Lion Cub Was Being Kept As A Pet In A Tiny Apartment, When The Team Found Him They Were Shocked -
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Lion Cub Was Being Kept As A Pet In A Tiny Apartment, When The Team Found Him They Were Shocked

The Internet is an amazing tool and in some instances has worked to save lives. When photos of a lion cub being kept inside of a tiny Paris apartment started to go viral, people began asking a lot of questions. That’s when an animal rescue team decided to intervene and help save the tiny cub!

20. Social Media


Social media has been used a great platform to share updates with your pals. However, sometimes social media has come to the rescue of those in need. This is one of those times.

19. Viral Photos

Image: Animal Channel

Recently, a bunch of photos had gone viral and were circulating the Internet. What was the content of these photos? Well, they showcased a tiny lion cub in a very unfortunate circumstance.

18. Skinny Cub


The tiny lion cub in the photos was horribly skinny and emaciated looking. Not only did he look starved, but the lion cub was being held inside of a small Paris apartment. Everyone had questions about the situation.

17. Questions

Image: The Dodo

Everyone wanted to know why the lion was being kept inside of a small apartment and why he looked so skinny? Everyone suspected abuse and were beginning to call into animal rescue teams for help.

16. Animal Rescue Team

Image: Times LIVE

Finally, an animal rescue team caught wind of the situation. They began to work hard on tracking down where the location of the apartment was. Then they finally cracked the case.

15. Tracked Down

Image: The Dodo

Eventually, the animal rescue team tracked down the lion to an apartment in Noisy-le-Sec. It was now time for the rescue to occur. However, it wasn’t going to be a simple one.

14. Coming In

Image: Animal Channel

Firemen and animal rescuers all made their way into the apartment. They soon spotted the tiny lion cub and saw just how terrible he looked. They placed the poor scared cub inside of a cage for transport.

13. Neglect

Image: The Dodo

They were happy to be able to remove the neglected lion cub from his owner. From the apartment, the lion cub was then transported to the Natuurhulpcentrum Rescue Center in Belgium. That’s where they came up with the perfect name for him.

12. Naming Him

Image: Animal Channel

Once the lion had been settled down in the rescue center, rescue workers came up with a wonderful name for him. They decided to call him King in honor of his regal demeanor.

11. Safe

Image: The Dodo

King is now finally safe and being well taken care of inside of the confines of the rescue center. However, rescue workers wanted to do more for King. So they came up with a plan.

10. Back Home

Image: Animal Channel

Animal rescuers wanted to bring Regal back to his home in Africa. They wanted him to be able to roam around freely in his own habitat. So the workers got to work on making it happen.

9. South Africa

Image: The Dodo

The rescue organization Born Free were hoping that they could relocate King to their sanctuary in South Africa. The sanctuary is already home to a bunch of other wild cats that have been neglected or abused. However, to get King to South Africa it would take some generous donations.

8. Money

Image: Pinterest

So they decided to start a fundraiser. “King will be given lifetime care in a spacious, safe and natural environment, surrounded by the beautiful sights and sounds of Africa,” Born Free wrote. “King’s new life at Born Free’s big cat sanctuary will be a world away from the Paris apartment.”

7. Raising Money

Image: Born Free Foundation

King’s heartbreaking story seemed to touch the hearts of many. In just a few months, they were able to raise all of the funds necessary to help send King to South Africa. Once the news got out everyone was so excited for King’s arrival.

6. King’s Arrival

Image: Daily Mail

I am sure there will be a lot of smiling faces today!” Victoria McKenna OBE, Born Free’s Co-Founder and Trustee, said. “So many people responded to our appeal to bring young King to Shamwari, and now he has arrived!”

5. New Life

Image: Animal Channel

Thanks to everyone whose hearts were touched by his story, he now takes his first steps on African soil, and can begin his happy new life. May it be a long and peaceful one.” So is King enjoying his new life in Africa?

4. Happy Lion

Image: Animal Channel

King is overjoyed to be right where he belongs: in Africa. He’s been enjoying roaming around in the sanctuary and exploring. Although King is now safe and happy, there are still a ton more wild animals in terrible situations.

3. Staggering Numbers

Image: Daily Express

It is staggering that, in 2018, lion cubs are still finding their way into the pet trade in Europe,” Chris Draper, head of animal welfare and captivity for Born Free, said. Born Free hopes that King’s situation can bring light to the seriousness of the situation.

2. Raising Awareness

Image: The Born Free Foundation

This situation needs to be addressed urgently, and we hope that by introducing the world to King – his plight, his rescue and his rehoming to lifetime care – Born Free can draw attention to this important issue.” Born Free is still working hard to help rescue many other animals.

1. King’s Life

Image: The Dodo

King is now living the life of regal royalty thanks to the help of Born Free. He can now enjoy all of his beautiful and wide-reaching surroundings and never have to worry about being neglected again.

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