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These Baby Owls Lost Their Mother, So One Man Stepped Up To Help

Nature isn’t always kind, especially to baby animals. Baby animals need their mom and dad to survive, so whenever one is orphaned it is a dire circumstance. When these baby owls lost their mother to a tragic accident, no one knew if they would survive. That was until one man stepped up to the plate…

20. Surprise Guest

Image: A Boy Who Cried Heron

Chuck Lister and his family were happily surprised when a new guest decided to show up at their house. She came into the backyard uninvited and never left. However, unlike most other guests, the Lister’s didn’t mind the intrusion.

19. Backyard Living

Image: A Boy Who Cried Heron

A female owl had made herself home in a tree in the Lister’s backyard. For weeks she would return to the same spot and eventually nested there. One day, the Lister’s noticed something odd inside of the nest!

18. Strange Discovery


Inside of the nest, the family discovered three eggs! The owl was going to be a mother and everyone was excited for them to hatch. It wasn’t long before it happened…

17. Barred Owls

Image: fourleggedfriendsandenemies

When the three eggs finally hatched, out popped three baby barred owls. Barred owls have a distinct striped pattern across their chest, so it was easy to recognize them. The Lister family had the cutest way of calling over the mother to the nest – you’ll be shocked by the method.

16. Calling Over

Image: Dina’s Wildlife Adventures

The Lister family knew that they could call over the mama owl in the most interesting way. All they would have to do is call out, “Babies, babies, babies,” and the mama would fly on over in minutes. Everything was going great until tragedy struck.

15. Tragic Accident

Image: Pinterest

On one unfortunate morning, the mother owl was struck by a car and was killed instantly. Chuck Lister knew that he couldn’t leave the baby owl’s all alone to fend for themselves. He decided to make a phone call that would change everything…

14. The Call

Image: The Greenville News

Chuck decided to make a phone call to Linda and Mike Hoskinson of Piedmont. The two of them are licensed to rehabilitate animal wildlife. There was never an animal that these two would turn away.

13. Animal Rescuers

Image: Pinterest

The Hoskinsons belong to a small group of animal rescuers called Wildlife Rehab of Greenville. Linda has been rescuing animals for thirty years and her husband has “married into it” around seven years ago. Together, the pair have rescued around 250 animals per year.

12. Dedicated

Image: Wildlife Rehab of Greenville

The duo is dedicated to rescuing animals and will go to great lengths to do so. “Some people don’t understand it, but we live it,” Mike Hoskinson said. “It wasn’t that long ago that we drove a hundred miles to get a groundhog.”

So how did the couple get the owls out of the tree?!

11. Waiting It Out

Image: fourleggedfriendsandenemies

In order to ensure the safety of the owls, the Hoskinsons waited at the base of the tree for a firefighter to bring down each one. Firefighter, Billy McCullough, climbed up and cradled each bird in his arm and carefully brought them down. It wasn’t an easy task as they didn’t get all the birds at once…

10. Hard Rescue

Image: fourleggedfriendsandenemies

It took two days for them to rescue all of the owls. Finally, after so much time they were able to get a hold of the third bird. “They are just little miracles,” Linda Hoskinson said. “You never, ever get tired of seeing that.”

You won’t believe how tiny the owl was when they rescued it!

9. Tiny Baby

Image: fourleggedfriendsandenemies

The baby owl weighed less than a pound when they finally rescued it. It was just a tiny ball of feathers, eyes, and a beak. Everyone was blown away by the funny little noise the owl was making and Linda knew exactly what it meant!

8. The Noise

Image: fourleggedfriendsandenemies

He knows he’s safe,” Linda Hoskinson said about the tiny noise the owl was making. The baby owls will be staying with the Hoskinsons in their home for the time being. Later on, they’ll be transported to the Carolina Raptor Center in Huntersville, near Charlotte, N.C.

The owl’s happen to have some new roommates for now and they’re all quite the odd couple.

7. Roommates

Image: Pinterest

For now, the owls have a bunch of new roommates that they’re bonding with. They include some rescued squirrels and six baby skunks. They all happen to eat the same diet as well!

6. Feeding

Image: Greenville News

Feeding the owls is pretty easy on the Hoskinsons. All of them have a healthy diet of mice and rabbits. The owls are being well cared for but Linda knows that she can’t make it all easy on them.

5. Doting

Image: Wildlife Rehab of Greenville

I have to let them go, or I will spoil them too much and they will not learn how to fend for themselves,” Linda Hoskinson said. “But in the meantime, they will be doted on.”

The Hoskinson’s won’t be the only ones doting on them…

4. More Love

Image: Wildlife Rehab of Greenville

Since the baby owls were living in the backyard near the Lister’s for so long, they were far from ready to give up on them. Chuck made quite the comment to the Hoskinson’s before they were on their way back home. It seems that the owls will be pretty spoiled.

3. See You Soon

Image: Pinterest

We’ll see you as soon as we can,” Chuck yelled out to the owls as they were taken away by the Hoskinsons. “We’re not ready to let go of our babies just yet.”

2. Fortunate

Image: Greenville News

These three baby owls got really fortunate in a bad situation. Despite losing their mother, the owls are going to be taken care of and will have a better chance at life now. This is all thanks to one family…

1. Animal Lovers

Image: Wildlife Rehab of Greenville

It is amazing how much of a difference animal lovers can make in the life of an animal. Thanks to Chuck Lister’s phone call, these baby owls are now in good hands. It is a truly inspiring story to all of us.

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