The Dog Went into Labor, and then the Vet Realized Something with Off -
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The Dog Went into Labor, and then the Vet Realized Something with Off

Dalmatians are known as smart and loving. Many people may know the breed from the classic Disney 101 Dalmatian movies and the breed has fans all over the world. One Dalmatian named Miley was pregnant and has one of the most shocking birth stories of all time. Learn how it all began.


1. Miley

Image: CCDalmatians

Miley the Dalmatian was pregnant and was expected to give birth any minute. Her owner, Cecilia Langton-Bunker, is a 43 year old breeder from Ballarat, Australia. Miley’s home, CCDalmatians, has been a Dalmatian breeding, showing and training ground for 24 years. The dog’s pregnancy had been planned with the care and dedication that CCDalmatians was known fo so nothing out of the ordinary was expected. However, when it came time for Miley to give birth, no one expected what happened next.

2. Preparing for the Birth

Image: Oh My Mag

The protocol of planning for the birth was followed to the letter. Miley was set to deliver her first litter, and it was anticipated to be a short quick birth. No one knew how long it would really take though after the first hours went by and no puppies. Was there a complication?

3. Meet Astro

Image: CCDalmatians Website

Astro or Astro Wonder Boy, was the father of the puppies. The male was an award-winning show dog who had consistently won competitions since 2013. He was the perfect mate for Miley because of his temperament and affectionate nature. The two dogs were an ideal match and it looked like it would be a successful litter — little did they know what was next.

4. A Match

Image: CCDalmatians Website

The match was successful and Miley was soon pregnant. Cecilia did what any other good breeder would do and made sure Miley had the best vet care. The vet checked out Miley and pronounced that it would be a litter of three puppies. However Miley’s belly continued to grow and things grew a little concerning.

5. Miley, the Show Dog

Image: CCDalmatians Website

One issue for concern was Miley’s potential for showing. As Sarasota from Russia with Love, her pedigree name, she was an award-winning show dog like Astro. At age 3, she could have puppies and then continue to so after the puppies were weaned. However, dog shows have strict rules and her body needed to align to those rules. What would this pregnancy do?

6. Going into Labor

Image: CCDalmatians Website

On May 18, 2017, they had their first answer. Miley awoke Cecilia and started acting in a bizarre nature. It was clear: Miley was in labor. Cecilia called the vet and prepared for the big arrival. She never expected what happened next.

7. Contractions

Image: Lifebuzz

Cecilia and her midwife started preparing the area where Miley was to give birth. Miley was having contractions but it wasn’t quite time yet so they made sure she was good and comfortable. Cecilia treated it like routine because she’d been through this before, but everyone — Miley included — was soon in for a shock.

8. Waiting

CCDalmatians Website

Finally, after hours of waiting, Miley still hadn’t given birth. The vet was now on site and he made sure that Miley wasn’t in distress. Everything seemed okay, but it was important to check to see if she was able to deliver her own puppies. If not, the vet would to have to perform a C-section but they wanted to avoid this. At last, the first puppy crowned.

9. The Rest of the Litter

Image: Allegro Ontanto @ WordPressThe first puppy made its appearance but then, no other puppies followed. Miley still had two more puppies that needed to be born so everyone had to be patient. Finally, the second puppy followed and then it came time for the third…

10. A Bonus Puppy

Image: Dogs24

The third puppy arrived and then…what was this? A fourth! Perhaps the vet had missed one puppy when Miley was first taken for her exam. The hours went by and then…even more…until this next event happened.

11. Still in Labor

Image: Vetstreet

More time passed and Miley seemed to still be in labor. How many would appear? Next came the fifth puppy, and finally, the sixth. It’s not uncommon for a dog to have six puppies during her first litter so the vet, owner and midwife weren’t worried. But then…

12. A BIG Litter 

Image: Storytrender

Miley kept having puppies! She had been in labor for more than 13 hours. It was now 8:30 pm and now the group gathering around her felt like they were in the movie 101 Dalmatians. How many did she have? They were amazed and began counting.

13. Counting Up the Puppies

Image: Waggington Post

Miley had given birth to 18 puppies, they soon realized. The puppies consisted of 12 females and six males, a feat for any mom. Even Astro the dog was shocked at the size of his litter.

14. Astro’s Reaction

Image: CCDalmatians Website

Astro came in to look at the puppies and bond with them. He was immediately overwhelmed by the sheer number of wriggling white creatures in front of him, however. The dog was clearly befuddled but the puppies were all in good health. But for Cecilia, a bigger task lie ahead. How would she care for all of these puppies? She soon found her answer.

15. So Many Dalmatians

Image: The Daily Mail

Cecilia hired a team of veterinary nurses to help with the puppies’ care. A total of seven nurses were on hand to assist Miley and make sure she wasn’t tasked, but Miley was a great mom. She fed the puppies every four hours and made sure they were in good health. Cecilia pronounced the litter “thriving.” Now they had to find owners…

16. The Puppies Grow Up

Image: CCDalmatians Facebook

Once they were two months old, the puppies were ready to go to a new home. Cecilia was a little upset, saying that she felt like she was experiencing “an empty nest.” This litter was very special to her and was even a record breaker in Australia. Where would the puppies go next?

17. The Cutest Puppies

Image: CCDalmatians Website

Cecilia couldn’t say goodbye to all of the puppies, so she kept one of the females and named it Paris. Paris, she said, was just like her mother and father, “outgoing, smart and highly-spirited.” Paris was ideal for showing and sure enough, she ended up winning both Best Puppy of Breed and Best Puppy in Ring at the Royal Melbourne Championship Show 2017. What happened months later was more exciting though.

18. A Grand Puppy Party

Image: CCDalmatians Website

Cecilia threw a very special party in February 2017 and reunited Paris the puppy with her siblings. With 10 of original 18 there, the event was fun and spirited with the puppies even getting to swim in the pool. The young pups also ran around the property, frolicing in the fields. Cecilia was thrilled to see how happy and healthy her former litter was.

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