This Great Dane Was Not Amused By His Mom’s New Puppy – So He Threw A Hysterical Tantrum -
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This Great Dane Was Not Amused By His Mom’s New Puppy – So He Threw A Hysterical Tantrum

It isn’t always peaceful as a parent especially when you have to deal with children who might have some sibling rivalry going on. In the case of  Lindsey Heinz, she can safely say that sibling rivalry is not limited to just humans. Her and her husband Ryan, live in Moyock, North Carolina. and together not only do they have two sons and a daughter, but they have a whole family of animals as well. The Heinz family has a few cats, some kittens, and a trio of playful pups. But sometimes that playful puppy behavior turns into some silly sibling rivalry.

Out of the three dogs, the largest is a Great Dane. Great Danes are among the tallest breeds of dog in the world, in fact. Bagheera is the same of the tall dog and shes often referred to as the family’s “silly Great Dane.” In fact, one of Bagheera’s antics made it to the internet one day.

One of the videos of Bagheera is when her owners introduce her to the little of kittens. The little kittens are also fascinated with the giant dog. As things progress the kittens are soon found crawling all over the dog and having a great time playing around with their new family member. However, this interaction with the kittens was vastly different than the other interaction recorded of Bagheera when it came to meeting another family member.

The family member in question was actually of his own kind. When the family got a brand new Great Dane puppy, Bagheera’s reaction was completely different from that of meeting the kittens. It was clear to the family that Bagheera was not amused by this new addition to the family.

“Talk about a drama queen,” read Lindsey’s description of a video of the interaction that she posted to Rumble. “Bagheera the Great Dane is super jealous of the new puppy in the family. He just can’t stand to see his owner holding and petting the puppy instead of him!” she continued. The footage showed the hilarious interaction between the newly acquainted siblings plays out.

In the video, Lindsey is seen cradling the Great Dane puppy in her arms giving it plenty of attention and love. Then the house fills with angry barking coming from Bagheera who can sense that there is another dog in the house. Then he looks up at Lindsey and see’s the other little dog and they lock eyes.

Lindsey looks down from cradling the small dog and tries to calm Bagheera, “I can pet him too. It’s not all about you.” However, Bagheera who is sitting at her feat starts huffing and puffing and flaring his nostrils. Bagheera has got something to say about this newfound sibling rival.

Bagheera then stands up on his back legs and begins to tower over Lindsey and the puppy in her arms. The size of the massive dog filled the entire room. But the dog is calm and presses his front paws onto her shoulder as if to say something.Lindsey laughs and then tells Bagheera, “You’re so dramatic.” But Bagheera responds by waggings his tail in excitement to now have the room’s attention.

Bagheera then balances on his hind legs and takes a couples playful swipes at the little dog in Lindsey’s arms only to be batted away by his protective mother Lindsey. Bagheera finally understands that his mother is playing and begins to calm down.

Lindsey got the big dogs attention and calmed him down enough to show him the little dog in her arms. “We all get jealous sometimes; it is only a natural instinct,” Lindsey wrote in the description to the clip. “We were jealous of our siblings, of the toys our friends had – basically, of anything that we thought we were lacking and thought we had to have!” She then helps Bagheera sit down to try and facilitate a better introduction between the two dogs.

“Adjustment can be difficult for people,” Lindsey also pointed out in defence of her doggy. She added, “Can you imagine how difficult it must be for a dog, one that can’t really understand what you are saying to it?” After finally calming Bagheera down, she sat on the floor with both the dogs and allowed them to sniff and get to know each other. The two didn’t seem like the best of friends but they definitely had a lot of room to grow on one another.

Lindsey knows she is going to have to be a moderator for both of the dogs until Bagheera gets accustomed to his new sibling. “We can only imagine what he must feel like, already having one brother and now another?” she continued in the video description. “It seems like only just yesterday that he was Mommy’s favorite lap puppy!”

After Lindsey posted her video of Bagheera’s hilarious attention-seeking behavior with his little siblings the video garnered more than 11,000 views on Rumble and racked up even an additional few thousand across Facebook.

People across the internet couldn’t get enough of Bagheera and the rest of the Great Danes “I’ve had four Great Danes. [My] most recent is Thor,” one viewer revealed. “Absolutely love them, sweet [and] caring, and [I’m] very jealous.” Great Danes are truly unforgettable creatures, not for their size alone but apparently, they have larger than life attitudes as well.

As time went by for the busy family Lindsey wanted to update everyone on Bagheera’s progress with his new siblings “The puppy’s name is Baloo. It worked out,” Lindsey revealed on Facebook. It just goes to show when it comes to the family even if you’re a four-legged friend, you cant live with them but you also can’t live without them.

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