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Hero Terrier Protects 3-Year-Old In Cornfield Until Help Arrives

When one little girl went missing, everyone in the community rounded up to help. For hours, everyone searched until they finally discovered the unbelievable. When she was finally discovered she wasn’t alone. There with her was a trusty companion that refused to leave her side.

20. The Beginning

Image: FaithTap

It all started when three-year-old Remy Elliott had gone missing. The young girl had wandered off away from her parents. Her parents, rightfully, began to panic.

19. Hometown

Image: YouTube

The family was outside in their hometown of Qulin, Missouri when little Remy suddenly vanished. They lost track of her at around 8:30 pm and Remy’s parents quickly alerted the police to the situation.

18. Police Help

Image: YouTube

Once the police were notified, they began to search through the area. The entire Missouri State Police team were working on the case to help bring little Remy back home. However, it wasn’t just the police that had gotten involved.

17. The Community

Image: Toledo Blade

Once word had gotten out that young Remy had gone missing, everyone in the community decided to pitch in and help. They all gathered up into search parties and began to look for the missing girl. You won’t believe how many people volunteered.

16. Volunteers

Image: feedyeti.com

More than 100 people joined the search effort in looking for the missing girl. According to the Daily Mail, “Missouri State Highway Patrol Sgt. Clark Parrott says a search began that included an airplane, but the girl was not found overnight.”

15. Worried Mother

Image: YouTube

Timber Merritt, Remy’s mom, explained what was going through her head throughout the entire ordeal. “I looked for her by myself thinking maybe she was just in the woods or somewhere where I just couldn’t see her,” Merritt told KFVS-TV.

14. Calling Out

Image: YouTube

And I was calling for her and calling for her, and when she wasn’t calling back I realized, ‘I don’t think I’m going to find her on my own.'” That’s when all of the help decided to join in. It was a stressful situation and everyone was working their hardest.

13. A Volunteer

Image: The News-Herald

John Copp was one of the first people to start helping out with the search party. Copp described the situation as “stressful and emotional.” Everyone wanted so badly to find Remy.

12. Calling It

Image: SoPawfect

We were all just walking back and forth from one end to the other just yelling her name. All the flashlights started dying and the sheriff’s office decided to call if for the night,” Copp said. However, the search party refused to stop then.

11. Continued Search

Image: YouTube

The search party continued to search and even more people started to join at around 6 in the morning. Eventually, the search party’s movement was brought into one of the large cornfields.

10. The Cornfield

Image: Bailiwick Express

Makayla Hardcastle, one of the search volunteers, described how difficult it was to search through the cornfield. It wasn’t easy for many of the search party volunteers to make their way through the tough cornfield.

9. Tough Search

Image: YouTube

The corn feels like razor blades cutting you, especially for a child. And you don’t hear well in the corn either, so when somebody is yelling your name you can hear them but you don’t know where it is coming from,” she said.

8. A Brother’s Help

Image: remonews.com

Merritt’s brother, Quinlin, drove over to Missouri from western Kentucky in order to help out with the search. Quinlin began to scour through the cornfields when he finally discovered something amazing!

7. Found

Image: Daily Mail

There in the middle of the cornfield was Remy. After all of his searching, Quinlin had finally tracked her down. However, the most incredible part was that she wasn’t alone.

6. Brave Dog

Image: Daily Mail

Remy’s Yorkshire Terrier named Fat Heath had been with her the entire time! As Quinlin and a group of search dogs looked through the cornfield, the search dogs let out some barks. In response, Fat Heath also let out some yaps!

5. Yappy

Image: KSAT.com

It was thanks to these yaps that Remy was finally discovered. When rescuers discovered Remy she was covered in mosquito bites, however, other than that the young girl seemed to be doing just fine.

4. Exhausted

Image: ABC News

“They said that she was asleep when he picked her up,” Merritt said. “She was definitely exhausted, hot, really sweaty and it took a while to drink anything.” It was thanks to her dog that Remy wasn’t as frightened as she would have been.

3. Staying Strong

Image: YouTube

She said she wasn’t scared because Fat Heath was there. If he wasn’t I think she would’ve been terrified,” Merritt said. Fat Heath stood by Remy’s side all night, making sure to keep her safe from harm’s way.

2. Tweet

Image: Insider

The Missouri State Highway Patrol Twitter account soon updated everyone with the amazing tale. “This is what #Community looks like. Law enforcement, 1st Responders and community volunteers coming together to find a missing child. Her dog stayed by her side all night. #StrongerTogether,” the post read.

1. Back Home

Image: ABC News

Now Remy and Fat Heath are both back at home safe and sound. “I feel a lot better, especially since we know she is okay. She is back to her normal self now,” said Merritt.

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