Can You Imagine Living Alone On A Deserted Island - This Man Does It, Beautifully -
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Can You Imagine Living Alone On A Deserted Island – This Man Does It, Beautifully

20. One Unique Man

We live in a day and age where everything is available at our doorstep. Yet, we grumble about our lives—we grumble about the salon being 2 blocks away, at the restaurant taking half an hour to deliver the food, or at a friend living at the other end of the town. We’ve become so accustomed to our privileges that we have gradually started feeling entitled to them.

Well, let’s introduce you to a man whose story might change that point of view. The man who lives alone, on a deserted island.

19. Zach’s Life Story

27 year old Zach, who was born and brought up in the country of Japan, moved to Marble island about six years ago in search of a simpler, more peaceful way of life. Moving away from the hustle & bustle of the urban life, Zach adopted Marble Island as his abode.

18. The Secluded Marble Island

Marble island is remote in the truest sense of the word. It is located to the southwest of Alaska, with the nearest town being Ketchiken. And just to give you an idea of the remoteness of the place, Ketchikan is a 2 hours flight from Marble island. The island is bereft of road, telephone, or any other basic necessity of human life.

But was Marble Island always this isolated?

17. The History Of Marble Island

Not really. The island was once home to the Vermont Marble company, more than 100 years ago. The company used to dig marbles, which were found in abundance, in and around the island. The remnants of the company’s establishment can still be found on the island, in the form of abandoned settlements and desolate pieces of machinery

16. Peace Amidst Solitude

It is in this marooned land that Zach felt like home.  Once he was here, he found the comfort that his soul was searching for. Situated in the midst of a cold, unforgiving ocean and surrounded by virtually no humans, Zach’s self was finally at peace

15. The Discovery Of Zach’s Life

It was very recently, when photographer and explorer Anze Osterman took a sojourn into the wilderness of Marble Island, that Zach’s story became known to the outside world. Osterman’s 7-week stint revealed the beautiful and eerie life of Zach.

14. A Liberating Experience

On being asked by Anze, about why he chose the life of solitude, so far away from mainstream civilization, Zach admitted it was on this island that he had the first real feeling of existence. He said, “I didn’t feel like a fish in a tank once I was here; instead, in this wilderness, all my anxiety simply evaporated”

But is it as simple as it sounds? Let’s find out

13. Zach’s Occupation

The marble island is rich in Oyster population. Zach keeps himself busy by working at the floating oyster farm, which happens to be his major occupation. And when he is not working at the oyster farm, Zach devotes his time in trekking and exploring the island. And yes, Zach has a companion too, named Kahli

12. Zach’s Best Friend

Kahli is a dog, who lives with Zach. When Zach is out, exploring the island, Kahli is his accomplice. Kahli is a special dog, one that just goes on to substantiate the fact that a dog is a man’s best friend.

But Kahli is not Zach’s only companion on the island.

11. The Only Human Company

Another family, the Wyatts, live on the island. The Wyatts, like Zach, also fish and farm for oysters. Eric Wyatt, the head of the Wyatt family, works on the floating Oyster farm as well.

So it that all the company that Zach has?

10. A Few Unwanted Companions

Not quite. There are a lot of unwanted creatures on the island too. Given that the island is almost an uncharted territory, threats like reptiles and insects are bound to exist. But there are bigger threats, that of Bears, in abundance on the island. Through the years, Zach and the Wyatts have had many encounters with these giant mammals. But with time, they have learned to acknowledge their presence, and live alongside them.

9. Struggle For Survival

But there are greater difficulties in living on the Marble Island, even greater than the bears. Since the island is devoid of human civilization, there are virtually no resources available to sustain human life. Which then leads us to the question, “How does Zach survive on the island?”

8. The Quest For Food

Well, for starters, Zach and the Wyatts grow fruits and vegetables in the area around their huts, which they probably built out of abandoned cabins. They also go and hunt for meat in the form of deers, oysters, and fish (particularly Halibut). These form the major portion of their diet.

But, surely, that can’t be all that they survive on?

7. Visiting Modern Civilization

Obviously not—Zach and Eric Wyatt go to the mainland once every couple of months to stock up for all sorts of food that can neither be cultivated on the island nor hunted for. They also get a sufficient supply of gas for their generators, which happen to be their only source of power on the island.

6. An Island To Oneself

But given all the discomforts and difficulties he faces on the island, Zach still leads a beautiful life. He enjoys a unique sense of uncurtailed freedom and a intimate relationship with mother nature. Plus, how many people in the world can claim a whole island to be their home? Not many, that’s for sure.

All this probably makes it worth the sacrifices. Well, it surely does for Zach.

5. A Beautiful, Mystical Home

The island, on its own, is beautiful. You can see whales diving and floating on the surface of the ocean, as well as the site of wild animals freely running around in their natural habitat. All that seems a little unreal, sometimes spooky.

4. Zach’s Spiritual Self

Osterman also made a remarkable observation about Zach. He writes, “Zach’s spirituality is in a beautiful harmony with the nature here. He grows with the forest and moves with the tides” as he captures Zach’s “relationship with this remote and vast environment” in his pictures.

3. No Humans To Deal With – A Blessing?

Zach sometimes goes without any external human interaction for six months, but he is never fazed by that. He is still busy exploring the mystical island that is rich in history and native art left behind by Tlingit and Haida people.

2. Scary, Or Inspirational?

Zach lives a kind of life that many would not even be able to comprehend, or believe, let alone live. Zach’s life, though full of adventure, is very demanding in its very essence. Plus, the lack of human interaction, and with the possibility of the ocean gulping you up any day, and having no one around to help you in case that happen, can send shivers down anybody’s spine.

But at the same time, it could also be an incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable experience. One that could inspire you to leave all your worldly pleasures and surrender into the arms of nature.

1. An Epitome Of Courage And Endurance

However, Zach’s life is a testimony of the extent of human endurance and courage. It goes on to prove that all our desires are one we could do without, and the things needed for actual survival are not difficult to obtain at all.

And while Zach’s life may scare some people, it might also inspire some others. What does it do for you?

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