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They Spotted Something in the Flames, But When They Got Closer, They Were Stunned

Animal lovers who volunteer to foster animals save lives. That’s what happened to five small kittens who were in a house fire in North Carolina. The kittens were only days old.

  1. Emergency Rescue
Image: Facebook

Tia Hagnas is the president and founder of Alley Cats and Angels in North Carolina. She protects cats in the area and finds them permanent homes. On May 18, she received several shocking messages. Several people had contacted Hagnas to inform her that there were cats in a house fire who needed rescued. There had been a terrible house fire in Wendell, North Carolina.

  1. First Responders
Image: Alley Cats and Angels NC

“One of the first responders found them. We do not know if they were in the house but most likely near the house,” Tia said. “The older kitten was very friendly. Brooke, one of the first responders, said that he ran towards them.”

  1. Getting Oxygen
Image: Facebook

Three of the five kittens were just days old. The other two were weeks old. The first responders snapped into action, administering oxygen to the tiny cats.

  1. Smelling Like Smoke
Image: Facebook

Although the kittens smelled like smoke and were visibly hurting, they started breathing again. They even started to meow after the oxygen and rescue efforts.

  1. Caring for Neonatal Kittens
Image: Alley Cats and Angels NC

Caring for kittens is a unique skill that requires round the clock care and patience. Tia called a neonatal kitten specialist, who quickly agreed to foster the five kittens for the week.

  1. No Time to Waste
Image: Alley Cats and Angels NC

Tia immediately went to transport the kittens, since there was not a second to waste. The five were huddled together, with the big boy cat keeping the others warm. They went to the emergency vet right away.

  1. Days and Weeks Old
Image: Alley Cats and Angels NC

According to the vet, the oldest kitten was around five weeks old. The youngest of the kitties were just three days old. The oldest cat had a terrible upper respiratory infection and his eyes were so swollen they feared he would lose an eye or both.

  1. Off to the Specialist
Image: Facebook

After the returned from the vet, Tia took them to the neonatal foster specialist. The sickest kittens were separated from the healthier ones to give all of them a fair shot.

  1. Tragic Loss
Image: Facebook

Although the small kittens clung to life for days, two of them simply could not hold on. They lost their lives, but the foster parents heroically provided for them.

  1. Survivors
Image: Alley Cats and Angels NC

The three cats who survived are eating well and even playing together. They seem to have bounced back from their terrible ordeal.

  1. Alley Cats and Angels
Image: Facebook

Alley Cats and Angels continues to spearhead the efforts to give the three kittens their best life. The non-profit charity is an all-volunteer organization which relies on donations. Their work allows cats like these to be adopted.

  1. Quidditch’s Eyes Are Safe
Image: Alley Cats and Angels NC

“Quidditch the older kitten is doing well. His eyes are better and we no longer believe he will lose them,” Tia told Love Meow.

  1. Exploding Snap is Fiesty
Image: Alley Cats and Angels NC

Exploding Snap is the name for the middle kitten. She is an extremely playful three-week old, learning how to walk and run like a pro.

  1. Wizard’s Chest is the Baby
Image: Alley Cats and Angels NC

The youngest, Wizard’s Chess, is just 12 days old. He is only now starting to open his eyes. Kittens usually do not open their eyes for the first 10 to 15 days.

  1. The Rescue Efforts Continue
Image: Facebook

Tia and her volunteers have wondered if there are more cats and animals on the property of the fire. They are reaching out to the people who own the land to find out if they can access the land. They intend to rescue, spay/neuter all cats who need it.

  1. Quidditch the Ginger
Image: Facebook

Quidditch is a ginger who loves to kiss everyone he meets. He adores his foster humans and nips them with love, as if he knows they saved his life.

  1. Best Friends


Image: Facebook

The three cats comfort each other while in foster care. They are progressing normally and can’t wait for their forever homes.

  1. Adoption Event
Image: Facebook

On the fourth of July, Alley Cats and Angels took the trio to an adoption event. They wore leashes and harnesses so they could get used to being held by children and adults.

  1. Raising Awareness of Missing Pets
Image: Facebook

The July 4 event was held at the state capitol to raise awareness of the problem of missing animals. More pets go missing on the fourth than on any other day. Alley Cats and Angels taught the public how to protect their pets and keep them safe.

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