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Bulgarian Villagers Rush To Save Frozen Storks In The Most Heroic Way

Opening your door to help out a stranger is one of the kindest acts that you can partake in. After all, sometimes life knocks us all down. Reaching out to help someone in need is always a great way to make the world a little bit better. Well, it seems that a village in Bulgaria greatly agrees with that sentiment. These villagers decided to save some frozen storks in the most amazing way!

20. Cold Snap

Image: The Sofia Globe

It’s been a particularly cold winter this year in Bulgaria. Everyone has been feeling the effects of the cold weather including some migrating storks. It seems that the freezing temperatures have effected them in the worst way possible…

19. Freezing Temperatures

Image: The Romania Journal

The freezing cold temperatures in Bulgaria have made it impossible for the storks to fly. The temperature has caused their wings to ice up and freeze. Due to this, the birds have been stranded and unable to seek out shelter.

18. A Hero

Image: The Dodo

Safet Halil, a 53-year-old maintenance worker, discovered many of the frozen birds. He knew that he couldn’t leave them out to perish. Halil decided to act fast and help out the birds.

17. Discovery

Image: The Guardian

I found five frozen storks near the village road the day before yesterday,” Halil, a resident of Zaritsa, Bulgaria, told the news. “I took them home, lit a stove to warm them and fed them fish.”

16. A Trend

Image: The Dodo

News of Halil’s graciousness started to spread all throughout social media. Everyone was so happy that one man decided to help out these storks in such a dire situation. He even inspired others to do the same…

15. Inspiring

Image: Facebook

Thanks to Halil’s heroic act, many other villagers in Bulgaria decided to open their homes up to storks. More than 40 birds were given shelter in people’s homes, barns, and garages during this time.

14. Online Video

Image: Facebook

A video that was recently released shows how one man even helped remove ice from the bird’s wings. In the video, he gently combs out the ice as the storks are near the oven, helping the ice to melt faster. You won’t believe where the storks winded up after.

13. Sleepover

Image: The Dodo

In the video you can clearly see that the storks are going to be roomies with the man and his family. The storks even perched themselves onto the bed and were looking pretty comfortable there. It’s almost too funny to be true.

12. Kindness

Image: novavarna.net

These small acts of kindness are making a huge difference in the survival of these storks. Hristina Klisurova, from the Green Balkans wildlife rehabilitation centre in Stara Zagora, has explained that the storks are used to the weather being much warmer in Bulgaria by now.

11. Confused

Image: The Dodo

It’s the first time that we have seen so many storks in distress in Bulgaria,” Klisurova told AFP. She then went on to explain a very important message to those that are willing to help out the storks…

10. Important Message

Image: The Dodo

While on public television, Klisurova shared a very important message to everyone that was taking in storks to help them. She explained that people should “avoid taking in just any stork” and to only take in “those who are in a state of distress, injured or with frozen wings.”

9. Wild Creatures

Image: The Dodo

Klisurova then went on to explain that any storks that are doing better should be released back into the wild, where they belong. The Green Balkans Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center has been working relentlessly to help as many storks as possible during this trying period.

8. Halil’s Storks

Image: The Guardian

So what’s happened with the five storks that Halil took in? Well, with temperatures still staying at such incredible lows he doesn’t plan on releasing the storks back out. “It is minus 3 degrees Celsius [27 Fahrenheit] today and the weather is getting worse,” he said.

7. Five Days

Image: FMT

Halil has stated that he will keep his storks around for another five days. He wants to be sure that they will be able to survive and that the temperatures won’t be too cold for them again. So are the storks doing better now?

6. Better

Image: PressFrom

According to Halil, the storks have been doing much better under his care. “I already received two or three beak pinches on the arms,” he said with a smile. Halil doesn’t seem to mind the inconvenience at all and is happy to help in the best way that he can.

5. Increasing Numbers

Image: Getty Images

Back in 2016, Bulgaria counted almost 6,000 inhabited stork nests throughout the country. This is actually 1,000 more than was counted one decade earlier. While stork numbers in Bulgaria are not a problem there are many bird deaths in neighboring countries that are.

4. Romania

Image: MSN.com

Romania, for example, has had an issue with losing small birds to the blistering cold temperatures. More than 200 small birds were found frozen in Romania just this week according to Ovidiu Bufnila, from the Romanian ornithological society.

3. Let Them Be

Image: ScienceBlogs

Bufnila has advised for people not to go out searching for storks. Instead, if people are to see one in distress they should approach it carefully and not startle it. Typically, the storks will approach a human when in need of help.

2. Helpful People

Image: Steemit

Thanks to people like Halil, the storks are able to survive this brutally cold winter. His one act of kindness helped to inspire people all throughout the country and even those in neighboring ones. It is a truly inspirational act.

1. Selfless

Image: dunavmost.com

There is much to be learned from individuals that go out of their way to help those that can never return the favor. We can only hope that more people continue to act so selflessly and make the world a better place to live in.


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