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Overweight Stray Dog Loses Weight And Showcases Shocking Transformation

It is heartbreaking when you see a dog that is in a poor health condition. It’s even more upsetting when it affects their every day lives. When this poor stray pup was first rescued he was in terrible health but now he’s undergone the transformation of a lifetime.

20. New Start

Image: Buzzfeed

Meet Bolinha, an absolutely sweet stray dog that was rescued off the streets. Now he’s been given a second chance at life! So how did his story begin?

19. Abandoned

Image: CNBC.com

Bolinha was abandoned when he was only a small puppy. He was left behind at a gas station along a rural stretch of land in western Brazil. For the next 13 years he lived out on the streets, but how did he survive?

18. Survival

Image: Buzzfeed

Throughout the 13 years of him living on the street, Bolinha survived on discarded scraps that were come from the gas station’s cafe. He would also dine on some leftovers that locals would feed him. All of this food, however, wasn’t good for Bolinha’s health.

17. Obese

Image: YouTube

Even though Bolinha had so much to eat, he wasn’t eating a healthy diet at all. This started to negatively impact his weight and he soon became obese. People would often come to the gas station just to see him.

16. Attraction

Image: YouTube

Bolinha was soon considered an “attraction” by many people who would stop off at the gas station. Everyone would love to see him and in turn they would continue to feed him a lot. Then, finally, hope can for him.

15. Overlooked

Image: YouTube

For so many years, Bolinha and his health were overlooked. Then finally, an animal rescuer from a nearby town heard about Bolinha and his condition. He soon went over to find the dog and was shocked by what he saw.

14. Amidst The Garbage

Image: Buzzfeed

When the rescuer went to the gas station, he found Bolinha in a pile of trash. The pup was so heavy that he could barely lift him and his breathing was shallow. He could also barely walk.

13. Big Change

Image: YouTube

Bolhina had no idea, but from this moment his life was going to change for the better. The animal rescuer brought Bolhina over to the staff at theĀ Animal Protection Organization (OPA-MT). They were excited to start helping the pup out.

12. First Bath

Image: Buzzfeed

Bolhina was given his first bath in what seemed like a very long time. He absolutely loved it and it really helped clean off all of the dirt from his body. Then there was another new experience that Bolhina would soon feel.

11. Feeling Loved

Image: Buzzfeed

For the first time in his life, the abandoned dog finally got to feel what it was like to be loved and looked after. While he may have been overfed his entire life, there was one thing that he had been deprived of: love and attention.

10. Getting Better

Image: The Dodo

Even though things were looking better for Bolhina, the rescuers knew that in order for him to live his best life he would have to lose weight. The weight was only burdening him further…

9. Not Easy

Image: The Dodo

It wouldn’t be an easy process for Bolhina to lose all of the weight. After all, he had managed to gain it all throughout thirteen years. But, the rescue staff believed that he would persist!

8. Exercise Regimen

Image: The Dodo

So the rescue staff placed Bolhina on an exercise regimen that would get him moving. Every day he was placed on a treadmill in water. The water would help alleviate the aching pain in his joints.

7. Slow Progress

Image: Buzzfeed

Progress was slow at first, however, after some time the pounds began to shed. Little by little, Bolhina started to lose weight and feel and look better!

6. Less Than A Year

Image: Buzzfeed

It’s been less than a year since Bolhina was brought to the animal rescue. In that time he has managed to lose more than 30 pounds. In turn, a new side of his personality has begun to emerge.

5. Confident

Image: The Dodo

As each day passes, Bolhina begins to show more and more of his true personality. He has begun to act far more confident and he is much happier. Rescuers are overjoyed at the progress he has made.

4. Healthy Goal Weight

Image: YouTube

Even though Bolhina has made huge progress he still hasn’t reached his goal weight. However, the old overweight dog that the rescuers were initially introduced to is no longer around. Instead, the healthier and improved version sits before them now.

3. Another 15

Image: YouTube

In the coming weeks, the rescuers hope that they can get Bolhina to lose another 15 pounds. At that point he will completely reach his goal weight and complete his transformation.

2. Not Worried

Image: YouTube

The rescuers aren’t worried about Bolhina dropping the next 15 pounds. They have a ton of faith in him and are assured that he will be capable of losing the weight.

1. So Proud

Image: The Dodo

Bolhina’s caregivers are so proud of the progress he has made thus far. He has continued to stun everyone with his perseverance and amazing attitude.

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