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Her Little Girl Desperately Needed a Kidney but No One Expected this Twist.

Fourth-grader Eva Brown was very sick and needed a kidney donation. Her mother put out a plea and hoped that they would be able to match her with a donor. She and her daughter never dreamed the match was right under their nose. What happened next proved there are angels among us and a very valuable lesson for the community.


17. Eva Brown

Image: ABC News

Alana Brown and Eva Brown, both of Ohio, knew that the quest for a kidney for Eva wouldn’t be routine. They had no idea how routine the search would be and who would be the match.

16. An Ohio Student

Image: Reyn Schools Website

The story begins at Slate Ridge Elementary in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Ten-year old Eva Brown was a very sick little girl who needed a kidney transplant to save her life. Eva has a rare disease called collapsing FSGS, which stands for Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis.

15. Eva’s Disease

Image: UNC Kidney Center

Collapsing FSGS is a rare form of kidney disease, especially in the US. FSGS happens when the filters in the kidney are damaged, leaving scars, or sclerosis. When these filters are damaged so badly with scars, they are no longer able to filter blood appropriately. 

14. A Serious Illness

Image: Evening Standard

People whose kidneys have severe scarring usually go on dialysis and need a transplant within a year. That’s what happened to Eva. She was diagnosed just over a year ago. Her condition is so serious that she recently had to be admitted to the hospital.

13. Eva in Hospital

Image: People Magazine

As her mother Alana Brown explained, “We had to stop her dialysis and bring her into the ER. She’s going through a lot so they just have to get her stable. She hasn’t eaten since Friday.”

12. Kidney Needed

Image: ABC News

The search for a donor kidney began. Eva’s family members weren’t the right blood type so sadly the little girl couldn’t receive their kidneys. A deceased donor kidney would last for only 10 years. Mom had to step up her efforts to find a willing donor match.

11. A Desperate Plea

Image: Breaking Christian News

Brown’s mother was desperately searching for help with her daughter’s dire condition. She even appeared on CBN News and shared the call for a donor on Facebook. Then she waited and prayed.

10. Going Viral

Image: Alana Brown Facebook


Brown’s mother had shared her plea on social media and the story soon went viral. Little did she know that help was just around the corner. Not just in her town but even closer…

9. Tanya Thomas

Image: Tyler Paper

Tanya Thomas is a fourth grade teacher at Slate Ridge Elementary. She saw Eva’s mother’s plea and knew she had to do something. She decided to get tested to see if she was a match.

8. Her Decision

Image: New Zimbabwe

Thomas read up on how to get tested for organ donation and started the process. “There was really no question and no hesitation. I felt like it was my opportunity to say we’re going to give this a try and if it doesn’t work I have to be okay with that,” she said.

7. A Perfect Match

Image: Faithwire

It was a match! Eva wasn’t one of her students but Thomas was thrilled to help out the little girl. “I kind of just have that feeling of hey I’ve got two, I’ll give one. No sweat off my back,” said Thomas. 

6. Eva Waits

Image: 10TV

Months later, she found out she was the perfect match. Brown’s family was ecstatic. “I thought I was going to lose my baby and now I can watch her grow up. I can watch her play. I can see her go to prom, and get married one day, and I look forward to seeing the woman she’s going to be and that’s because of Tanya Thomas,” said Brown.

5. A Hail Mary Pass

Image: Standard

According to Principal Micca Conley, Thomas treats every child like he or she is her own child. “We are moms first and teachers second and she has taken that expectation obviously to the next level,” said Conley.

4. A Thankful Family

Image: CBS 17

“She’s not even Eva’s teacher, she’s just a teacher at her school who responded to a Facebook post and who does that for somebody they don’t know?” said Brown in admiration.

3. Scheduling the Transplant

Image: ABC News

9 Once the match was approved, Thomas and Eva finally met and the transplant has been scheduled for next month. Originally it was set for May, but doctors thought Eva should have time to get her strength up before going through such serious surgery. The transplant will now take place in June 2018.

2. An “Angel on Earth”

Image: Sinclair Storyline

Eva’s mother and Thomas decided to go public with their story to encourage others to consider donating organs. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services there are more than 116,000 men, women and children on the national transplant waiting list. There aren’t enough donors, so 20 people die each day waiting for a transplant.

  1. A Happy Ending

Image: Vocally

This story proves that one committed person saves a life. Brown described Thomas as an angel on earth.


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