Officer Patrolling School Stops A Teen Student, But The Security Camera's Footage Of What He Does Next With Her Is Simply Shocking -
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Officer Patrolling School Stops A Teen Student, But The Security Camera’s Footage Of What He Does Next With Her Is Simply Shocking

The job of a police officer is to serve and protect all of us. Many of them put their lives out on the line to make sure that crime is being stopped. However, one office decided to take is role quite seriously when he came across a teenager that was acting pretty fun. When the officer finally realized what was wrong he quickly sprung into action, saving the teen’s life.

20. NJ Police


Roger Caron, a Class III special law enforcement officer, has served the Montvale police force for many years. However, for the last 30 years, the officer has been retired. Still, that hasn’t stopped him from serving and protecting in other ways.

19. Still Serving


After retiring, Caron knew that he couldn’t just sit around and do nothing all day. So he decided to take up work as the safety and security officer of Pascack Hills High School. He has found a lot of fulfillment in helping out the local high school.

18. Watching Out

For most of his days, Caron patrols the school to make sure that everything is going as it should. However, this past April, something completely unexpected happened. This event would change Caron forever and turn him into an Internet sensation…

17. Daily Patrol


It was a typical day at the Pascack Hills High School and Caron was walking around patrolling the halls as usual. However, on this particular day, Caron quickly noticed that one of the female students was acting quite strangely. He couldn’t understand why…

16. Acting Strange

Image: YouTube

She was stumbling a little, moving very quickly,” Officer Caron told CBS New York. “The closer I got to her, I realized there was a problem.” The student happened to be 17-year-old Sarah Bazzini.

15. Eating

Image: YouTube

17-year-old Sarah Bazzini was hanging out in the hallway and was in a rush to get to class. She had also been eating French fries when all of a sudden, one of the fries had gotten lodged in her throat. Sarah attempted to dislodge the fry by drinking water.

14. Failed Attempts

Image: YouTube

Sarah continued to try and drink water to remove the French fry that was lodged in her throat. However, it was no use and the fry just continued to stay there in her throat. She immediately began to panic…

13. Panic

Image: YouTube

Every step I took, I got very weak,” Sarah said. “After a couple of seconds, I felt myself fading.” Believe it or not, but choking is actually one of the fourth leading causes of unintentional injury death. It was at this point when Officer Caron spotted her.

12. Turning Blue

Image: YouTube

Officer Caron immediately noticed that Sarah was acting strange and walked over to her. That’s when he noticed that she was turning blue. Sarah then motioned to her throat and Officer Caron realized that she was choking.

11. Heimlich Maneuver

Image: YouTube

As a former police officer, Caron was trained in first aid and CPR. He quickly grabbed the girl and began to perform the Heimlich maneuver on her. After a few seconds the French fry had become dislodged and was no longer obstructing Sarah’s airway.

10. A Real Hero

Image: YouTube

Since saving the young girl’s life, Officer Caron has been dubbed a real hero. Montvale Mayor Mike Ghassali even spoke out about the situation, saying, “excellent job by hero Special Law Enforcement Officer II Roger Caron.” The high school’s principal also spoke out about the situation.

9. The Principal

Image: News 12

Roger is our humble hero,” Pascack Hills Principal Glenn deMarrais said. “We were fortunate to have him in the right place at the right time. Having officers in the building has paid off in so many respects, but none more obvious than this one.”

8. Staying Humble


Officer Caron, however, has remained humble throughout the entire aftermath of the rescue. “It’s a wonderful feeling to know you can help somebody, and that’s what I took away from this,” Officer Caron stated. Sarah and Officer Caron have also bonded over the experience in a wonderful way.

7. Special Bond

Image: YouTube

Since the day he rescued her life, Sarah and Officer Caron have bonded in a special way. “There’s such a special bond I have with him now. He’s a hero,” she told CBS New York. The event has also made her think about being a police officer…

6. Career Path

Image: YouTube

Sarah admitted that she had always had a lifelong desire to become a police officer. When the incident occurred this past April, she revealed that she would be studying criminal justice in the fall. The experience has promoted positive interactions between the school’s officers and the students.

5. Active Shooters

Image: GovServ

According to, “Pascack Hills and Pascack Valley high schools, which make up the Pascack Valley Regional High School District, have employed armed, Class III officers to patrol the campuses since September 2017.” This action has been taken due to the large number of active shootings that have been occurring throughout the country.

4. Saving Lives

Image: Pascack Valley Daily Voice

Chief Jeremy Abrams spoke out about the situation and stated that although the officers are there to protect the students from an active shooter, they are also there to help out in many ways. This became evident when Officer Caron was able to save the life of a choking student.

3. Invaluable


In this post-Parkland, post-Newtown, post-Columbine era we live in, where it seems school shootings are becoming more and more prevalent, having an armed-response, protective force in school is invaluable,” Abrams said. The principal also agreed with this intent as the number of shootings has increased.

2. Professionals

Image: YouTube

Obviously, you can’t prevent everything, but knowing you have professionally trained officers carrying a firearm gives you as much peace of mind as one can expect during this very volatile time,” the principal said. It seems that in this situation, Officer Caron’s experience was of great value.

1. Wonderful Work

Image: YouTube

Thanks to his training and his dedication to his work, Officer Caron was able to save the life of a student who might have otherwise choked to death. The officer, however, is just grateful that he was able to spot out the situation and put his training to good use!

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