This Desperate Little Pup Was 'Inconsolable' At Shelter, Now Look At Her -
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This Desperate Little Pup Was ‘Inconsolable’ At Shelter, Now Look At Her

Shelter life is rough for any pup. All of the loud noises and unfamiliar areas can intimidate and upset even the strongest of dog’s. When this little pup was brought into the shelter she was so upset that she couldn’t even stop drooling. You won’ t believe what she looks like now!

20. Animal Shelter

Image: Chicago Tonight – WTTW

Animal shelter’s do a great service to many unwanted animals. Lost or abandoned dogs can find a temporary home within a shelter, which is great. However, it’s not always easy for them to adjust.

19. Big Adjustment

Image: Huffington Post

It is often a big adjustment for a dog to get used to shelter life. This is especially true when the dog is left behind after living with an owner. After all, they become used to their home and their previous way of living.

18. Different Reactions

Image: WGN-TV

Although no dog ever wants to be abandoned or left behind, different dogs react differently. Some are able to adjust to their new surroundings with ease. Others, however, are not able to make the transition so easy.

17. Trained

Image: HuffPost

Shelter staff and volunteer workers are specifically trained to be able to handle any type of circumstance. They go above and beyond to help the dogs get adjusted. However, once in a while, even they are blown away by a dog’s sad reaction…

16. TAF

Image: Facebook

A very upsetting situation like this occurred in Chicago, Illinois. The public shelter called Trio Animal Foundation (TAF) was brought the saddest looking pup. All of their hearts were breaking for her.

15. Caged Up

Image: The Dodo

Inside of a cage was a little pup named Belle. Belle was incredibly upset to be at the shelter and it was written all over her face. The staff couldn’t believe what they saw!

14. Drooling

Image: Facebook

Belle was so upset, in fact, that she couldn’t stop drooling. Her face was soaking wet with her saliva all over it. She was really shaken up…

13. Left Behind

Image: Facebook

Belle had been left behind by her previous owner who could no longer care for her. However, the poor pup didn’t understand what was happening. She just knew that she was somewhere foreign.

12. Fearful

Image: Facebook

The poor pup’s face was frozen in fear and she was trembling non-stop. Rescue workers soon learned that the dog was so upset that she had just thrown up a few minutes before being introduced. It was a very upsetting sight.

11. So Upset

Image: Facebook

She was inconsolable,” Brigid Nolan, medical and shelter director for TAF, told The Dodo. “You could just tell she was screaming ‘Help me’ on the inside. She was so upset.”

10. Desperate

Image: Facebook

The team knew that they had to help her in the best way that they could. After all, who could ever turn away such an adorable and sad looking dog? So the team got to work!

9. Rescue Center

Image: Quorum Architects, Inc.

The team took Belle back to the rescue center where she would be set up in her own room. They figured this would help her feel more comfortable and take off some of the edge of being in a new place.

8. Still Nervous


Image: Facebook

Even though they gave Belle her own room, she still wasn’t feeling her best. “She was still really worried — she didn’t eat and was on high alert,” Nolan said.

7. Few Days

Image: Facebook

Finally, a few days passed and the rescue team started to see a tremendous change in Belle’s attitude and personality. It was like a whole new dog had taken up space in her room!

6. Smiling

Image: The Dodo

She just started smiling,” Nolan said. “You could tell she was feeling comfortable.” It finally seemed like Belle was going to be just fine! The rescue team was excited to see how things would further progress…

5. High Spirits

Image: The Dodo

As the weeks have gone by, Belle has continued to show just how much happier she is. She is definitely smiling more, however, the shelter has noticed that she has a pretty laid back personality as well.

4. Easygoing Dog


Image: The Dodo

She’s not super crazy and playful, she just wants to hang out with us,” Nolan said. “She’s very easygoing and mellow.” Unfortunately, Belle still has a health issue that needs resolving and it may require surgery in the future…

3. Bad Knee

Image: Facebook

Belle happens to have a knee condition that may require surgery at some point in the future. If that does happen, she’ll remain with the rescue team throughout the process and they will help her out throughout the entire recovery time.

2. Smiley Girl


Image: Facebook

When we saw her, we knew she needed help,” Nolan said. “We’ve had a lot of interest in her already — people just wanted to get in the car and come down here to comfort her. She’s such a smiley girl now. It’s like she knows she’s safe.”

1. Safe

Image: Facebook

As of now, Belle is safe at the shelter and is being taken care of by an amazing team. They will make sure that she eventually finds a forever home so that she will never have to worry about being abandoned again.

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