Golden Retriever Protects Her Family From An Intruder In The Most Heroic Way -
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Golden Retriever Protects Her Family From An Intruder In The Most Heroic Way

They often say that dog is man’s best friend and one golden retriever has proved the saying true. When this family’s home was invaded by an intruder it was a scary situation. That’s when the sweet family dog, Sadie, decided to spring into action in the most heroic way!

20. Guard Dog

Image: Cesar’s Way

When you hear stories about guard dogs, you probably picture a Doberman or a German Shepherd. Golden Retriever definitely doesn’t seem to top the list. However, one golden retriever surprised everyone when her family was in danger.

19. Sweet

Image: Wikipedia

When you think of a golden retriever the first thought that initially comes into people’s minds is a sweet and family-oriented dog. The last thing you would expect is to see one as menacing and for the most part they aren’t. However, they are fearlessly loyal.

18. Best Family Breed


According to the American Kennel Club, the golden retriever is the best family dog breed. They are a truly friendly breed of dog and kids absolutely adore them!

17. Sadie


Meet Sadie, a golden retriever that lives in Wyandotte, Michigan. She lives with her owner Sarah Powers and the rest of the family. The family absolutely adores Sadie…

16. Wonderful Dog

Image: Daily Mail

Sarah Powers described Sadie using the most wonderful phrases. Powers described Sadie as even-tempered, friendly, and ultimately quite docile. That’s why when the family was faced with a horrible circumstance, everyone was so surprised by Sadie’s reaction.

15. Home Invasion

Image: YouTube

One day, the Powers home was invaded by an intruder that was looking to rob the place. The intruder had no idea that the family was at home and that they had a dog. However, none of that stopped him.

14. Sadie’s Reaction

Upon seeing an unfamiliar stranger in the house, Sadie reacted in the most fearless way ever. She immediately leapt on the intruder and began to attack. However, the intruder wasn’t backing down.

13. Punching


Sarah Powers recalls stepping out of her bathroom to see the intruder punching Sadie in the face over and over. However, despite the man kicking her down again and again, Sadie also refused to back down. She wanted to protect her family.

12. Never Before

Image: YouTube

Sarah Powers recalls how she had never seen Sadie behave in that manner before. She was completely shocked by her dog’s resilient nature.

11. Lunging

Image: YouTube

‘She was lunging out,’ Ms Powers told ABC 7 her teeth were showing, she was growling and then barking but her front legs were always on him.’,” the Daily Mail reported. The man eventually fled the house but not before Ms Powers could get a good look at him.

10. Police Statement

Image: YouTube

Ms Powers immediately called the police after the intruder had fled. She was so proud of Sadie and is so grateful to have had her by her side. The police quickly came over and took down her statement.

9. Description

Image: YouTube

The police immediately took down the statement and description from Ms Powers. It seems that the description helped a lot because the men were able to identify the man who broke in.

8. Habitual Offender

Image: YouTube

The men tracked down the intruder who happened to be John David Shook. The police in the area already knew o of the man as he was a repeat offender. He already had several warrants out for his arrest in other areas.

7. Released

Image: YouTube

“‘Wyandotte police Chief Daniel Grant explained that Shook is a habitual heroin and drug user and had recently been released from county jail where he had been ‘for quite some time’,” the Daily News reported. Grant then went on to explain something else important.

6. Deterrent

Image: Concrete Playground

Police Chief Grant was incredibly amazed by Sadie’s brave actions. However, he was surprised by it all. He explained that dogs, no matter what size, can be a great deterrent and protector in the household.

5. Superstar

Image: Pinterest

Sadie has been getting a ton of media attention ever since her heroic actions were covered by the local news. She has been regarded as a local celebrity and everyone has been so amazed by her heroic efforts. So how does Sadie feel about everything?

4. Loving It

Image: YouTube

Sadie has been loving every minute of her star status. She has been loving all of the attention that she has been getting from everyone on the streets when she goes out for a walk. How does Ms Powers feel about her heroic golden retriever?

3. Incredibly Proud

Image: Daily Mail

Ms Powers is so incredibly proud of her dear and sweet golden retriever. She is so grateful that Sadie was around to “save the day.”

2. Great Senses

Image: Pinterest

Dogs have an incredible sense and can pick up on things that we often can’t. In this case, Sadie was able to sense that the intruder meant the family harm and she quickly leapt into action.

1. True Hero


Sadie has proven to be a true hero! Despite being in a scary situation where an intruder was hurting her back, Sadie stood her ground and protected the family that she loves.


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