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Couple Spots Creature in Frozen Lake and Immediately Realizes Something is Off

Winter may sometimes be beautiful, but the brutal cold can also cause serous problems to humans and animals alike. Survival skills are important, however, sometimes things beyond your control make it hard to beat the elements. Once the temperature plummets, and ice blankets the area, even small tasks can be impossibe.

21. Swedish Winters

Image: Honest to Paws

Scandinavia is known for long winters, even in this era of global warming. Sweden has difficult winters, and the people pride themselves on being able to work and play in the cold. However, one couple llearned that at times the winter can trap almost anyone in a life-threatening situation.

The Swedish couple were hanging out on the lake were they lived when they encountered a creatre struggling to survive an icy nightmare!

20. Melting Glaciers Raising the Land

Image: Ski Magazine

Viktor Johannessen and Sigrid Sjösteen live in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, a small town of just over 32,000 people. The town’s natural  harbour and archipelago is in the Gulf of Bothnia and the northern boundaries of the High Coast area. This region is a UNESCo world heritage site because of its rolein post-glacial rebound,which happens as the land rises as the covering glaciers melt.

19. Gorgeous Views

Image: Honest to Paws

Viktor and Sigrid were just enjoying the lovely views of lake in the region, with its idyllic views and mostly frozen setting. But then they noticed that something was strange off in the distance.

18. A Life and Death Struggle

Image: Honest to Paws

When the couple looked over the lake, they could detect movement just a few feet into the lake. They moved forward to get a closer look. To their shock, something was thrashing in the frozen and icy waters! Sigrid and Viktor immediately knew it was a life and death situation, even though they weren’t sure if the creature was man or beast.

17. Who Would Wander Onto Half-Frozen Ice?

Image: Honest to Paws

“We noticed that there was something strange about the ice, a few meters out from the beach,” Sigrid told reporters. But they were not sure if it was a person, since most Swedes knew not to wander onto the ice when it was half-frozen.

16. A Moose Stuck in the Ice

Image: Honest to Paws

The couple soon found out that it wasn’t a human being at all, it was a moose! Sigrid said “We saw that there was a moose [that had] fallen through [the ice].” There were many moose in the surrounding woods, but neither person had seen one actually stuck in the lake.

15. The Ice Refreezes Fast

Image: Honest to Paws

Viktor and Sigrid were well aware of how dangerous the icy water could be. Just a few minutes of hypothermia could cause death. The moose had broken through the ice, but it was so cold that the water around the moose was already starting to freeze again. The couple knew they needed to do something.

14. Too Risky to Walk on the Ice

Image: Honest to Paws

It was too risky to walk across the ice, since one of them could fall in just like the moose Still, the couple decided to move closer. They stood near the moose to observe whether it could free itself.

13. Deep Waters

Image: Honest to Paws

The couple was hoping that the water was shallow, so the moose could break the fresh ice and walk out. But that was not to be. The water was too deep, and Sigrid said “It seemed that it was trying to get up but it did not work.”

12. A Rescue Mission

Image: Honest to Paws

Suddenly Viktor and Sigrid made a stunning decision: they would risk their lives by stepping onto the treacherous ice. They needed to muster up plenty of courage to creep across the ice, but the alternative was watching the moose die.

11. Getting Supplies

Image: Honest to Paws

Thankfully, Viktor and Sigrid were experienced outdoors and they knew what to do. They ran inside to grab ice skates and a sharp axe. Then they slowly, carefully stepped on the cracking, thin ice. They tried to formulate a plan as they moved toward the moose.

10. Cross Country Ice Skates

Image: Honest to Paws

They had never rescued an animal before, but the couple didn’t let that stop them. Both were experienced cross-country ice skaters who were accustomed to skating long distances on the frozen lakes of Sweden. They knew how to deal with extreme cold. “We are open-air people who are out a lot on cross-country skates,” Sigrid told reporters.

9. Within Reach

Image: Honest to Paws

Sigrid and Viktor skated out to the moosse. The moose was struggling, so Sigrid first grabbed the axe and broke up the ice. The idea was to create a path that would let the moose walk to shore.

8. A Frightened Animal

Image: Honest to Paws

The moose was terrified of the people with the axe. Each blow of the axe caused the panicked moose to wade further away. This made rescue even more difficult.

7. Persistence Pays Off

Image: Honest to Paws

The couple refused to give up though, and they soon had a clear path for the moose to head toward land. It took all of their strength and almost 40 minutes of constant chopping. But there was still one final hurdle…

6. Could the Moose Make It?

Image: Honest to Paws

The moose needed to be able to understand what the couple were doing, but would he recognize that the couple created a path? “We had to chop the ice all the way to the beach so that the [moose] was able to touch the bottom,” Sigrid said.

5. Total Exhaustion

Image: Daily Mail

After their frantic work with the axe, Viktor and Sigrid were wiped out. So was the moose, who had been struggling for a long time. The moose simply did not have the strength to pull itself out immediately.

4. A Sudden Move

Image: Daily Mail

As they caught their breath, the moose made a sudden move toward the couple, startling them all. He began to walk toward the shore, with lots of effort. Sigrid and Viktor were thrilled and relieved. The moose carefully made it to land. They had saved an animal from certain death.

3. A Thank You

Image: Honest to Paws

The couple were delirious with excitement about their achievement. They did not know if the moose would simply run away, or if it it probably would offer some kind of thanks. Moose are very territorial. But this moose was calm once it made it to land. “It almost felt like it would thank us,” Viktor said.

2. The Moose Survived

Image: American Expedition

A moment later, the moose simply looked them in the eye and then walked deeper into the woods. The proud couple watched the beautiful animal walk away. They were so happy to have succeeded.“We were incredibly relieved that we managed to save it,” Viktor said.

1. Good Samaritans

Image: Daily Mail

The example of these Swedish heroes shows that anyone can show compassion and it might just save a life. They could have just watched and hoped for the best. Instead, they charged forward and used their skills for good.

In the end, the couple were proud of their own bravery. They shared their story to inspire others and to encourage people to enjoy the natural world. As for the moose, we can only assume he went on to live a full life.

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