The Gut Wrenching Tale Of This Cat At A Puppy Mill, Will Have You Running For Tissues -
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The Gut Wrenching Tale Of This Cat At A Puppy Mill, Will Have You Running For Tissues

20. Love Animal Babies, Don’t You

Who doesn’t love baby animals? Or even if one doesn’t, you can’t possibly hate them. But don’t you hate it when people use, or breed, animals for their personal profits, and in return, make their lives miserable?

Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about the backyard puppy mills that are rampant these days. What you’re about to discover about puppy mills and this one particular story, will make you a vocal animal activist for life. 

19.  Miserable Lives

The puppies kept at such mills are almost always malnourished and mostly ill because they are poorly looked after by untrained people, who only look at them as a means to earn quick money. Puppies are not treated as living beings here, they are mere commodities.

Sadly, there aren’t just dogs at puppy mills.

18. Not Just Dogs

And if you think that just dogs are the ones that suffer at such places, you couldn’t be more wrong. Other animals, including cats, rabbits, fish, and rats too, face similar treatment at the hands of such fickle minded agencies. And their condition, is even worse, at times.

One cat is proof that the people behind puppy mills are truly evil. 

17. A Few Good Men

For every vice, there is a virtue. There are still good people in the world who want to work towards this cause in the right way. One such group of people, The Humane Society Of The United States, works for the betterment of the life of animals and is determined to put an end to the puppy breeding business, that has been flourishing quite rapidly.

They were on a mission when they discovered this poor kitty.

16. The Cue

It was the year of 2014, during Fall when the organization received information about one such puppy mill, functioning in Rutherford County, North Carolina. On the cue, the organization decided to step in and see what exactly was happening over there. And what they saw, was horrifying.

15. What Did They See?

Upon reaching the site, they began to investigate, only to come across disheartening sights. There were around 50 dogs, and 6 cats, who were caged, and left to live in their own filth. They were badly looked after, and extremely weak. So the organisation got to work, immediately.

14.  A Sorry State

The team soon realized that the state of the dogs was very poor, with most of them suffering from diseases and infections, including those of eyes and ears. They were in severe pain and it was a painful sight for everyone involved.

When they looked deeper, what they saw, was shocking.

13. Pathetic Condition

Not only were their bodies weak, but even the enclosures were in pathetic condition. The puppies were cramped for space, there were cobwebs hanging all over, and they were all sitting in rotten food and their own waste. However, amidst all this, the team found someone special.

12. A Little Soft Toy


The team came across Athena, a baby cat. Like other animals, she was in trouble as well. She was suffering from severe eye infection and respiratory issues, which are the symptoms of over breeding. Athena was a flat faced cat, a type prone to such respiratory problems. She had great difficulty breathing, so the team knew they had to act fast. 

11. Athena’s Courage

The people of the society thought that Athena had accepted that this was going to be the way she’d have to live her life. They had very little idea of the fighting spirit that Athena had inside her.

The strength she showed in the next couple of weeks, surprised everyone. 

10. A Safe House

Athena, along with the other animals from the puppy mill, were taken to a new place to live in. She was taken to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue Mission where she would recieve the necessary treatment to get her healthy. There, she received treatment for her infections and TLC to bring her back to good spirits.

But was it even possible, for her to recover?

9. Expert Opinion

Looking at her condition, the veterinaries were called upon to make a decision. They suggested that Athena should be put to sleep, as her infection was ravaging her body. But, because she showed an immense desire to live, they decided to help improve her life in whatever way they could.

So they began formulating a plan. 

8. A Scary Suggestion

Another vet suggested that if they cut Athena’s entire nose, she might retain the ability to breathe. The proposition seemed really scary, but it was one that could help Athena lead a normal life.

No one wanted to harm the animal, or make her life any harder, so they really had to be sure this was the best decision for the little one. 

7. An Operation

After immense discussion, Athena was set to have surgery. Thankfully, it was a success, and Athena was able to breathe properly. The rescuers reported that as soon as she recovered from the surgery, she started running around the building.

So, did Athena’s life improve after the surgery?

6. Back To Life

Well, it did. Athena, pretty soon, began to live a normal life. She only had to get accustomed to breathing with her mouth, instead of the nose. The vets reported that, while doing that, Athena had developed a peculiar habit of popping her tongue out while breathing, and they all found it adorable. But there was another cloud of doubt, hovering over Athena’s survival.

5. The Big Question

The big question that still needed to be answered, was “Would Athena ever get adopted?”. Because not many people would like to live with a cat that has no nose, they didn’t know if she’d find a home.

However, all of those doubts were soon put to rest. 

4. Destiny

As fate would have it, Athena did find a new home. She was adopted soon after her recovery. She found a very loving owner, and a beautiful house, where she adapted perfectly. Her owner, herself, was a very loving human being.

So, how is Athena, now?

3. How Is She?

Athena is now leading a happy life at her new house. Her owner, Ellis says that Athena is the most loving cat she has ever seen. She believed that they were destined to be paired with each other. And she loves Athena, like a part of herself. She was ready to give Athena the life she always wanted. 

2. A Good Life, Finally

It is so heartening to see Athena live a normal and happy life, and get all the love she deserves. Especially, after all that she had to go through, one feels that Athena only deserved the love she is getting. However, a graver revelation unfolded later.

1. The Grave Truth

It was later noted that Athena’s former owner was already known to police, and she had been charged with animal cruelty in 2002. In spite of that, she didn’t mend her ways.

But there is one thing that we must remember, not all animals have their stories culminate the way Athena’s did. Some of them live and die, suffering. We hope that people take Athena’s story as an inspiration, and boycott the animal trade business, completely.

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