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A Man Trying To Save Kittens From Drowning In A Monsoon, But Its A Race Against Time

20. Thailand And Rain


Thailand is a nation known for its monsoons. The season lasts up to four months there, and the country experiences heavy downpour of rain. Humans and animals alike, start to look for shelter when it rains. And something similar happened, in Jomtien, Thailand, this year.

The only difference, is this mans brave efforts to save tiny kittens from a grave fate, was caught on film.

19.  Running For Cover


When it rained in Jomtein this year, the pour was so heavy that the local residents were seen running frantically for cover. Everyone wanted to be undercover before the neighbourhood got so flooded they couldn’t move. But, while they were running for cover, one of them heard something strange, and it caught his attention. 

18. The Cry For Help


As he went close to the source of the sound, he was puzzled. Amidst the chaos, it was, first of all, difficult to gauge where it was coming from, and secondly, it was equally tough to identify what it exactly was. Nevertheless, the man decided to take a closer look. 

17. A Neighbor’s Voice


While returning home, he heard a loud scream from his neighbour Brett. He rushed to Brett and asked what the problem was. Brett revealed that he could hear kittens crying, but didn’t know how, and where they were. Both of them then rushed to where the sound could possibly have been coming from.

So they tried to do something about it.

16. The Effort To Locate


Both men tried to find out, amidst heavy rainfall, and murky water filling the streets, where exactly the source of sound could be. They looked everywhere but to no avail. However, when they walked closer to the garden, the voices became a little more clear. And finally, they traced the sound back to the location.

15. In The Barrel


The sound was actually coming from a barrel, that had been in the garden for a very long time. The sound was that of a little kitten, trying to cling onto a piece of wood to save herself from drowning in a barrel that was quickly filling up with rainwater. She was holding on, barely managing to stay afloat.

But when the men saw her, they acted quickly.

14. Saving The Kitten


The two men decided to save the kitten. Brett decided to hop into the barrel, which was a slightly deep. Careful, not to step on nails or wood, or the kitten, he made his way towards the helpless creature. He slowly picked the kitten up and tried to bring him to safety.

13. Caring For The Little One


He carefully lifted it, initially by the nape, and then, like a human baby and brought it out of the barrel. Both the men were happy, thinking that their rescue mission had been completed successfully. But, as they were about to set off, they heard another sound.

12. One More?


The two men were surprised. “Is there another one, inside the barrel?”, they questioned themselves. Brett quickly started swishing the water around, in the barrel, hoping to find the kitten quickly, before it succumbed. With the rain coming down heavily, they knew they didn’t have much time. So they sped up. But could they find anything?

11. A Silent Approach


Since they couldn’t find anything else in that barrel, the two men stopped for a moment, and let silence prevail, so that they could locate the source of the second sound. And luckily, after a few moments, they did locate where the other kitten was calling from. But this time, it would be a little different.

10. Another Rescue Operation


There was another barrel in the garden, and there was a kitten stuck inside, too. The smart kitten had, however, kept herself afloat by clinging onto a flotation device. She was waiting for someone to rescue her. As she spotted the two men, she began to make more noise. However, this rescue wasn’t going to be as simple as the previous one.

9. The Ferocious Cats Of Thailand


The cats of Thailand, especially the stray ones, are known to be ferocious. They can viciously attack anyone who comes too close for their comfort. Thus, Brett was not only risking cuts and infections by jumping in the barrel, but he was also risking getting bitten by the cat. But he did it anyway.

8. Stiff Resistance


This time, though, as Brett tried to pick her up, and move her out of the barrel, she got scared. And she decided to nip him, scathingly. Brett realized that this was going to be tough, but he couldn’t leave the kitten to drown, so he made another attempt.

7.  Give It A Second Shot


There were so many possibilities. She could injure him, or infect him with rabies. Fearing all that, Brett made another try. His friend advised him to pick the cat up, in the same manner, as he picked the other one up – by the nape. And finally, they succeeded in getting her out, and into the dry. But, there was another near-death experience awaiting.

6. A Bad Mistake


As Brett picked the cat up, he was still standing inside the barrel. If he threw her out, she would get hurt. The best thing to do was to hand her over to his partner. But right there, they made a really bad error in judgement. And that error could have turned fatal if they didn’t act quickly.

5. Wrong Direction


As Brett’s friend was handed over the cat, he made a silly mistake. He put the cat on the ground, and began trying to help his friend come out of the barrel. But to their horror, they discovered that the cat had started to move in the direction of the first barrel, the one from which they had saved the first kitten. Both men needed to hurry up.

4. They Made It, Almost


But they managed to get to her in time and save her from falling into the water.

The cats gradually became more comfortable with the two men and allowed the two to pick them up and put them together.

But there was another problem. They didn’t know where the mother of the cats could be. They couldn’t risk leaving them alone, and there were no animal shelters around.

So you’d think, the boys could have taken the cats along with them, right? But, they couldn’t have, for one peculiar reason.

3. No Cat As Pet


People in Thailand don’t usually keep cats as pets, fearing that they’d get eaten by snakes or dogs. Petting a cat is a phenomenon that is unheard of in Thailand. That meant these beautiful babies would need to be left to their own devices. 

2. There For A Reason


The cats had probably been kept in the barrel, by their mother, to save them from the flood water. After a few hours, their mother returned, but soon, she realized that her babies weren’t where she had kept them. She was horrified. But then, she saw that they were safe with their rescuers, and surprisingly, she was comfortable with it.

So, where did they go after that?

1. A Bond For Lifetime


After the monsoon was over, the rescuers started taking care of the whole family. To this date, they feed and nurture those cats, becoming a family.

It was very kind of Brett, and his friend, to save and then care for these animals, who might have lost their lives, otherwise. This shows what little acts of kindness can do for everyone.

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