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This Couple’s Dream Home Turned Into A Nightmare When An Unsuccessful Buyer Turned On Them

From Dream Home To Total Nightmare

Image: The Columbus Team

Nothing beats the excitement of owning your own home. While you’ll make a variety of large purchases throughout your life, one of the most thrilling is finally owning a home of your very own. For one young couple, the home of their dreams soon descending into a nightmare when another buyer decided to seek revenge.

You won’t believe this chilling tale…

Saving for a Home of Their Own

Image: ABC News

Jerry and Janice Rice wanted nothing more than to own a home. With Jerry being a former competitive swimmer and special education teacher and his wife a microbiologist, saving proved to be easier said than done. And with one child and another on the way, there wasn’t a lot of extra funds to throw around.

The Perfect Place

Image: NY Daily News

However, despite the trials and tribulations, Jerry and Janice did find their dream home through their friend Janice who happened to be a real estate agent. Located in San Diego’s Carmel Valley, the one-story home was in a quiet neighborhood with wonderful neighbors. Thrilled beyond belief, both Jerry and Janice failed to notice a note that appeared on their door…

An Odd Offer

Image: Life Daily

After only living in their dream home a month, a note was left on their front door with an offer of $100,000 to purchase the home from them. This was way more than the couple had paid for it, but they had no intention of selling. However, what happens next is truly creepy.

A Creepy Re-Listing

Image: Life Daily

Much to Jerry and Janice’s dismay, their home was relisted for sale on Zillow under a fake real estate agent’s name. Frantic, they called their realtor who confirmed she had no idea how it was listed to begin with.

Why would anyone go through the trouble to list their home for sale?

The Harassment Begins

Image: Oprah

Ignoring the note and relisting, the couple went on with their lives, but this proved to be a mistake. Soon they began to receive fake bills in the mail for a $1000 in bladder control pills. Someone also subscribed the couple to different magazine subscriptions. Unfortunately, this would only be the tip of the iceberg in terms of the harassment to come.

New Years Hell

Image: People

One of the tipping points was an ad that came out advertising a New Year’s Eve party at their home. It had become very clear, someone wanted the couple out of the home and fast. But who could it be?

The Terrible Valentine

Image: Warner Library

The anonymous harasser soon began to make life difficult for Jerry and Janice by targeting their neighbors. For example, Paul Abel, one of their neighbors became furious when his wife received a Valentine’s Day card from Jerry. The only problem was Jerry had never met Paul or his wife…

The Neighborhood Revolts

Image: Life Daily

Unfortunately for Jerry, this was not an isolated incident. Someone had sent a Valentine’s Day card signed by him to every wife living in Carmel Valley. After personally apologizing and explaining the situation, the couple turned to the local police. It was then they learned the chilling truth. Whoever was doing this…was most likely watching them.

Searching for Protection

Image: The Verge

As their dream slowly shattered, Jerry took action to protect his family. He installed security cameras around the property, added spikes to their fence and locked the mail box. Janice even took self-defense classes and planned an escape route from the home.

Paranoia Sets In

Image: ABC News

The family’s happy existence soon descended into paranoia. Jerry became withdrawn and solely focused on keeping his home and family safe. He constantly checked the door locks and viewed the security cameras. He became obsessed with finding who was attacking them, worrying when they would strike next.

Unfortunately, nothing could have prepared the couple for the next attack.

Terror on Another Level

Image: ABC News

Another online ad was posted, this time featuring Janice, the home address and a phone number. The ad read: “Carmel Valley Freak Show…Come see me during the day while my husband is at work and we can get our freak on.” Horrified, Janice realized this very personal attack was putting her in danger. Shortly after the ad was posted, Jerry received a call from the police, who stated men had responded to the add and been in contact with a fake Janice.

Danger, Janice!

Image: ABC News

According to the police, one of the men had been told by the fake Janice: “Just stop by any Monday-Friday, 9 am- 3 pm. I like the element of surprise.” I’m pretty much home all day, every day, bored and incredibly horny. I love to be surprised and have a man just show up at the door, and force his way in.”

Terrified for his wife’s safety, Jerry knew his wife was now in danger.

An Unwanted Visitor

Image: ABC News

After the ad was up for a few days, someone did show up at the house thinking they were going to force Janice into a sexual situation. However, it was Jerry who answered the door. The man fled without incident, and reached out to the person posing as Janice to tell her about his close call.

Missed Clues

Image: ABC News

With their lives in danger, the family realized things had gone way too far. Desperate for answers, the couple remembered the original note they had received months before offering to purchase their home. Could it be possible they had missed an important clue?

The Mystery of Kathy Rowe

Image: NY Daily News

Looking at the original note, the couple realized it was signed by a woman named Kathy Rowe. After some initial research, Janice found her on Facebook and came to the haunting realization she had seen the woman at their home on Halloween trick or treating with her little girl. Turning over the information to the cops, they soon began to investigate the mysterious woman.

An Unprecedented Case

Image: Legacy

According to the prosecutor handling the case, they had never seen anything like this. Kathy Rowe was a 50-year-old wife and mother of a disabled daughter who had been one of the many bidders on the home when it went up for sale. However, when she didn’t get the home, it didn’t settle well with her and she chose to take revenge on the innocent couple instead.

An Unhealthy Obsession

Image: Fox 5

According to Rowe, the house had been more to her than four walls and a roof. She told the investigators that when she walked in, she felt like it was her house. When she lost the bid, she was jealous, destroyed and battling a severe depression.

Caught and Confessed

Image: Canada Journal

Thankfully, C.A.T.C.H, the law enforcement’s high-tech task force was able to trace everything back to Kathy Rowe and when confronted with the evidence admitted to everything. Now, she faced up to nine years in prison…

A Plea Deal

Image: People

Kathy would eventually take a plea deal where she would remain in home confinement for a year and then spend five years on probation for felony stalking. She apologized to both Jerry and Janice, before admitting she was the most hated woman in San Diego. Although despite all of the evidence she maintains she never intended to hurt the family.

Living in Fear

Image: People

Despite the case being closed and justice served, Jerry and Janice still live in fear every single day. They believe Kathy now has more reason than ever to harm them and are terrified because she recently purchased a home only a mile away.

We hope this psychotic woman leaves them alone and they can find peace.

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