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Starving Animals Rescued From War-Torn Zoo In Syria

Many animals were left to die in a zoo in Syria when war broke loose. While some of the animals were killed from bombs or gun shells, the rest were left to starve to death. Then, one man took it upon himself to rescue the poor abandoned animals. Your heart will break at this sad rescue tale that is still going on to this day.

20. War-Torn Zoo

Image: The Dodo

A zoo in Aleppo, Syria, has been in the middle of a war zone for quite some time now. While the zoo is no longer being visited, the animals that inhabit it are still there and there is no one around to watch over them.

19. The Animals

Image: The Dodo

The animals have been slowly starving to death with no one to watch over them. The animals include three lions, two tigers, two bears and two hyenas. They’ve all been at the zoo known as the Aalim al Sahar, or Magic World.

18. Owner

Image: The Dodo

Finally, after so much strife, the owner of the zoo decided to contact one man that he knew could help. The man was Mohammad Alaa Jaleel, an ambulance driver and animal rescuer. So why was Alaa the man that could potentially help?

17. A Sanctuary

Image: The Dodo

During the wartime, Alaa started a sanctuary for the pet cats and dogs who were getting lost in the middle of the war. “The magic is over,” Alessandra Abidin, a friend of Alaa’s who runs the private Facebook group for Il Gattaro d’Aleppo (“the cat man of Aleppo”) wrote. “Only death and war, so many animals have died.”

16. Visiting

Image: The Dodo

Alan went back to the area to visit the zoo and to see the animals that so desperately needed help. As soon as he walked over to the cages, the animals moved toward it. It was like they knew that he was going to be their savior.

15. Fresh Meat

Image: The Dodo

Thanks to donations from other people, Alaa has been able to start bringing fresh meat to many of the animals still stuck at the zoo. People from all over the world have been donating to the cause. However, finding a more permanent solution has proven difficult.

14. Malnourished

Image: The Dodo

They are undernourished and are dying of hunger,” Abidin wrote. “We want to find them an association or some person that can bear the cost of their food. It costs 100 € per day to feed these animals.”

13. Reaching Out

Image: VOA News

Members of the private Facebook group have begun putting in work trying to find help for the animals. They have reached out to hundreds of different organizations, asking for help. However, it hasn’t proven fruitful as of yet.

12. Difficult Situation

Image: National Geographic

Many of the organizations have been unable to provide any help to the animals. They have often cited that they do not have the resources or the capability to go into a war zone. This was heartbreaking news to everyone…

11. Comforting

Image: The Dodo

In the meantime, Alaa has tried his best to comfort the animals in any way that he can. One of the things that he has done is brought honey over to the bears. They really enjoyed the nice treat!

10. Bringing Them Over

Image: The Dodo

We are working to find a way to bring them Turkey,” Abidin told The Dodo. “But this needs time and hard work.” However, time is of the essence in this situation as Alaa only recently came across a gazelle that died from starvation in its cage…

9. Heartbreaking

Image: The New York Times

It breaks my heart that these beings have survived the horrors and noise of over six years of terrible war and now face the very real and agonizing possibility of slow starvation,” Jayne Reed, a member of Il Gattaro D’Aleppo, told The Dodo.

8. Rescued

Image: The New York Times

Finally, after a ton of perseverance, the Facebook group heard word of the animals being transported into Turkey. They would be brought into a rehabilitation center in Turkey, where they would be safe.

7. Treated

Image: National Geographic Video

Once the animals were brought into Turkey, they were evaluated and treated at an animal rescue center. From there, they were rehoused in proper facilities for each of their needs. Despite being in safe quarters now the animals will forever be damaged.

6. Damaged

Image: The New York Times

Amir Khalil, a veterinarian who was in charge of evacuating the animals stated that they were “physically and psychologically traumatized.” “There was no way for them to escape from this deadly trap.”

5. Remaining Animals

Image: The New York Times

There are still some remaining animals left behind at the zoo in Syria. However, the organization is working to have them shipped over to Turkey as well. So how many animals are left?

4. Needing Rescue

Image: The New York Times

Currently there are two lions and two dogs that are still waiting to be rescued. As soon as they get the newly shipped animals situated, the organization will be heading out to get the animals that were left behind.

3. Waiting

Image: Daily Mail

We are waiting day by day now; we hope it will happen this week,” Eric Margolis, an American journalist and businessman who financed the rescue project. “People are literally risking their lives to go into a war zone.”

2. Wonderful Man

Image: Daily Mail

There was a wonderful man who went and fed them, and he took up collections from Aleppo, from people he knew, and he had just enough food to keep some of them alive,” Margolis said, speaking of Alaa. It is obvious that Alaa’s help did not go unappreciated.

1. Final Rescue

Image: Daily Mail

Thankfully, the majority of the animals have now been brought over to Turkey where they can be safe. Thanks to Alaa and his hard work, these animals were able to survive and not die from starvation. His help is certainly appreciated by all.

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