This Girl’s Face Is Famous In America, But No One Knows Why She Looks So Familiar -
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This Girl’s Face Is Famous In America, But No One Knows Why She Looks So Familiar

Some people just seem to have familiar faces. Such is the case of American girl Claire Abbott, who seemingly shot to internet stardom overnight with just a few pictures of her face, and since then has become one of the most familiar faces online.

Claire started out by posting pictures of herself on Facebook, often poolside in a bikini.  She then took to Instagram where she began dedicated posts about her fitness routine, style and fashion tips, and other day-to-day moments of her life. In addition to her Instagram, she also started a YouTube channel in which she posted videos of herself singing covers of hit pop songs as well as releasing a video of her original song ‘Fighter’, which garnered 300,000 views. Soon, on YouTube alone, Claire had well over 13,000 subscribers. It was at this point where her internet fame got interesting.

As Claire’s Instagram reached well over 300,000 followers, she began to notice how many more likes she would get in a photo of she showed her body. Claire received attention from male fans, many of them sending messages of love and even marriage proposals. Things started to only get more intense from that point on.

Soon there grew to be several forums and even an entire Subreddit dedicated to discussing every detail of Claire’s online and offline life. Then an adult movie site picked up Claire’s photos and began using them in there advertisements. It became clear to Claire that her internet fame was starting to snowball into something much bigger than she could manage.

In 2015, Claire was spotted and photographed with the notorious Dan Bilzerian, known to some as the “King of Instagram”. Claire even shared a photo of them on her own Instagram and the internet was lit ablaze with furious dating rumours. The photo was eventually taken down but it was too late to put out any flames to these heated dating rumors.

In June 2016, Claire was featured in a MAXIM Magazine post that mentioned her “scorching Instagram feed”. She was also interviewed by The Idle Man, where Claire was asked what piece of advice she’d give to her younger self. “I would tell her that it’s so important to keep things in perspective”, she answered. This is when something happened to Claire that nobody had seen coming.

In 2017 something interesting happened. Claire had seemingly disappeared from all social media platforms. All that was left was her Facebook, which hadn’t been updated in months. Fans and forums began to wonder what might have happened to the familiar face of Claire Abbot. Would she ever come back?

Claire posted a picture of herself at the hospital shortly before her major break from the internet. Claire revealed she had been suffering from depression, anxiety disorder, and borderline Bipolar Disorder throughout her lifetime. She wanted to show the world that she was more than just a pretty face and a hot body, but she was also human and had struggles just like everyone else.

Claire knew she had talent and was determined to make it on her own terms this time without the lights, cameras, and Instagram bikini pictures. Though she hasn’t posted to her old accounts in well over two years she is ready and steadily building her comeback. Who is the real Claire Abbot?

Claire was actually born in Canada and her first major appearance in social media was in 2012 and had been a viral face of the internet since the year 2015. It was time for her break and Claire wanted to come back and share the secrets of her success to her followers.

In the interview with The Idle Man, Claire was asked how to perfect the social media game “Post pictures that are authentic to you,” she responded. Being yourself is critical and people could tell, hence her popularity online. But that wasn’t the only advice Claire had to give her followers.

“The fit of clothing is so important! Whether you’re wearing a tailored suit or jeans, if it fits well, it will look expensive and stylish. Have all your measurements taken accurately and remember that different brands fit differently, so you may need to go up or down a size depending on the brand.” Claire’s experience didn’t just pertain to styling herself, she actually had a lot more experience in styling men than anyone had previously expected.

For Claire, she loves styling guys after her Hollywood crushes, Ryan Gosling and Austin Butler. Apart from sharing her Hollywood heartthrobs she also had a few more quirky personal details to surprise the internet with.

Claire despite her bikini body persona that she shared on Instagram, actually considers herself an ice cream connoisseur and she eats it almost every other day. Claire also is still following her dreams as an aspiring singer and songwriter and is currently working on covering two songs she claims to be best songs of her generation.

Claire’s  two favorite songs are of course: “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse and “Skyfall” by Adele, her all-time favorite singer. Claire hopes someday she will be known around the internet by her voice and her musical talent more than just a pretty familiar face.

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