This Man Threw 2000 Bottles In The Sea, And The Reason Will Break Your Heart -
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This Man Threw 2000 Bottles In The Sea, And The Reason Will Break Your Heart

20. The News Of The Town

Meet Craig Sullivian, the man who was recently in the news in Britain for all the wrong reasons. Craig embarked on a weird plan; to throw two-thousand bottles of plastic, into the sea. His actions were widely criticised across Britain, as the bottles began to litter the beaches. But that criticism soon changed to sympathy once people realised his reason behind it.

So what made Craig take such a drastic step?

19. Craig’s Troubled Past

Craig is a 49 year old widower, whose wife passed away 18 months ago. She had been battling cancer and Craig was totally heartbroken after his wife’s demise. The feeling of loneliness and depression slowly began to grip him. He was trying desperately to come out of that trauma. And that’s when Craig decided to do something unimaginable. 

18. A New Beginning

Craig decided that he would not allow sorrow to overwhelm his life. He decided to make a new beginning, and he thought that the best way to do it would be by trying to find love, again. He believed that finding a true companion might help him get out of his grief, and bring new hope in his life. But the manner in which he decided to do this was a little weird.

17. The Quest Of Love

In his bid to find love again, Craig set off from London and travelled across Britain, visiting various beaches, and throwing bottles, with romantic messages on a pink slip of paper, contained inside them. Craig believed that at least one of these messages would strike a chord with a lady, who would reciprocate his feelings.

So how did he get this idea?

16.  Inspired By A Song

Craig was inspired by the famous song “Message In a Bottle”. One part of the song said “I’ll send an SOS to the world, I hope that someone gets my message in a bottle.” The idea clicked with Craig, who got to work immediately to bring the plan into action. But that wasn’t the only thing that inspired Craig.

15. A Wife’s Letter

Craig was also moved by the story of Amy Krause Rosenthal, the lady who, before her death, wrote a dating profile for her husband so that he could move on after her death. Craig began to wonder, what his wife might have written about him, had she been alive. And that’s where Craig started.

14.  Craig’s Thoughts

In Craig’s words, “I thought of how she might have summed up the things that made her laugh, delighted her and touched her deeply, however small they were. It made me smile in the memory. Caring for my wife as she died and grieving for her is something I’ve been keeping notes on and writing about for 18 months now.” 

13. Straight From The Heart

“Over time and with counseling, support, and friends, I have slowly recovered from being overshadowed by this event to building a new and exciting life with hope, passion, and optimism,” he wrote on the internet. And he confessed that he was “lonely” and misses the “simple acts of companionship and sharing.”

12. An Emotional Piece

In a very emotional piece of writing that he shared on Medium, he wrote, “Doing things together we love. Sharing a meal together. Noticing and being noticed. Helping each other. Talking. Making things together. Exploring and traveling, learning and expanding. Affection, loving and being loved. Spending time with friends. Walking the dogs. Going out somewhere nice. Watching a box set. All of these possibilities, mundane as they sound, and many millions more”

But did Craig do it all alone? Definitely not.

11. A Daughter’s Support

Craig confessed that his daughter was very supportive of his endeavours. “I spent a great deal of time talking this through with my daughter, who turns 18 this September,” he said, and then continued “Her plans and mine have been entwined since I cleaned her and opened her eyes when she was born. Her opinion and input to all of this has been vital.” And Craig’s daughter was not just supportive of his decision, she also helped him design the whole plan.

But couldn’t Craig have done this some other, more conventional way?

10. Why Not ‘Date The Modern Way’?

Answering this, Craig told that he wasn’t too big a fan of the modern ways of dating, like dating websites. He said they felt too superficial, and “less elegant”. So he decided, after listening to “message in a bottle,” by Police, what his way of finding love was going to be.

Did Craig just turn up at the ocean, to throw bottles? 

9. A Master Plan

Craig didn’t just go about it like a random act of sending messages by throwing them into the sea. He did thorough research and carefully drafted his master plan. He stocked up maps, tidal tables, a motor-home, internet device, and provisions for a week of driving around the UK, where he began sending his messages to the world. And for that, he got 2000 bottles made to order.

So What exactly was his message?

8. Craig’s Message

Sullivian’s message, that he sent out to the world, read “thank you for reading this message – my trip was worth it!’ I could write pages of stuff here, but I wanted to give you an outline of who I am, what I love and what my values are. Enough to hopefully spark some interest or a conversation, maybe talk, maybe meet”

He also added a few details about his personality, along with his contact details, in the paper slip. And he threw 2000 of such messages, enclosed in a bottle, at various beaches across UK.

7. His Message Reaches The People

Slowly, the bottles Craig threw began to show up on the beaches, But the reaction to those was not something Craig expected. People were furious at his actions, as they believed littering the country’s beaches was not the right way to solve a personal emotional problem.

And that led to another problem.

6. The Backlash

Gradually, people across the country began to condemn Craig’s action. One person said “It was a romantic gesture, but I am very concerned about what it is doing to the environment. The bottles could have smashed and left broken glass on beaches, or animals in the water could get hurt.” Similar voices of concern and dissent began to rise.

But how did Craig respond to the criticism?

5.  Sullivian’s Mixed Response

Craig initially apologized for the fact that his actions had caused so much trouble to the public and brought about such an uproar. He said that he had no idea that so many bottles would actually wash up together. He thought, that a lot of them would not come back at all.

However, after a while, Craig got infuriated and tweeted angrily, accusing people of, unnecessarily, making it personal. But did Craig stop there?

4. Craig’s Plans Blocked

Craig still wanted to continue on his plan and embarked on a trip to Scotland, where he planned to deposit more such bottles into the rivers. However, he was prevented from entering Scotland, so he had to give up on his plan. But, he remained optimistic, saying, “It’s been quite saddening to read & see all these things, but it won’t affect my optimism or plans to find someone new.”

So what exactly, was Craig looking for?

3. Wanting To Share His Life, & More

Sullivian said that he would keep looking for a partner, and stated, that a love for dogs, specifically pugs, is something he would love to find in his ideal partner. And despite the fact that his quest for love ended abruptly, Craig stays optimistic about the fact that, one day, he will surely find a person, with whom, he can share the rest of his life.

2. Hoping That Craig Find’s True Love

We really hope Craig finds a loving and caring partner, because life can be really tough, and demanding, especially in old age. Plus, this might be the only way Craig could move on from grieving about his departed wife.

However, littering and adding plastic or glass to our already vastly polluted Oceans is not the smartest way to gain popularity, let alone find love.

1. Just Spare A Thought

Taking the risk of polluting the environment, and even endangering the lives of innocent animals is something that should be condemned, and rightly was. Yes, the environment is for humans, but it’s not only for us. And one’s personal troubles don’t give them the right to play with the lives of other creatures.

Maybe next time he’ll choose an online dating profile.

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