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The Story Of This Kangaroo Cat, Will Melt Your Heart

20. Able, The Cat


Sometimes, small creatures give us larger than life stories, that stay with us forever. One such story is that of Able, the Cat, who turned his misfortune around and created a beautiful life for himself.

Able is a special cat. He is one handsome feline, and everyone who sees him agrees. But, he also suffers from a severe disability. However, in spite of that, Able hasn’t stopped living life to the fullest.

19.  A Big Disability

Able’s disability is not a small one. Able has lost two limbs, out of his four. And he also doesn’t have a tail, making him one unique boy. He lost them in a tragic incident, a few years back, and had to learn how to survive. So you must be curious to know, as to, what happened to Able?

18. The Unfortunate Encounter


Well, many years ago, when Able was just one year old, he was meandering around in his city. But, in a moment of bad luck, Able came in contact with a power line, and got a heavy electric shock. Such was the impact of the shock, that Able lost both his forelimbs, along with his tail.

17. Bang, And It Changed His Life

The wire was carrying thousands of volts of electricity. The sound of the electric shock, that Able got, was so loud that the people in the neighbouring community, thought that a bomb had exploded in their area. But what exactly, was Able doing near the electric line?

16. Chasing Birds

Apparently, Able was chasing a bird that was sitting on the roof of a house, when he accidentally touched the high voltage line. Able was discovered, lying bruised in an alley, about a week after the accident, by a local resident named Walai Scriboonvorakul.

So how did Walai react to a helpless stray cat, lying in pain?

15. The Veterinary’s Call


Walai decided to help the poor fellow, and Able was taken to a Veterinarian. The Vet decided, that it would be necessary to remove the forelimbs of the cat, as well as his tail. Hence, Able lost two paws, and his tail. And it took Able a very long time to learn to walk again, but his journey was worth it.

Initially, he would use his forehead to pop himself up, and stand on his hind limbs. But could he ever recover, completely?

14. Able’s Recovery

Most people thought that the accident would leave Able traumatized, for life. But what they didn’t know, was the fact that Able was an exceptionally strong-willed cat. It just took Able two years, to make full recovery. All this while, Walai kept taking care of Able.

Although he has learned to live with his disabilities, life for him isn’t easy.

13. It’s A Struggle


Able fought through some very hard times, and has now adapted to his disabilities really well. He lives with Walai, and is five years old now, but the daily life of Able, is still a struggle. It is one thing, to adapt to live with limitations, but quite another to survive in the real world, with them.

12. Walk Like A T-Rex


Eventually, Able taught himself to walk on just two legs, quite like a T-Rex. People found a cat moving on two legs, really odd.

Although, he had learned to walk, that wasn’t all he would be Able to survive on. So he learned to do a few other activities, with his limited capabilities.

11. Many More Talents

Along with the unique walk, Able has also learned to do various other things. For instance, Able can now climb trees, and even, chase other cats away. These are things that he needed to learn, for his own safety and comfort.

But, with his disability, how does he manage to do it?

10. Cat, Or A Kangaroo

By now, you must have guessed it. Yes, Able moves around like a kangaroo, jumping from one spot to another. That is how, Able gets his name, of a ‘Kangaroo Cat’. His walk is famous in the neighbourhood. The people who found him odd, now find his walk adorable. But Walai still recalls, how Able got through the tough phase.

9. Early Struggles


Able initially struggled with his wounds, and the fact that he had lost his fore limbs and tail.  However, with time, and a lot of effort, supplemented by Walai’s care, he started to find the right balance, to stand and walk on two legs, instead of four. Then, eventually, his unique Kangaroo walk.

8. Growing Stronger, By The Day

Every passing day, Able kept getting stronger and stronger. He gained strength in his feet, after a lot of toil, and eventually, got the magical kangaroo like ability to jump and move forward. Needless to say, it was extremely tough. But Able fought, and fought hard. So how is his lifestyle now?

7. Better Life


As Able recovered, Walai, along with her son, started giving him a lot of good food and facilities. And you can’t say, that Able didn’t deserve all of that. Able’s lifestyle is pretty lavish now. But, was Able ever allowed to go out in the open, after recovery?

6. Walk In The Park

Sometimes Walai and her son set Able free, out in their garden all by himself. Their intention is to let Able come to terms with walking on two legs, and get accustomed to his own sweet pace. Plus, they believe that Able needed to regain the confidence by living a normal life, out in the open. But this step of theirs, also backfired once.

5.  A Case Of Bullying


On one occasion, Able ventured a little too far away from the garden. And eventually, he got bullied by the neighbouring cats and dogs. Able just couldn’t escape. He was scared by that incident, and it changed the way he behaved.

4. Staying Indoors


After that incident, the family has started to keep Able inside their two story home, despite the fact that Able always begs to be let outside.

But when Able realized that he won’t be allowed in the garden again, he learned to have fun indoors as well. Among other adorable things, Able loves to wake Copter up every morning.

3. Bond Of Love


Both Walai and Copter, love Able dearly. They try to do everything they can to help Able forget the trauma that he went through. Copter treats Able as a younger brother, and he always keeps saying that Able is a member of their family. But, is that all Able gets, when it comes to love?

2. Able’s Companion

Of course not. Walai’s family has adopted another cat, named Fifi. Able loves the company of Fifi. They are always seen together, and Fifi helps Able out whenever she can. They are partners in mischief, but their bond appears to be much deeper.

1. Inseparable


The two cats are virtually inseparable from each other. They look like two creatures, deeply in love, and its inevitable that they would have kittens soon.

We feel buoyed by the fact that Able has a caring family, and a companion to love as well. Hoping that he lives a great life here on, we also wish that every animal, with such disability, also finds an equally loving family.

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