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Sick Lioness Was On The Brink Of Death, Then Something Miraculous Happened

This is the heartbreaking story of a lioness who was saved from an entertainment center in Texas. This entertainment center would take big cats like lions and tigers to all sorts of private events for people’s amusement. Sadly, this lioness was not cared for and she didn’t look well at all. On the bright side of things, you will see that her story has a happy ending.

20. White Lioness

As you can clearly see from this picture, the white lioness was not doing too well. Her name is Sheila and luckily, she was saved by the UDSA and sent to the In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Center that is located in Wylie, Texas. Let’s see what In-Sync is all about.

19. In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Center

Despite being forced to attend private events and amuse people, Sheila finally got lucky. The In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Center is renowned for housing abused, abandoned and unwelcome wild cats. The folks who work at this center would play a major role in saving her life.

17. Bad Health

Sheila was in bad health because her previous owner neglected her. In fact, Sheila’s health was so bad that the center staff said the only thing Sheila could hope for was a merciful death. Check out the next picture to see what the people who took Sheila in had to say about her terrible condition.

17. Terrible Condition

“She had very little muscle coordination, and thus, when she walked, her legs would slip out from under her”, said one of the In-Sync workers. Fortunately, the In-Sync workers did not give up on her and tried their best to get her back in good health.

16. Hard Workers

Despite fighting against all odds, the rescue team did their best to get Sheila back on track. They started feeding her proper food and tried to help her with her muscle coordination issues. How do you think Sheila reacted to this treatment?

15. No Strength

Even though the In-Sync workers ere doing everything they could, it didn’t seem like she was going to make it. She didn’t even have enough strength to eat or drink water on her own. Sadly, the lioness’s problems don’t end here…

14. Problems Eating

The In-Sync workers were giving Sheila everything that she needed, but she just couldn’t keep food down. She would vomit everything and then lie on the floor. Fortunately, this didn’t deter the In-Sync workers from their missions and they didn’t give up!

13. Feeding Sheila by Hand

“For two weeks, I had to go in with Sheila and hand-feed her. I’d roll up meatballs and literally stuff them down her throat” said Keahey who is one of the staff members. His determination would prove to be vital in getting Sheila healthy again.

12. Unexpected Visitor

One day, the In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Center managed to save another big cat, a lion this time. The lion is called Kahn and he used to be owned by the same entertainment company like Sheila was. They thought that it would be a great idea to put them together. Let’s see how Sheila reacted to seeing Kahn.

11. Meeting Kahn

Sheila and Kahn clicked right from the start. It seemed like the two were meant for each other. Everyone was left in awe after seeing how well they got along. What happened next will amaze you!

10. Surprise Recovery

To everyone’s surprise, Sheila and Kahn fell in love. Although this wasn’t the best thing to happen since Sheila’s health suddenly started recovering and her appetite for food was back!

9. Feeling Better

Sheila was finally feeling better. This was an amazing thing to see, especially since everyone thought that Sheila was going to die when they saw how bad she looked. Nonetheless, the two wild cats officially started dating with the center’s approval after Sheila was spayed.

8. Dating

Sheila and Kahn were a perfect match! They both came from the same bad place and they were lucky enough to find each other. Keep reading to see a cute picture of them almost holding paws.

7. Holding Paws

Isn’t this the cutest picture ever? Check out what the folks who work at the In-Sync center had to say about the two lovers.

6. Power Couple

“We did short dates every day, then the dates got longer and then the dates became unsupervised. Then we let them spend the night together. After three months of dating, we let them get ‘married'”, said the main caretaker at the In-Sync center.

5. Living Together

Now that it’s pretty clear Sheila and Kahn were meant for each other, the caretakers have moved them together. As you can clearly see from this picture, the two lions couldn’t be happier. You won’t believe who is the boss in their relationship!

4. Sheila is the Boss

To everyone’s surprise, the lion is not the king of the cage. Sheila is the one who makes the rules, but Kahn is more than happy to oblige.

3. Time of Their Lives

What really matters is that Sheila and Kahn are having the time of their lives. They are no longer being forced to entertain strangers with their presence and they can finally be free.

2. Big Smile

When Sheila first arrived at the In-Sync center no one believed that she would make it but now, she always has a big smile on her face! This is truly amazing and we’re happy to see that Sheila’s story has a happy ending.

1. Happy Ending

Not all sad stories end with happy endings and Sheila was lucky to be saved by the In-Sync center and find Kahn. The two are now living life without any worries and enjoying each other’s presence while leaving the past behind.

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