Kitten Desperate To Live Ate Dirt To Survive, Gets The Happiness She Deserves -
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Kitten Desperate To Live Ate Dirt To Survive, Gets The Happiness She Deserves

When Annalise Burke and her mother noticed something strange in their backyard they couldn’t believe what would follow. What appeared as a minor meeting with a stray cat was a meeting that would completely change their lives and fulfill them in the most heartwarming way! It takes a lot to care for others and devote yourself to them when they’re in need. Don’t miss the twist on slides 16 & 15.

20. Something Strange In The Backyard

One Sunday afternoon, teenager Annalise Burke and her mom heard some strange noises from their backyard. They decided to go check and were surprised to find a stray cat strolling around in the grass. Minutes later, the cat disappeared but Annalise and her mom had no idea that this little meeting with the stray cat would change their lives completely!

19. The Next Day

The next day Annalise went back to the backyard to check if the stray cat was there. She was curious as stray cats didn’t usually appear in her neighborhood and she wanted to take care of the stray cat as well as she could. She didn’t find the cat but she found something really special! Click next to see what she found! You’ll be surprised!

18. Two Newborn Kittens!

The mother and daughter were surprised to find two newborn kittens the stray cat abandoned on their property! Unfortunately, one kitten had already passed away and the other one didn’t look good. They decided to wait a little bit in case their mother came for them but time was running out…


17. She Appeared!

A few hours later, the mother cat appeared and Annalise and her mother didn’t want to risk any more time passing by. They immediately took her and her newborn kitten to the Humane Society for Treatment, hoping the people there could save them from the worst!

16. Returning Home

After the two women returned home from the Humane Society where they dropped off the cats to the hands of experts, Annalise went to clean up the backyard where she heard a faint meowing and some other strange noises. She couldn’t believe her eyes! Click next to see what happened!

15. A Third Kitten

Annalise located the sound and began digging as the sound appeared to come from underground! Moments later it was clear! They found a third kitten that was buried underground! They were socked!

14. The Kitten Ate Dirt To Survive

The mother and daughter couldn’t believe it. The poor soul was there all along, buried, without the energy to shout for help.“She had been alone under the shed for at least eight hours,” Annalise said. “We dug to get her out. Her face and mouth was covered in dirt, with dirt all inside her throat. She was coughing and wheezing.”


13. Cleaned Her

Annalise took the kitten to the bathroom and started cleaning her. After all the dirt was off her she decided to feed her, but that wasn’t as easy as Annalise thought. The kitten had been eating dirt, rocks, and little insects in order to survive but she couldn’t stop coughing and wheezing.

12. It Was Late

Annalise begged her mom to take this little kitty to the Humane Society as well, but it was late evening and both the Humane Society and the Veterinary clinic were closed. Annalise realized that the only ones who could help the kitten was her and her mother.

11. Stayed Up All Night

Annalise and her mom stayed up all night with the kitty, keeping it warm and feeding it small portions of milk as she couldn’t eat properly. They decided to fill a bottle with warm water in order to simulate the warmness of her mother’s hug.

10. Gemma

While caring for the kitten, they decided to name her Gemma! Gemma is a girl’s name of Italian origin meaning “precious stone”. Gemma seemed to respond immediately to her new name!

9. The Next Morning

The next morning, Annalise and her mother brought Gemma to the vet. The vet carefully examined Gemma and told them that Gemma was indeed very sick and there were complications to her digestive system because of her “strange” nutrition. Her chances of survival were really, really low.

8. More Bad News

Around this time, Annalise got a text from the Humane Society. The text contained some more bad news. The kitten that they brought to the Humane Society didn’t make it. Annalise was devastated and this made her extremely determined to save this little kitty! She was willing to risk it all for her!

7. 24/7 Care For Gemma

Annalise quit her summer job in order to have more time for Gemma and she took her under 24-hour care. She spent every hour with Gemma, feeding her, keeping her warm, as well as playing with her and giving her baths!

6. Chances Were Slim

“I didn’t know if she was going to live or die, and she scared us several times after that by stopping breathing, but she miraculously pulled through,” Annalise said.

5. Her Care Paid Off!

After a few weeks, Gemma started to look a lot better! She wanted to eat more and she started playing and paying more attention to her surroundings! She started to become an energetic, curious kitten as she was meant to be!

4. Six Months Old

Weeks passed by and Gemma was looking better than ever! She was a cheerful cat and the family decided to introduce her to her now older sister Nova, a cat that Annalise and her mother rescued two years before!

3. Milestone

Gemma also reached her first major milestone! She started eating normal cat food and she couldn’t believe how delicious it was!

2. An Angel

“Gemma truly had an extreme will to live, after everything,” Annalise said. “It was worth putting my life on hold for her. She is truly an angel.”

1. Went Viral

Annalise launched an Instagram page in order for people to learn about Gemma’s story and get inspired to help strays. The page went viral. Annalise continues to update people with Gemma’s progress to this day! 

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