Chimp Isn't Recognizing The Woman That Saved Her 25 Years Ago, But Then She Hears Her Voice... -
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Chimp Isn’t Recognizing The Woman That Saved Her 25 Years Ago, But Then She Hears Her Voice…

This is the heartwarming story of a woman named Linda Koebner who lived an amazing moment after being reunited with a chimp that she saved from a research laboratory 25 years ago. We need to warn you that the amazing moment Linda shared with the chimp is highly emotional and it might make some people cry! Let’s see how everything started…

20. Linda Koebner

The woman we are seeing in this picture is Linda Koebner. She is the founder of a non-profit organization that saves chimpanzees from laboratories. The organization also houses a special chimpanzee sanctuary called “Chimp Haven”.

19. Chimp Haven

Chimp Haven is a great sanctuary that provides chimpanzees with a safe place where they can live in. This is where Linda brought the chimp she saved 25 years ago. Let’s see where Linda saved this chimp from.

18. Laboratory Research

Chimps share 98.8 percent of the human DNA which makes them the perfect test subjects for vaccines and drugs. Sadly, this is endangering the species and the chimps who are held in laboratories are not having it easy. Luckily, people like Linda are there for them.

17. Look in the Past

This picture was taken 25 years ago during the moment when Linda came to visit the chimp at the laboratory where he was held. As you can clearly see, he was not doing very well.

16. Test Subjects

This laboratory was holding chimps in small boxes and their lives were hard. Fortunately for them, Linda did the paperwork and got them out! You won’t believe how Linda helped the chimps that this laboratory was using 25 years ago…

15. Helping Hand

Even though most people wouldn’t even bother to save animals which are being used as test subjects, Linda extended a helping hand. What she had to say next is going to shock you!

14. They Were Terrified!

“They were terrified to get out of the security of their transport cage”, said Linda. To make things even worse, Linda said this next thing.

13. Hard Bars

“Whether it was afraid to step on the grass, they hadn’t been on anything but bars for years, or just the feel of the wind and the sun. They just huddled in the doorways and wouldn’t come out”, said Linda. How do you think this made Linda feel?

12. Heartbreaking Moment

This was a heartbreaking moment for Linda, but she was doing her best to make the chimps feel comfortable and safe. But she did it! See it for yourself in the following photos…

11. Freedom

The chimps didn’t have any freedom while in the laboratory, so they needed some time to get used to the new world they were thrown in. Luckily, they didn’t take long until they felt comfortable around their savior.

10. A New World

After being held in little boxes for years and years, the chimps were finally getting a chance at life and they had Linda to thank for. The woman kept on helping the chimps with their everyday struggles for four years. But, unfortunately, she had to move on…

9. Watching Over the Chimps

Linda spent four years of her life tending to the needs of the chimps. She fed and took care of them every day! Now this shows us how amazing Linda is. But sadly, at one point she had to leave the sanctuary.

8. Taking Care of Themselves

As time passed on, Linda had to leave the chimps. They were finally able to take care of themselves. After 18 years, Linda decided to come and visit the chimps she rescued! 

7. Coming Back

A long time passed since Linda last visited the chimps and she was a little bit nervous. She was afraid that they might not recognize who she is. Little did she know, the exact opposite would happen!

6. Getting Closer

At first, the chimps didn’t realize who Linda is. Although, who can blame them when considering that 18 years have passed since they last saw Linda.

5. Curious Chimps

The chimps were intrigued by Linda’s presence, but everything changed when she said: “Remember me?”. It seems like hearing Linda’s voice brought back some memories to the chimps. Next, they did an amazing thing…

4. Remember Me?

The chimp we are seeing in this picture instantly turned towards Linda when she asked if they remember her. However, this is not the only chimp that turned towards Linda’s voice!

3. Familiar Voice

All the other chimps who were saved by Linda 25 years ago from the testing laboratory turned their heads towards her. Seeing this, Linda knew she needed to get closer to them! You won’t believe what happened next.

2. Big Smile

The first chimp that Linda got close to instantly had a big smile on his face. He remembered who Linda was! It was the woman who saved them all! What happened next is even more amazing.

1. Big Hug

After only a couple of seconds from saying hi to the first chimpanzee, another one came and hugged Linda. This was a heartwarming moment and it shows us how clever chimps can be. Let’s hope more people start helping chimpanzees so that they don’t have to stay in laboratories again.

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