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Use These Top Summer Travel Hacks On Your Next Trip

You’ve scrimped and saved, blocked the week off on your calendar and are looking forward to your summer vacation. Now the news seems to be filled with dramatic travel stories. Passengers are fighting. Airline security is going overboard, and you wonder if you can just go and have a good time. Well, look no further than these top summer travel hacks. These tips will help you survive the travel, the accommodations and the experiences themselves, on time, on budget and safely.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Getting through the airport is tough, so here are some can’t-miss ways to make it through safe and sound.

Cables and cords: Have a hard time keeping track of your phone cord, your computer cable and your tablet accessories? Hate pulling them out of your bag to get through security, then finding them tangled up later? Simply fold them carefully into an old sunglasses case.

Roll Your Clothes: Flight attendants and pilots know how to pack tightly. They roll their clothes rather than fold them. Not only is it easier to fit things into the suitcase, your clothes also arrive wrinkle-free.

Forget the Phone Charger: Everyone has been in that horrible circumstance: forgetting the phone charger. Buying a new one is expensive, especially around airports and hotels. Here’s a simple hack. Go around to the back of the hotel room TV – there is usually a USB port you can plug and charge.

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