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World’s Saddest Bear Is Finally Freed From Life In Tiny Cage

For two years, this poor bear suffered in confinement. With barely any space to breathe, Tomi the bear was incredibly sad and distressed. One day, she was finally rescued from her prison but life afterwards was far from easy. You’ll be shocked by the living conditions Tomi had to endure until her rescuers came to save the day.

20. Two Years

Image: The Dodo

Tomi the brown bear was kept inside of a cage in Albania for nearly two years. When animal rescuers finally arrived on the scene they had no idea how Tomi would react to be rescued. After all, his entire life had been spent locked up.

19. An Attraction

Image: The Dodo

Tomi the bear was forced to live in a cramped concrete enclosure outside a restaurant in Albania where he was fed beer and white bread as an attraction for tourists,” Claire LaFrance, communications director for Four Paws, told The Dodo.

18. Distressed

Image: DailyMail

Living in such a tiny space was incredibly distressing to the large brown bear. He would often extend his paws to tourists and would survive on the food they would give him. Things got so bad that Tomi began to self-harm in one of the cage corners.

17. Wasted Youth

Image: DailyMail

When rescuers arrived on the scene they were shocked at what they saw. Tomi was in terrible spirits and rescuers noted that it seemed as if the poor bear had been trapped in the cage since he was a tiny cub.

16. Terrible Conditions

Image: DailyMail

We assume that Tomi was caught in the wild as a cub and had been living in the squalid conditions for roughly two years before we rescued him,” LaFrance said. Tomi had no idea that there was an entire world waiting for him outside those bars.

15. Determined

Image: DailyMail

Although it was an ongoing challenge, Four Paws diligently worked to free Tomi from his prison. Thanks to overwhelming support from the British public, Four Paws was finally granted permission to rescue Tomi.

14. Garnering Support

Image: DailyMail

In order to gain the public support necessary, Carsten Hertwig, bear expert at the Four Paws charity made a plea to the public. She said, “Tomi is in a very poor state. His teeth are badly damaged, and he has injuries to his upper body. It’s high time he was brought out of this horrible place.” She went on to describe the best solution for him.

13. The Solution

Image: The Dodo

In our bear sanctuary, he’ll receive first-class veterinary care and be able to live a life fit for a bear, in a large enclosure providing a habitat much closer to his natural environment, with grass, trees, and activities to keep him busy,” Hertwig explained.

12. Taken Away

Image: DailyMail

Tomi was quickly taken away from his cage and brought to Tirana Zoo where he was promptly looked over by vets. Once the paperwork was filed, Tomi was transferred over to a bear sanctuary in Kosovo called Bear Sanctuary Prishtina.

11. Transformation

Image: The Dodo

Once at the bear sanctuary, Tomi’s personality began to finally shine through. There was an undeniable difference in personality and the sanctuary staff was excited. Tomi finally had open space to roam and grass to frolic on.

10. First Steps

Image: The Dodo

It was a memorable day when Tomi first stepped out of the sanctuary and out into the grassy outdoor area. The staff watched him in amazement as Tomi slowly walked out. He seemed to wear a stunned expression on his face, as if almost in disbelief at how his life had turned out.

9. Enjoying Life

Image: VIER PFOTEN International

As he spent more time outdoors, Tomi began to let loose and really enjoy the great outdoors. He began to roll around in the grass and even sunbathed. You won’t believe what he chose to do next!

8. The Pool

Image: The Dodo

After bathing in the sun for so long, Tomi decided that he needed to cool off. So he walked on over to the little pool and decided to play around with the water. He even has a ton of toys to keep him preoccupied as well.

7. New Joys

Image: The Dodo

Thanks to his newfound freedom, Tomi has been able to enjoy brand new things that he never would have in captivity. He recently saw snow for the first time and had a great time playing around in the winter wonderland. Video footage showed Tomi running around and chasing after snowflakes with pure joy on his face…

6. More Bears

Image: DailyMail

Although Tomi’s story has a happy ending that isn’t the case for many other bears in Albania. Four Paws has been working to organize better laws to help protect the bears in Albania. They have recently started a petition that they plan to send to the Albanian Government.

5. Widespread

Image: DailyMail

The plight of Albanian bears received widespread attention in the UK after MailOnline reported on the sad case of Tomi in a tiny cage outside a restaurant to lure passers-by and demonstrating visible signs of physical and emotional distress,” Four Paws said.

4. Touching Story

Image: DailyMail

Tomi’s story touched the hearts of the public and Four Paws is now hoping to use that momentum to bring about real change in Albania through a new petition calling for a commitment from the Albanian Environment Ministry that it will address the problem and end the situation once and for all.”

3. Continued Efforts

Image: The Dodo

Four Paws is continuing to work for the protection of the bears in Albania. Even though wild brown bears are protected by Albanian legislation there is still a very alarming number of illegal bear trades occurring that have not been stopped.

2. Better Life

Image: The Dodo

For now, Tomi is enjoying a wonderful life away from confinement. “We hope that, for all of Albania’s ‘saddest bears’ languishing in small cages, we are able to give them this very same, very happy ending,” LaFrance said.

1. Helping Out

Image: Little Things

Thanks to the Four Paws organization, many bears in Albania are being rescued out of captivity. “Our whole team is overjoyed with the rescue of Tomi, Pashuk and Gijna, knowing they will be given the highest standard of care for the rest of their lives,” Claire LaFrance added.

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