Man Spots Unusual Animal On His Porch That He Assumes Is A Dog. Then He Realizes What It Really Is. -
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Man Spots Unusual Animal On His Porch That He Assumes Is A Dog. Then He Realizes What It Really Is.

There are tons of wild animals living among us at all times. Even if you live in the suburbs, a wild animal can appear at a moments notice. Well, that’s exactly what happened with this family. When a wild animal showed up on their porch they had no idea what they were in for!

20. Barking Dogs

Image: Cesar’s Way

Out on the back porch, Phil Hendra’s dogs had been barking for a while. It wasn’t unusual for them to bark here and there, but it was weird of them to keep it up for so long. So he decided to check out what was happening…

19. Regular Day

Image: Scribol

It was a regular day for the Hendra family at their home in East Fort Myers, Florida. Phil flew in to see his parents Richard and Teddi, at their home in Lee County. He also brought along his three sons: Casey, Zachary and Phillip Jr.

18. Disturbance

Image: Scribol

The family was all having dinner one night when they heard a loud commotion. The dogs kept barking and then Philip Jr. told the family that he had seen a weird dog walk by in the backyard. It was an odd situation…

17. Intruder

Image: Scribol

Casey and Zachary decided to join their little brother, Philip Jr., in finding the strange animal. They soon came across it sitting out on the porch and soaking up the sun. The animal was so into its sunbathing that he didn’t notice anybody looking at it.

16. Not A Dog

Image: Scribol

The adults in the house decided that they needed to go check out what was going on in the backyard. After all, if their son saw a “funny looking” dog they knew that there was something out there. However, when they went to look they realized it wasn’t a dog at all…

15. Panther

Image: Honest To Paws

The animal that they were looking at was not a dog at all but a Florida panther. Usually cats of that size can be very dangerous, but the panther didn’t appear vicious. “We were not scared at all,” Phil told the NY Daily News.

14. Calm & Comfortable

Image: Honest To Paws

The panther looked so calm and comfortable, we were too,” he continued. “It laid down like a regular house cat.” The panther quickly made itself at home on the porch.

13. Photographed

Image: Scribol

[It was] beautiful [and] looked very healthy,” Phil explained. The cat was so calm in fact that even when the family began to take pictures it didn’t flinch or react at all. It just looked back and posed for the camera.

12. Shocked

Image: Scribol

We were shocked because it didn’t run away when it looked at us,” Phil told the Naples Daily News. “We were able to watch it from inside and take photos.” The panther stuck around for another 20 minutes before it decided to leave.

11. Leaving

Image: Scribol

It… got back up, strolled to the side of the deck, looked back at us a few times and walked away,” Phil told the NY Daily News. The cat truly got up and left without a care in the world, leaving the family shocked at what they had just seen.

10. Sudden

Image: Scribol

The panther got up and left so quickly and suddenly that it made the family realize just how close they had been to it. “We were then pretty scared to go outside,” Phil said. The family never saw the panther again but this experience will be embedded in their memory.

9. Florida Panther

Image: Scribol

Despite the name Florida panther, this animal is actually a cougar. It was named Florida’s state animal back in 1982 and it has made its face shown through several appearances, just like this one! They actually start off life with blue eyes and a beautiful spotted coat.

8. Aging

Image: Scribol

As they age, these animals begin to change in appearance. Their eyes turn a beautiful gold color and their coat turns into a gorgeous cream shade. They tend to hang around swampier areas as the trees there provide them with the perfect camouflage!

7. Great Hunters

Image: Scribol

As one would guess, these cougars are amazing hunters. They are ambush predators, so they stalk their prey until they are ready to pounce on them. It seems this information would have been good for the Hendras family!

6. Attack

Image: Scribol

Using ambush tactics allows the Florida panther to track down fast moving creatures such as rodents and water birds. They are also known to attack bigger prey such as wild pigs and deer. Indeed this animal is a brave and skilled hunter.

5. Predators

Image: Honest To Paws

However, there are animals that can stand up to this amazing animal. One of them includes the Florida alligator. Still, if anything, humans are one of the biggest predators to the Florida panther and we’ll explain why.

4. Endangered

Image: Scribol

The Florida panther is actually an endangered species. That is why it is so rare to see one. It is illegal to uno them down, but hunters still do it anyway with no regard for the law.

3. Habitat

Image: Scribol

Still, the biggest cause for concern regarding the life of the Florida panther is the loss of their natural habitat. Humans have come in and destroyed much of it, leaving the panther without much space to live and hunt.

2. Preserving Them

Image: Scribol

With all of this information at their disposal, scientists have been working hard to preserve the life of the Florida panther. Breeding programs have been utilized to help bring about more of the species. If the scientists are successful, there will once again be more Florida panthers in Florida.

1. Crazy Experience

Image: Scribol

Nothing compares to this once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Phil told the Naples Daily News. The Hendras family is certainly grateful for the experience and happy that the panther didn’t come to their porch hungry that evening.

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