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Kayakers Come Across A Huge Shark, Then This Happens

Kayaking is a great outdoor water activity that many people love to get involved in. Being out in the open water can be a great feeling and it is also a great workout. However, being out in the water can also leave you susceptible to some pretty dangerous situations. When these kayakers came across a huge shark they knew they had to act fast and they did the unthinkable.

20. Kayakers


A group of kayakers were out in the middle of UK waters, enjoying their day. Everything was going great until they saw something absolutely mind-blowing! They had no idea that they would be greeted by a shark.

19. UK Waters

Image: Daily Mail

UK waters aren’t particularly known for being home to sharks. In fact, many people that head out to the beaches in the UK never even worry about a shark attack. However, all of that would change from one day.

18. A Student


37-year-old Jennifer Kneale was enrolled in a sailing school called 7th wave in the Isle of Man. Her day was coming to an end and her classes had seemingly paid off. That’s when Jen heard some interesting news.

17. Rare Sighting

Image: YouTube

There was news floating around that a rare sighting had been seen in Port Erin Bay. Talks of a shark sighting were going around and Jen was immediately excited by the thought. After all, sharks rarely came around the bay.

16. Wild Idea

Image: metro.co.uk

That’s when Jen came up with a wild idea. She decided that it would be neat to head out in kayak and see the sharks for herself. She must have forgotten the part where sharks eat humans!

15. A Whole Team

Image: metro.co.uk

So Jen and a team of sailing instructors all decided to head out and take a look at the sharks. They jumped into their kayaks and began to paddle out into the deeper waters.

14. Off The Coast

Image: metro.co.uk

Jen and the team began to paddle off to the coast of the Isle of Man, where most of the sharks had been seen. No one seemed to be the least bit nervous about coming into direct contact with a shark.

13. Lucky

Image: metro.co.uk

It seems that it was the group’s lucky day as they pulled up into the coast. They seemed to be in very close range to the sharks and were staring out into the water with their mouths wide open. It was an astonishing sight.

12. Several Hours

Image: metro.co.uk

The sharks seemed to really like the bay area and so they remained there for several hours. This presented Jen with the perfect opportunity. She was able to film the entire interaction.

11. Amazing Shot

Image: Daily Star

Jen was able to capture the amazing moment when the shark swam past them with his mouth wide open. His fin was out of the water and was creating a ripple and wave effect in the water.

10. Remembering The Moment


It had reached 5pm on a Friday evening and we were just finishing up our work day at 7th Wave Sailing School, when we heard a report of a shark in the bay,” Jennifer said, recalling that day. “Instead of heading home, our team took the kayaks out for a rare treat.”

9. A Small Armada

Image: metro.co.uk

We assembled a small armada in the bay and headed out to try and spot him.The shark had clearly found a favoured feeding spot that was rich in plankton, as he was swimming around, open mouthed, getting merrily full.”

8. Unamused

Image: YouTube

He didn’t seem concerned by the flotilla of small crafts and made frequent close passes by. They are inquisitive creatures and will come and investigate you if you sit still,” Jen explained. So how did everyone else react to the shark sighting?

7. Good Reactions

Image: metro.co.uk

Everyone who was there to witness this reacted really well to the shark – they all correctly followed the Basking Shark Code of Conduct, which advises vessels to keep still and just watch.” Everyone was completely taken aback by the beauty of the moment.

6. Breathtaking

Image: metro.co.uk

It was truly breathtaking, people were calm and quiet with nervous excitement with each close encounter,” Jen said. So what kind of sharks were out there swimming in the waters?

5. Shark Type

Image: mirror.co.uk

The sharks that Jennifer and the others witnessed are known as basking sharks. Basking sharks are the second largest fish alive. You won’t believe just how big they can get!

4. Huge

Image: Discovery

The basking shark can grow to some pretty incredible sizes. They can reach around 32 feet long – talk about a huge shark! So are they problematic to humans?

3. Pretty Harmless

Image: Mashable

Although basking sharks are huge, they’re pretty harmless to humans. They mostly feed on plankton just like the sharks that were spotted off the coast of the bay.

2. Truly Memorable

Image: AZ Animals

While it may not have been everyone’s first choice, Jen is glad that she took the time out to go and witness the sharks in person. Not many people would go out into waters that are known to be infested with sharks.

1. Never Forget

Image: metro.co.uk

Everyone that got to witness the sharks is so happy that they did. It was a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience that they’re sure never to forget.



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