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This Elderly Man’s Friendship With An Otter Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Sometimes friendships occur in the most unlikely pairings. Take for example this one elderly man and his best friend, who happens to be an otter. This duo is practically inseparable and have been for the past couple of years. You’ll “aww” at this adorable friendship shared by man and otter.

20. Harsh Winters

Image: YouTube

Wintertime in Finland can be pretty harsh. The temperatures can drop to as low as -30°C or even down to -50°C. In Fahrenheit that’s around -22 degrees and lower!

19. Survival

Image: YouTube

It can be tough to survive during these incredibly low temperatures. Most residents in Finland bundle up when heading outdoors or just stay inside of their homes during especially harsh days.

18. Animals

Image: YouTube

However, animals do not have the luxury of bundling up or staying warm inside of a home. They are often subjected to the cold and have to figure out ways to make it through the winter. That’s what happened with one tiny animal.

17. Wild Sea Otter

Image: Telegraph

In Punkaharju in eastern Finland, a wild sea otter was having a hard time surviving through the harsh winter. He wasn’t able to gather up food as easily as he thought and was desperately trying to survive. Things weren’t looking good for him…

16. Taking A Chance

Image: YouTube

The otter decided that he would have to start thinking of news ways to survive. That was when he spotted a human nearby. He went over to the human in hopes of the man having any snacks that he could spare for the otter.

15. Worms & Fish

Image: YouTube

The man was 65-year-old Seppo Laamanen and when he noticed the otter he just knew he had to help. The otter was small and malnourished and was in need of food. So he quickly scraped up some worms and fish for the little guy.

14. A Name

Image: YouTube

After feeding the otter, Seppo then gave him a name: Iivari. Once he was fed Iivari went on his way and Seppo didn’t think he’d ever see him again. Boy, was he wrong!

13. Coming Back

Image: YouTube

Iivari would come back from time to time to visit his good pal, Seppo. The two can often be spotted hanging out together and playing with each other. Although the pair have entertained guests before their relationship is unique in one way.

12. Only One

Image: YouTube

Although the pair has been around other people, Seppo is the only person that Iivari allows to get close to him. This shows what a close bond the two have managed to cultivate over the years. You won’t believe how comfortable the little otter is either!

11. Coming In

Image: YouTube

Iivari is so comfortable with Seppo that he often enters his house without a second thought. People in the area can often spot Iivari making his way into the house where Seppo greets him with open arms.

10. A Bowl

Image: YouTube

Seppo has even laid out a bowl that he puts food in for Iivari. Iivari knows to go directly there when he wants to eat! Although friendships like these are amazing they do happen ever once in a while, believe it or not.

9. Similar Tale

Image: YouTube

The story of Seppo and Iivari is quite similar to another man and animal friendship story. Here is the unbelievable friendship shared between a man and a penguin that he rescued from death!

8. Oil Spill

Image: Inhabitat

An oil spill in that occurred in the ocean left tons of animals covered in oil. That is how 71-year-old widower João Pereira de Souza discovered a penguin that had washed up on shore one day on a beach in Brazil.

7. Helping Him

Image: The Science Explorer

The Magellanic penguin was absolutely soaked in the oil and if he didn’t get help soon it would be the end of him. The retired bricklayer decided that he would be the one to help out. So he brought the penguin into his home.

6. Cleaning Him

Image: Awesome Ocean

Once Pereira de Souza got the penguin into his home he quickly went about cleaning the oil off of him. He also fed the penguin and took care of him until he was strong enough to be brought back into the ocean.

5. Refusal


Once the penguin had fully regained his strength, Pereira de Souza brought him back to the beach where he had found him. But to his surprise, the penguin didn’t want to leave his side. He had grown attached to the man that had saved his life.

4. Swimming Away

Image: Daily Mail

Eventually, after a lot of convincing, the penguin swam away to rejoin his flock. However, this would not be the last time that Pereira de Souza would reconnect with his penguin pal, whom he named Dindim.

3. Dindim


Every year, Dindim swims back to reunite with his best friend, João. João is always so happy to see Dindim again and understands that the bird must swim a very long time to reach the sandy shores of the Brazilian beach.

2. Perfect Friendship

Image: Daily Mail

It is obvious that the two of them share an amazing friendship. Dindim is eternally grateful to João for saving his life. In return, João now has a best friend that he looks forward to seeing each year!

1. Unique Friendships

Image: The Telegraph

There is no denying that there is obvious a special bond shared between human and animal. These friendships signify just how precious a friendship between the two can be. These stories serve as an inspiration to us all to help out animals whenever given the chance.


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