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Motherless Puppy Cries Out For Help, Then This Happens

When this poor puppy was left motherless it was a very sad and scary moment. It began to cry out and at first it seemed like no one would help. Then one mama cat heard the cries and quickly intervened in a motherly fashion.

20. Syria

Image: Bored Panda

The city of Aleppo, Syria, has been in a war-torn state for a few years now. The city has been under destruction and many people have begun to flee in fear. You won’t believe how many people have chosen to flee.

19. Leaving

Image: Bored Panda

Over the few years that the city has been in the middle of a war, around 40,000 people have chosen to evacuate. They’ve left behind their homes and unfortunately, many of them have had to leave behind their pets.

18. Stray Animals

Image: Bored Panda

As people began to leave the city, they also left behind tons of animals. These animals had no home and they were living out on the streets as strays. Then one man decided to help out.

17. One Man

Image: Bored Panda

Meet Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel, also known as ‘the cat man of Aleppo’, Syria. So how did Aljaleel receive this interesting nickname? Well, Aljaleel has made a tough decision to stay behind in Syria while everyone else has chosen to leave.

16. Helping Out

Image: Bored Panda

Despite the devastation and destruction all around him Aljaleel decided to stay behind to watch over many of the cats left behind in Aleppo. He has made a promise ”no matter what happens” to stay in Aleppo to take care of all of the cats.

15. Open House

Image: Bored Panda

Aljaleel has an open house policy with all of the cats. He opens his doors to the cats and at first it started off with only 20. However, now the number has increased exponentially.

14. Many Cats

Image: Bored Panda

What started off as 20 cats turned into over a hundred. “When people left, the cats started coming to me… Some people just left them with me knowing that I love cats,” Aljaleel told BBC News. Then one day, it wasn’t a cat looking for a home…

13. Lost Pup

Image: All Cute All The Time

One day, there was a tiny baby pup that was lost on the streets of Aleppo. It was obvious that this tiny pup had just been born not too long ago. But why was it all alone?

12. No Mom


The tiny pup was motherless and had no one to care for it. All that could be heard was a tiny cry coming from its mouth. That’s when someone unexpected heard the cry.

11. Mama Cat

Image: YouTube

One of Aljaleel’s cat was pregnant and very close to giving birth. She happened to be hanging out outside when she heard a cry in the distance. She decided to check it out.

10. Checking It Out

Image: YouTube

So the mama cat decided to check out the noise and was surprised by what she found. There on the floor was the tiny puppy all alone. So she decided to act like a mother and pick the baby up!

9. Carrying Off

Image: YouTube

The mama cat brought the tiny puppy over to her corner. She then placed him on the ground and began to clean him off. She was acting in a true motherly fashion.

8. Cuddling

Image: YouTube

Aljaleel snapped some photos of the two cuddling later on. The two of them were cuddling just like mother and child. You would never know that the puppy wasn’t her actual baby.

7. Taking Care

Image: YouTube

The mama cat continued to take care of the puppy like it was her own child. It was sweet to see two animals from such different species love each other the way these two do.

6. Not Unusual

Image: YouTube

It’s not as unusual as one might think for a mama cat to take care of another baby. You won’t believe the way that this one mama cat reacted to a newborn puppy that her owners brought over to her.

5. Newborn Puppy

Image: YouTube

This mama cat was being kept inside of a box in her home, eagerly awaiting the arrival of one little baby. However, it wasn’t a baby kitten that she was being brought.

4. Amazed

Image: YouTube

As the owner brought the baby over, the mama cat’s face was amazed. As the baby was brought even closer, you could see that the mama was astonished by this intriguing new baby.

3. In The Box

Image: YouTube

The mama cat’s owner then placed the baby puppy in the box. The mama cat looked over with a face that with lit up. She looked ready to watch over and care for this tiny pup.

2. Cuddling

Image: YouTube

The mama was cuddling up to the baby pup and cleaning it off. It was a sweet moment shared between the two and seemingly unexpected.

1. Mother’s Love

Image: YouTube

These two cats have displayed just how strong a mother’s love can be. Despite these pups not having their actual mother’s around, these mother cats have taken the place perfectly.

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