion Sets In


Still suspicious of her husband, Linda made the decision to catalog the invoices for the credit cards for the past year. She discovered many different charges for the seedy hotel and came to the conclusion that Robert was seeing other women.

A Daughter’s Wrath

Image: Murderpedia

Robert and Linda’s daughter Sonja began to notice her father’s odd behavior as well. She discovered a personal phone book that had the names and numbers of many different women. Sonja decided to call every single one of them, but they all denied knowing Robert.

What could possibly be going on?

Blood in the Shadows

Image: Life Daily

As Linda’s suspicions continued to mount, Robert came home one evening with the entire backseat of the car covered in blood. He told his wife and children he had accidentally hit a dog and rushed to the emergency vet. Linda convinced herself that he was being truthful, despite the fact all of her warning bells were continuing to go off.

Missing Persons Investigation

Image: NBC News

Unknown to Linda, the local police were in the midst of a missing persons investigation and had begun to connect the dots to the women in missing and Robert. In fact, a witness came forward stating Robert’s car was just like the one a missing woman had last been seen in. After gathering enough evidence, Robert was brought in for questioning.

Evidence Piles Up

Image: Life Death Prizes

The police searched Robert’s Corvette and found there were traces of blood throughout the entire vehicle. In fact, they gathered the DNA of the missing woman Jennifer Joseph, along with the blood of 12 other victims.

An Accelerated Killing Spree

Image: Life Daily

As investigators dug deeper into the case, they came to the conclusion that Yates would pick up prostitutes, sleep with them and then shoot them in the head before dumping the bodies in wooded areas. It seemed his killing spree had been accelerating since 1996.

The Confession

Image: Life Death Prizes

Realizing his time was up, Robert confessed to killing 13 people. A couple in Walla Walla, 10 women in Spokane and a woman in Skagit County. He was able to avoid the death penalty for his confession and was sentenced to 408 years in prison.

Too Close to Home

Image: Murderpedia

Distraught and disturbed, Linda was taken aback when Robert confessed that one of the bodies was buried outside their bedroom window. The fact he had brought his dark secrets home where their daughters lived was chilling.

Married to a Stranger

Image: Murderpedia

After searching the property, the police did confirm to Linda that they had found a body buried on the property. Linda was absolutely disgusted. It seemed the man she married was a completely different person.

Sharing Traits

Image: Life Daily

The police revealed that all of the women who were Robert’s victims shared the same traits. They were all involved in drugs and prostitution, making them easy targets for the cruel Yates.

Others Missing


During the time of Robert’s killing spree, there many other missing person cases and unsolved murders. One of the victims was Teresa Hesselgrave, who was only 19-years old when she died. The police found her body in the woods near Woodbury Hospital, which was close to Robert’s workplace.

An Uncertain Future

Image: Murderpedia

Due to Robert’s prison sentence, Linda and her family have been facing major financial difficulties. In an effort to save her home, she filed for joint bankruptcy with Robert. This would allow her to keep some property while selling off assets to pay creditors. Despite the dark secrets Robert was hiding, Linda is just thankful the truth has been revealed.

Now she must pick up the broken pieces of her life and forge onward. We wish her luck.

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