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Woman Spots A ‘Walking Jar’ – Immediately Goes To Help It

One woman came across the most unusual encounter when she was out taking a walk. Not many of us expect to run into a ‘walking jar’. Yet that is exactly what happened to one Toronto native. You won’t believe what she discovered when she went out of her way to help out.

20. A Walk

Image: The Bark Zone

Megan O’Connor was out taking a walk with her dog at their usual spot near a ravine in Toronto, Canada. The pair were walking around and enjoying the day until the both spotted something. There was someone or something moving in the corner of their eye.

19. Investigate

Image: Ontario Camper

O’Connor decided that she would walk over and investigate the situation. She was very curious about what had just passed by her. That was when she saw the craziest thing!

18. Furry Animal

Image: The Dodo

There, right in front of her, was a furry wild animal! However, it wasn’t a normal furry animal at all. This animal seemed to be stuck inside of a plastic jar.

17. Unsure

Image: Daily Mail

At that point, I wasn’t even sure what kind of animal he was,” O’Connor told The Dodo. “He was definitely breathing, but the jar was around his head very tight.”

16. Phone Call

Image: Daily Mail

O’Connor knew that she wouldn’t be able to help the poor animal on her own. So she quickly made a phone call to the Toronto Wildlife Centre. The rescuers rushed to the area…

15. Watching Over

Image: Inside Edition

Megan watched over the frightened animal until the rescue team arrived,” the TWC said in a Facebook post from Monday. Finally, the animal rescuers arrived on the scene. They promptly got to work on removing the plastic jar.

14. Rescue Mission

Image: The Dodo

The rescuers started working on removing the plastic jar immediately. One rescuer held the raccoon in place while the other worked on cutting the jar open. Finally, they saw what animal had gotten itself into such a predicament!

13. Raccoon

Image: The Dodo

They finally revealed a raccoon inside of the jar! They were intrigued but not surprised, as the area was known for having raccoons. However, they did notice that he was a bit injured…

12. Injuries

Image: Smarty Mockups

As soon as they saw his face, they realized he had a sore on his nose and was covered in grease,” O’Connor said. “The jar was most likely a mayonnaise jar, and he had gotten it all over himself.”

11. More Injuries

Image: Varmint Evictors

The sore on his nose wasn’t the only injury that the poor raccoon had sustained. He also had an injured paw. The rescue crew quickly brought the raccoon over to the center so that he could be looked after and cared for.

10. Treated

Image: All City Animal Trapping

They treated the wounds, and also gave him a bath to remove grease that appeared to be on his fur,” read a Facebook post about the situation. They also realized that the raccoon hadn’t been in the sad predicament for too long…

9. Good Shape

Image: Toronto Star

He was in pretty reasonable body shape, so it seems that he hadn’t been stuck for a very long time,”, told The Dodo. “It’s very fortunate that he was found when he was. Any longer and he could have suffocated or starved to death.”

8. Five Days

Image: Toronto Sun

The raccoon spent five days in the care of the shelter. After that, the raccoon seemed to be completely healed. It was time to finally bring him back to his home.

7. Released

Image: Toronto Sun

Once the shelter was sure that the little guy was completely healed, they made plans to return him to the wild. They brought him back to the wooded area and released him back to his home. O’Connor was so happy to hear about the news.

6. Overjoyed

Image: Toronto Sun

O’Connor was so happy to hear that the raccoon had been nursed back to good health and returned back into the wild. However, she was still pretty upset about the situation overall. So what was she so upset about?

5. Trash

Image: Mother Nature Network

O’Connor was frustrated at the fact that people had not properly disposed of their trash. If they had, this poor raccoon never would have gotten himself into the predicament that he had. This is also a sad reality for many animals.

4. Sad Reality

Image: Science Source

Every year, thousands of animals become trapped in trash that humans leave behind. This has caused tons of damage to animals and has even resulted in deaths. Wildlife rescuers have a serious message for people that plan on spending time outdoors.

3. The Message

Image: The Dodo

Wildlife rescuers greatly stress disposing of your trash properly. This means washing out food containers and getting rid of them in secure areas. Then this prevents animals from sniffing them out and getting trapped.

2. Serious Consequences

Image: Animal Channel

Living in a city …I’m very aware of the consequences animals face from people littering,” O’Connor said. “This shouldn’t have even happened in the first place. It makes a better city if we can all coexist, which means being more responsible about handling our garbage.”

1. Lucky Raccoon

Image: Global News

Luckily for this one raccoon, O’Connor was around to rescue it from an unhappy fate. Now he is back in the wild where he belongs and hopefully won’t run into anymore open mayonnaise jars.

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