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30 Celebs You Didn’t Know Served In The Military


For many celebrities and stars, serving in the military has been the most honorable role they’ve ever taken on. Great artists like Jimi Hendrix, Bea Arthur, and Kirk Douglas all did their time in the military either at the height of their stardom or just on the cusp of it. Check out these 30 celebrities whose time in fatigues undoubtedly influenced their future work and pushed them to international recognition.

30. Elvis Presley


Two years after blowing up and becoming famous for “Hound Dog” the King of Rock and Roll was drafted into the army as a private at Fort Chaffee, near Fort Smith, Arkansas. Of course, his arrival at the base became a massive media event. Hundreds of people greeted the rock king as he stepped off his bus and reported to duty. Presley told reporters at the time that he was looking forward to his military career saying, “The army can do anything it wants with me. Millions of other guys have been drafted, and I don’t want to be different from anyone else.”

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