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Use These Top Summer Travel Hacks On Your Next Trip

You’ve scrimped and saved, blocked the week off on your calendar and are looking forward to your summer vacation. Now the news seems to be filled with dramatic travel stories. Passengers are fighting. Airline security is going overboard, and you wonder if you can just go and have a good time. Well, look no further than these top summer travel hacks. These tips will help you survive the travel, the accommodations and the experiences themselves, on time, on budget and safely.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Getting through the airport is tough, so here are some can’t-miss ways to make it through safe and sound.

Cables and cords: Have a hard time keeping track of your phone cord, your computer cable and your tablet accessories? Hate pulling them out of your bag to get through security, then finding them tangled up later? Simply fold them carefully into an old sunglasses case.

Roll Your Clothes: Flight attendants and pilots know how to pack tightly. They roll their clothes rather than fold them. Not only is it easier to fit things into the suitcase, your clothes also arrive wrinkle-free.

Forget the Phone Charger: Everyone has been in that horrible circumstance: forgetting the phone charger. Buying a new one is expensive, especially around airports and hotels. Here’s a simple hack. Go around to the back of the hotel room TV – there is usually a USB port you can plug and charge.


If you’re a cruise aficionado or it’s your first time, then there are a bevy of cruise hacks that could make your trip go smoother. As experienced cruisers know, there seems to be a ship and experience package for every need, from destination weddings to family cruises. Some travelers aren’t as excited by the prospect of cruises. The number one question to travel agents is whether the big boats make people seasick. Travelers also fear the cost of booze and the lack of consistent internet access. If you’ve taken the cruise plunge, then these hacks will help.

Booze: Cruises are famous for their food packages, but the booze is something else. Now multiple cruise lines have relented and will let cruisers bring their own alcohol. Still, make sure you check out their policies ahead of time. Hard liquor may not be allowed, but wine often is perfectly fine. Figure out how much alcohol you will realistically drink and plan accordingly.

Ginger: Ginger is great for nausea. Most people can’t get seasick on the cruise ship because the ships are so big that movement is almost imperceptible. However, just give yourself some piece of mind by bringing some ginger on board. If you can’t stand ginger, bring along motion sickness pills such as Dramamine. Just go prepared, because the costs of buying it on the ship will give you sticker shock.

Internet: Okay, internet is indeed restricted on cruises. As much as you need to disconnect, also be realistic. We know you’ll want to check your email; or at least post pictures to social media that will make everyone else jealous of your vacation. Check with the cruise ships to determine what their packages is before making a decision.

Fun in the Sun

Dreaming of being a beach bum this summer? Go for it, but never forget the sunscreen. Few things are worse than coming down with a bad sunburn during your vacation. Also bring some aloe, because it can soothe irritated skin. If you need a quick substitute, ask for Earl Grey tea. A damp teabag is a good substitute for aloe, which will treat your burn.

Powdered: Some of you love the beach but hate the sand. If so, then dragging sand into the car and house probably is the thing you hate most about the beach vacation. Here’s a tip. Pack some baby powder in your beach bag. The powder is designed to draw out moisture. So dusting your feet and body with baby powder will immediately get the sandy areas to brush right off. The powder draws out moisture, so lightly dusting it on the sandy area of your body will make it brush off super easily.

Keyed Up: What about that other bane of the beachgoer’s existence: where to put your keys? If you’ve ever wanted to take a walk or a nice swim, you’ve probably wondered what to do with your keys. If you drop them in the sand or water, that may be the last time you see them. Here’s an easy fix. Just keep the corks from bottles of wine. Use an eye hook and add it onto the cork. Put your care key and room key into the cork. This means you won’t drag unnecessary keys to the beach with you. Plus, if you lose the cork, it actually floats. That way it’ll be sitting on the water like a buoy, rather than sitting on the ocean floor.

Theme Parks

Theme parks are a mixed bag. They’re crowded and hot, with long lines and expensive eats. To overcome these negatives, be aware of hacks for the specific park you are visiting. There are many discussion boards and websites that are devoted to saving you money and time. Here are some of my favorite theme park hacks.

Promotions: There are many great way to save money at theme parks. Before you go, follow theme park bloggers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagrams. In addition to giveaways, these people are in the know and can keep you informed about the latest promotions to save you money.

Apps: Don’t forget to download the theme park’s app. My Disney Experience is a great example of an interactive app. It helps you keep track of what you want to do, ensures you won’t get lost and lets you check wait times for different rides. Most theme park maps have maps indicating the locations of food, security, first aid and bathrooms. These are much easier to deal with than the good old paper map that often gets folded up, wet or torn during your visit.

Rain, rain go away: Rain is the thing park visitors dread most when planning a vacation. But a theme park can be loads of fun in the rain if you are prepared. Pre-buy plastic rain ponchos to cover your entire body. You can buy them for a few dollars, compared to $15-20 if you purchase them in the park. The rainiest times are great times to get a bite to eat or browse.

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