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Woman Struggles With Trauma For Years But Then Wolves Save And Completely Change Her Life

According to statistics, 1 in 3 American women is at risk of being abused. Sarah Varley was, unfortunately, more than part of a statistic. She was a young woman when at 19 years old got abused. Later, she would face death because she developed PTSD and phobias. But a wonderful moment in her life changed her completely.

This is how Sarah was rescued by a wolf pack…

20. A Horrible Experience


When Sarah was only 19 years old, she was raped. After that, both her physical and mental health started to get worse. She developed PTSD and she couldn’t stop vomiting. She also developed a germ phobia…

19. Unable to Survive


Fearing she will vomit everything again, she stopped eating. Her breakfast consisted of three raisins and three walnuts. So, she lost weight, almost collapsing at 41 kg. Her family feared that Sarah won’t be getting any better.

18. A Visit to a Shelter


Nine years ago, Sarah Varley paid a visit to a place that will soon change her way of living. She’d forget all about her phobias and the road to recuperating was on its way… How did it all happen?

17. Seeing The Wolves


Varley visited a shelter that took care of wolves and wolf dogs. Her cousins managed the place and this is how she ended up spending eight hours a day, bonding with the animals. But what made her change her life?

16. ‘I Was Scared of Everything’


Sarah said in an interview that she wouldn’t be alive ‘today without the wolves’. And it’s not because she immediately fell in love with them. It’s because she discovered a new feeling

15. ‘I Was With a Wolf’


The woman said that ‘when I was with a wolf I had a legitimate reason to be scared and respectful which gave me something to be focused on. I think that respect and that need to be present is what helped me so much.’

14. Getting Healed


Seeing the wolves and walking next to them allowed Sarah to overcome her trauma and heal. She said that she is ‘grateful to these animals – I feel very lucky’. When she first entered the enclosure with a wolf, this happened…

13. Her Mind Emptied


‘I went into the enclosure with a wolf and it was the first time my brain shut up. When you’re with a predator that can hurt you, your brain automatically focuses on that.’ She was finally focusing on the present, letting go of her past. Then something amazing happened!

12. Focusing on the Threat


‘I was focused on this one threat and I was present in the moment’, said Sarah. This is how, eight hours a day, she didn’t think of anything else. Although she was scared, she was feeling better.

11. Wolves Are Powerful


Sarah knew that when something annoys wolves, they will surely show it to you. And ‘having that level of fear’, said Sarah, allowed her ‘to start feeling’. She had a new reason to be scared of and she was focused on that…

10. Taking Back Power


‘It allowed me to take back power over a traumatic event in my life and it has helped me heal,’ continued Sarah. Meanwhile, Varley learned to take care and to be more relaxed around the wolves and this lead to a new life! After a while, Sarah decided to change her life…

9. Working With Wolves and Wolf Dogs


Now, Sarah dedicates her life working with wolves and wolf dogs that she rescues from owners that cannot care for them anymore. She also saves them from zoos and farms. In many states in the US, owning a wolf or a wolf dog is illegal.

8. Working at Wolf Sanctuaries


Sarah is 29 and she is working at sanctuaries for rescued wolf dogs and wolves. They’re doing their best to rehabilitate them into the wild when it’s possible. And she’s not doing it alone!

7. A New Life


Sarah got engaged to Matthew Withem and they’ve been together for more than five years. Then, they both moved to New Hampshire, where they manage their own wolf dog sanctuary that has almost 50 wolves and wolf dogs. The next photo is so inspiring!

6. Traumatized Animals, Traumatized People


‘A lot of the animals I work with were traumatized as well, they had been abused and they had been abandoned and they were hurting,’ said Sarah. And she knew a lot about abuse…

5. A Sense of Relief


Fortunately, Sarah found a way to heal and she felt empowered: ‘no one is going to attack me again – I live with wolves. It’s a huge sense of relief.’ Wolves are now her life, and nothing will keep her away from them.

4. A Part of Her Life


‘They are a core part of my life now and I would feel empty without them’, said Sarah. Wolves have saved her life – and that’s not a sentence you’d ever hear again. She will never forget them, as they’ve helped her in her toughest moments.

3. ‘I Am Lucky’


A post on her Instagram account with the #metoo said that ‘sexual assault is rampant, it is cultural, it is systemic. I am lucky. I trusted the police enough to report.’ She continues: ‘I trusted my family enough to tell them, and had support through the battles I fought in the aftermath.’

2. Getting Justice


Sarah continued her story: ‘I found the wolves, and in the wolves, I found a way forward, a way to recover from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. But luck shouldn’t determine who gets justice, who is believed, who is able to heal…’

1. A Better World


‘…We need to do better as a society. We need to believe victims when they come forward and find better ways to treat them when they struggle,’ Sarah continued her plea.

If only all the people would be like her and think for a second what’s right and wrong, the world would be a better place!

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