This Newborn Was Crying While Getting His Shots, And His Dad’s Reaction Has Swept The Internet -
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This Newborn Was Crying While Getting His Shots, And His Dad’s Reaction Has Swept The Internet

Doctor visits are not always the most fun as a kid. But one father from Warrenton, Georgia, took the internet by storm after a video showing his interesting reaction to his baby crying over vaccination shots went viral.

Antwon Lee took his adorable two-month-old son Debias King to the doctor to get his first round of vaccinations and Antwon knew that Debias may not be the biggest fan of this particular doctor’s visit. Debias’ appointment was on October 26, 2017, the same day that Antwon was given the absolutely heart-breaking news that his beloved father, Anthony Lee, had passed away. He had been close to his dad, who was only 57 when passing.

“I was very emotional. I was the baby son, I was very close to him,” he told People about their relationship, “But I don’t deal with good or bad days, I deal with peaceful days. I deal with peaceful days so I know my dad is in a peaceful place.” said the grieving father. Antwon continued his fatherly duties and took his son to the appointment. The 29-year-old father spoke with People about his nerves.

He said, “I felt kind of scared a little bit, I knew he was going to go through some pain. I had to figure out a way to comfort him, and the day before, I talked to him and said if he needed to cry, go ahead and cry. That morning when we got there, and I let him know again it was okay to cry.” The father and son pair went to the doctor’s with Antwon’s girlfriend, Shamekia Harris. Antwon stayed by Debias’ side as the nurse prepared to administer his shots, and that’s when Shamekia got the viral video of the father on video.

Antwon didn’t even notice his girlfriend recording, he was so focused on trying to ease his little boy’s pain and let him know that it was fine to cry. From start to finish, Antwon proves himself to be a beautiful father, repeating the words, “It’s okay to cry,” and “I got you.” back to his little baby boy.

As baby Debias started to cry after each injection, Antwon raises his voice and says, “Look at Daddy!” He then reached out to hold Debias’ little hands, saying “I know!”, referring to the pain. The father and son were going to get through the doctor’s visit as a team.

When the last shot is administered, Antwon picks up Debias to soothe him and within seconds, Debias stops crying and relaxes into his loving father’s arms. Antwon later recalled the moment, “I felt the pain he was going through! At that moment, there was pressure, but at the same time, it was beautiful,” he said. The beautiful moment was too good not to share.

Antwon rubs his son’s back, jokingly repeating, “They did you wrong, man!” He then asks Debias to explain what the nurse did to him and the baby playfully starts mumbling and playing along. After some playful mumbling, the little boy rests his head on Antwon’s chest and is at ease.

According to Antwon Debias actually rarely cries, the only time he usually breaks into tears is if he’s hungry. So, the fact that these injections made the little boy cry, Antwon knew he had to calm his son down. Antwon spoke with ABC News and told them how difficult the whole situation actually was. He said, “I felt his pain, but at the same time it was all about love. I know he felt the love because his daddy was there.”

Antwon later posted the video on his Facebook page. He captioned it, “I felt his pain, wait till the end.” Soon enough almost as if it were overnight the video of his pep talk had gone viral. It’s had an incredible 16 million views and has been shared more than 200,000 times.

The beautiful moment touched so many people that nearly 40,000 comments have been left, with most praising Antwon as an amazing father. Michelle Obie wrote, “So sweet and adorable. Don’t cry little man,” while Mary Lambert added, “Love it! Good job Daddy calming him right now!” Who knew such a small thing could warm the hearts of many.

Antwon says he speaks to Debias about his hopes for their future. “I talked to him like a grown up. I let him know there will be a day I’m going to have to die, I’m going to have to leave this world,” he said. Like every good father, he wants the most for his son.

Antwon wants to see him succeed before he dies. He also hopes that the viral video works to highlight the significance of fatherhood, and to showcase what a wonderful thing fatherhood can be. He hopes someday to be known as a loving father just like his own father that passed away.

Antwon said, “I want [fathers who watch the video] to take care of their kids, because when you sign up for something, you have to stick with it, you gotta go. My son is here, I’m signed up for it, and I have a beautiful mom for my child, and I’m going to be with him to the day I die.” This father is not only a loving one, but he knows what truly matters in life.

Debias is, in fact, Antwon’s firstborn child and he is eager to see where fatherhood with Debias brings him to life. If his doctor’s visit proves anything, it’s that Antwon is one of the best fathers a little boy like Debias could ask for.

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