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Puppy Was Returned To The Shelter For The Silliest Reason, Then this Happened

When one puppy was discovered right before the holiday season, everyone thought that she would for sure find a forever home quickly. Although she did, she was also immediately brought back to the shelter for the silliest reason. Now once again without a home, this little pup was feeling sad, until something amazing happened.

20. Discovered

Image: The Dodo

It was right before the holiday season when one little pooch was discovered all alone and abandoned. The dog was a 3-year-old American bulldog mix named Frappuccino. She had been abandoned inside of a New York City apartment.

19. Not Alone

However, Frappuccino wasn’t alone in the apartment. She was discovered with a male dog and their litter of six puppies. It was an entire dog family.

18. Foster Homes

Image: Pinterest

For the next few weeks, Frappuccino was brought in and out of shelters all across New York City. Eventually, shelter workers were able to find her a foster home. From there, they thought they finally found someone willing to keep Frappuccino forever.

17. Adopted

Image: The Dodo

So Frappuccino was finally adopted by someone that the shelter thought was perfect. However, the adoption didn’t last long, as the person soon returned Frappuccino after only having her for two weeks.

16. The Reason

Image: The Dodo

So why had the person returned Frappuccino after only two weeks? The reason was unbelievably silly! In fact, you may not believe it when we tell you…

15. Hearty Appetite

Image: Facebook/Broken Paws International

So why had Frappuccino been returned? Well, it turns out that she happened to eat her canine sibling’s food. The shelter staff were pretty shocked when they found out the news.

14. Separated

Image: American Bulldog Rescue

Frappuccino, Cake Pop (the male dog) and their babies were all separated once they were placed into the NYC Animal Care and Control system. All of the baby puppies had been adopted, however Frappuccino and Cake Pop weren’t so lucky.

13. Bad Situation

Image: The Dodo

Cake Pop and Frappuccino, however, were on the fast track to be euthanized. However, thanks to Lisa Smith, an active foster for several rescues and owner of Canine Kindergarten, Inc. in Verplanck, New York, the dogs were pulled out of the shelter system.

12. No Issues

Image: The Dodo

There were no behavioral reasons for them to end up on the kill list,” Smith told The Dodo. “They both passed their assessment at the shelter with flying colors.”

11. Quarantined

Image: The Dodo

Volunteers at NYCACC paid for Frappuccino and Cake Pop to be quarantined for two weeks at Northwind Kennels, which was close to Smith’s residence. However, soon after Frappuccino was quarantined, it was found out that she was very ill.

10. Sick Pup

Image: The Dodo

It seems that Frappuccino had come down with pneumonia in both lungs. She was quickly rushed to the vet’s office to be taken care of. It was a delicate situation that relied heavily on acting quickly.

9. Response Time

Image: The Dodo

If Penny from Northwind Kennels hadn’t called me, [Frappuccino] would have died there,” Smith said. “She would have been found dead in a kennel.” Smith then began to nurse Frappuccino back to health.

8. Updates

Image: The Dodo

Smith then began to post updates over the next few months of Frappuccino’s progress. Smith felt that posting about her on social media would help better the chances of her finding a new forever home. Then one day, the unthinkable happened.

7. Prospective Adopter

Image: The Dodo

Eventually, one prospective adopter stood out to Smith and AmsterDog. “The interested woman had a smaller dog that wouldn’t cuddle with her, so she loved the fact that Frappuccino was a snuggler and affectionate and liked attention,” Smith said.

6. Persistent

Image: Facebook/Lisa Smith

She was familiar with the breed because her daughter had an American bulldog that she loved. She applied, was approved, and even waited weeks for Frappuccino to get better so she could adopt her.” However, when Frappuccino ate the other dog’s food she was quickly returned to the shelter.

5. Abandoned Again

Image: The Dodo

If you can imagine being abandoned, going to a shelter, having her babies taken away, going to a kennel, having pneumonia so bad she could barely breathe, going through all the trauma that she did and she was really such a nice dog,” Smith said. So everyone decided that they would have to be extra cautious with the next adopter.

4. Facebook Post

Image: Facebook/Lisa Smith

So Smith made another Facebook post about Frappuccino and why she had been returned. That’s when hundreds of thousands of people showed interest in the sweet dog. Then, Paige Deluca came into the picture.

3. Heartbroken

Image: The Dodo

I read her background story and immediately contacted her foster mom,” Deluca said. “After reading her story, my heart was broken. She looked so lovable and so beautiful — I couldn’t understand how someone could just leave her.”

2. Introductions

Image: Facebook/Lisa Smith

Paige and her girlfriend, Alexis Raftopoulos, were soon introduced to Frappuccino. It was love at first sight and the couple immediately adopted her. Frappuccino’s new name is Cardi.

1. Happy Home

Image: The Dodo

Our Cardi girl definitely has a personality of her own and it’s just like a human too,” Deluca said. “She’s always so happy and hyper, but lovable and cuddly too. She loves being with people, especially when they play with her or rub her tummy.

Cardi is now officially in her forever home and is loving every minute of it!

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