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Man Rescues A Sad Dog, Turns Out To Be A Loyal Wolf!

Each dog, is very different from the other and when it comes to saving one it is very important to take into consideration that you have to be very delicate and careful given the fact that the background of the animal is pretty much unknown. The animal rescuers of the Los Angeles-based Apex Protection Project know it very well, due to the fact that, one day, someone informed them for a “dog” in bad condition that needed their help. You have no idea what was the truth behind the “dog” in need! Don’t miss #19, #16 and #14! You will be shocked!

20. In Bad Condition

It all started when someone informed a team of rescuers from Apex Protection Project that there was an abandoned dog in a park at Los Angeles. They were all trained professionals and they knew that they had to approach and take care of the dog in a very careful way, due to the fact that they didn’t know anything about dog’s past, so they had no idea how he would react. Do you want to learn some shocking things about the dog? Click next!

19. First Examination

When they first examine him, they discovered that the poor little dog was in a bad condition. His paws were so swollen that they bothered him on walking and he also had trust issues. They fully understood how bad he was only when they took him to a hospital. The vet informed them that the dog was under one year old, severe malnourished and underweight and that due to parasites, he had lost some of his fur. However, the vet would discover something more shocking that this. Click next to see the shocking discovery of the vet about the stray!


18. W.O.L.F

The shocking discovery that the vet did was that the little stray dog, named by the rescuers “New Boy” wasn’t actually a dog. He was a wolf-dog hybrid! However, due to strict laws, the shelters weren’t able to take care of wolves, so Apex Protection Project informed W.O.L.F. Sanctuary in Laporte, Colorado. “W.O.L.F. received an urgent request for help from Apex Protection Project, one of our wolf rescue partners in California,” a member of the team said on their website. “There was a young wolf-dog in a shelter in Los Angeles County, California, who needed immediate rescue.”



17. Gaining His Trust

W.O.L.F. team explained that their help was inevitable, because no one else could take care of a wolf-dog. “He was most likely slated for euthanasia since wolf-dogs cannot be adopted out to the general public,” they said. Click next to see what the team did to help the poor animal!


16. A Chance In Life

The team arrived in Los Angeles within 24 hours and after the team’s vet examined the dog, the team was sad to discover that the situation was worse than they had imagined. Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do at Los Angeles to help the poor animal.

15. Going To Colorado

So, after the examination, the team decided that New Boy needed to fly back to Colorado with them, so they could take care of him in the facilities of W.O.L.F sanctuary, where they had the proper equipment for his situation.


14. Heartbroken

At first, New Boy was really afraid of humans. He wouldn’t try to approach the staff and he was trying to stay in the corner as much as he could. However, the staff of the sanctuary was willing to help the wolf-dog no matter what and after some time New Boy seemed to start trusting them.

13. Bath Time

They gave him painkillers, antibiotics, and a medicinal bath that would really help him with his conditions and after some time he was much healthier. After that the staff thought that it was the proper time to give New Boy an accurate name. So they named him Castiel.


12. The Resurrection Of Our Wolf-Dog

“For those of you who watch the show Supernatural you’ll recognize the angel Castiel, who is resurrected over and over again,” the sanctuary wrote on one of their posts on Facebook, giving the reason why they named New Dog Castiel. And it was the proper name for him!

11. “This Food Is Delicious!”

“Our Castiel is eating like crazy, showing some spark now that he has energy, and taking naps when necessary,” their post of the sanctuary continued. “His paws are healing well and he’s starting to gain weight. And… he’s always ready for more food, despite the numerous feedings throughout the day.”

10. Gaining His Trust

Bit by bit, Castiel started trusting more and more the staff and after some time he would even let volunteers to be around him and to feed him by hand. Also, he was rapidly recovering, due to the care of the staff. “His health is improving every day, and he’s stealing lots of hearts along the way!” the sanctuary said.

9. Relaxing

When the news of the wolf-dog spread, many people wanted to meet Castiel. “He was even visited by internationally-acclaimed sculptor and long-time W.O.L.F. supporter, Rosetta,” the sanctuary wrote. After a little time, Castiel was healing very well and he was ready to try some exercise. “He’s doing so well. Hopefully we’ll be able to take him up to his forever home at the Sanctuary in a few days,” the staff at the W.O.L.F Sanctuary continued.

8. Enjoying A Tasteful Treat

At some point, Castiel started feeling lonely and the staff new it was time for him to meet someone closer to him. “Our director had a number of dogs,” W.O.L.F. animal care director, Michelle Proulx, said. “The infirmary was located at her house and we noticed him getting really, really interested in them.”


7. The New Wolf-Dog In Town


“We knew he was starting to get lonely for canine companionship and wanted to find a companion for him,” Michelle said in an interview. She knew how much would help Castiel if he had someone to recover with. So after some time they started searching for the proper companion for our little friend in other sanctuaries. “We got a hit almost immediately. This is indicative of the problem that’s out there, that there’s so many of them in need of homes,” they said. There was a wolf-dog named Tenali, which was rescued in Iowa. After many failed attempts to find her a home she went temporarily at The Grey Wolf, a Wisconsin-based sanctuary.


6. “Tenali”

Tenali was three years old and she had gone through some similar situations as Castiel and the staff strongly believed that due to that the two wolf-dogs would get along well and that they would help each other recover.

5. “This Town Is Too Small For Both Of Us”

At first both of them were really shy and nervous. However, Tenali was ready to give Castiel a chance. Everyone knew it would take some time but at the end of the day they would become best friends. “Castiel was overwhelmed by his new companion and remained a bit aloof and reclusive,” the W.O.L.F. team reported on Facebook.

4. The First Touch

“Tenali had very good instincts, and she gave Castiel the time he needed to feel comfortable with her. She explored her new enclosure, played in her water bucket, enjoyed her daily feeding, and eagerly visited with W.O.L.F. staff who often stopped by with treats,” the team wrote. Castiel continued to be a little suspicious but there was definitely some progress. “After a couple of days, Castiel started to realize that she wasn’t going to hurt him,” Michelle said.


3. Parteners In Crime

After some time, Castiel and Tenali started to enjoy each other’s company and that was the start of an incredible friendship among them. It was pretty impressive how quickly the two wolf-dogs had adjusted to their new environment, especially given to their backgrounds!


2. The Recovery

Castiel’s transformation and recovery was pretty remarkable taking into consideration that it took him about a month to get to this point. At first, he was severe malnourished, with patches on his fur due to parasites and scared of human touch. But now, he is much healthier and he also has a partner in crime, Tenali to help him deal with everything.

1. A Happy Wolf-Dog

Without the help of the people of the W.O.L.F. sanctuary Castiel wouldn’t have the chance to overcome his conditions and he would be euthanized. The staff was dedicated to help him and every other Wolf-dog in need due to the fact that no other regular shelter could because of the law. So Castiel was really lucky to be found by them and his story end up with nothing but joy!



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