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Woman Lets Her Dad To Take Care Of The Dog, Receives The Cutest Texts Ever

Grandparents are known to spoil their grandkids. But when their only grandkid is this cute furry pooch, this grandpa sure knows how to do it and he’s the best! Meghan Specksgoor had to leave the city for a few days and, instead of sending her 4-year-old shepherd mix to an animal hotel, she asked her dad to take care of him.

Not only Chance, the furry grandkid, had the best time of his life but the internet went crazy over both the pooch and the grandfather. Here is why…

20. Off To New York City


Meghan Specksgoor had to travel to New York City, but she couldn’t take Chance – her beloved dog – with her. So, who would be the best man to take care of your precious pet? Meghan knew the answer: it would be her dad. And this is how it all started…

19. ‘My Dad is Babysitting Chance…’


My dad is babysitting Chance this weekend, someone please get this man a grandchild’, wrote Meghan on her Twitter account. And if you’re surprised about her message, wait until you see why she said so.

18. A Lucky Day For Chance


But first, let’s see how Chance became her companion. Meghan first met her four-legged best friend at the Richmond Animal League. She said that she went there with her friend, who was looking to adopt a puppy. Here’s what happened…

17. Getting Shot


But instead, Meghan ‘walked out with a completed application for ‘Chap’. His story will break your heart. Chap got renamed ‘Chance’, after her favorite rapper. He was brought to the animal shelter with a ‘shattered jaw from someone shooting him.’ But who would shoot a dog??

16. Chance Went Into Surgery


The vets had to put a plate in his jaw, as the bullet shattered a part of it. But after he recovered and got adopted, the pooch was feeling perfect. And he couldn’t be happier, you can see it in his cute smile from the next photo! Let’s find out why he became an internet sensation…

15. The Internet Went Nuts!


Meghan’s father took Chance for the weekend and got an awesome surprise. Her father started sharing her pictures and funny comments as if Chance was the one talking. Let’s see the funny pictures that went viral…

14. It’s So Funny!


The babysitter is doing great and he’s very considerate. He notifies Meghan and shows her how much fun they’re having together. And looking at Chance’s face, you’ll see he will widen his grin in every new location!

13. A Picnic


‘Hi, mom!’ This pooch is having more fun than we’d have on a regular weekend. This goes to say that his grandfather is doing his best to entertain Chance. No wonder Meghan said her father should get a grandson. And that’s not all…

12. To the Salon


Meghan told ABC News in an interview that Chance and her dad ‘went to Petco to get his nails done because he needed his nails trimmed’. And the spoiled furry grandson also got some sugar-free frozen yogurt. The next photo is hilarious!

11. Time to Go to Bed


As spoiled as he is at home, Chance got to snuggle with his grandpa before falling asleep. Chance was even considerate to say good night and kissed his mommy, adding a lot of heart emojis. That’s a great ‘sleep well’ message!

Meghan finally shares the reason why her dad did all of those jokes…

10. It’s a Hint


Meghan knows that all these updates have hinted to her having a human baby of her own, but for now she has the furry one that gets all the love from both her and her father. Here is what she said about it…

9. It Cracked Us All Up


‘I couldn’t stop laughing at the texts,’ said Meghan. ‘He’s been begging me for a grandchild and I always respond that he will only get grandpups from me because I don’t want children right now’.

8. Get More Grandpups!


And the internet agrees with Meghan, because her dad needs to spoil more grandpups! People on the internet have reacted and one even said that: ‘My favorite part is that the dog gets happier with each picture’. Here’s what Meghan’s father had to say about all of this.

7. Going Viral


The funny thing is that Meghan dad heard he was goingviral’, but he was somehow confused about the term… But he surely understood when he was shown how many media channels covered his story.

6. That’s Adorable!


‘Chance is allowed to do whatever he wants with my dad – like an actual grandchild – and is given all sorts of treats the whole time he’s with him’, said Meghan. It looks like Chance has had a great… chance at a new and great life!

5. A Very Famous Pair


The updates Meghan received from her father went viral, receiving over 150k likes on social media and thousands of retweets. And it makes perfect sense seeing these two kicking it off.

4. A Comforting Feeling


Meghan knew she could count on her dad: ‘As funny as it was, it is also super comforting to know that my baby is being taken care of so well’. She also said that Chance is herentire world’. And her father knew it too…

3. The Best Dad in the World


In a picture posted on Facebook by Meghan on her father’s birthday, she talks how her father has won the title of ‘the best father in the world’ and he has received tons of items that have it stated, from mugs, to shirts and so on. Now, he’s the best granddad in the world…

2. Winning the Best Granddad in the World Title


Chance has felt it too, he has met the best granddad in the world and he loves him very much. You can see it from the pup’s smile that he’s been spoiled a lot by his granddad. Here’s what Meghan said about her father…

1. We’re in Awe!


‘He will never admit it, but his biggest soft spot is for animals, one time I kept bringing stray cats home, now I don’t live with him but all the cats still do.’ Awww, our hearts have completely melted and by looking at one of his profile pictures, we know she’s telling the truth!

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