This Family Was Frolicking In The Snow, Until They Discovered Something Horrifying -
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This Family Was Frolicking In The Snow, Until They Discovered Something Horrifying

20. Thanksgiving

Everyone loves festivities, as it gives them some quality time to spend with their loved ones. But how awful it would be if those festivities get ruined by the discovery of something horrific?

That is exactly what happened to Branden Bingham and his family, on the morning of Thanksgiving.

19. That Morning

It was the morning of Thanksgiving when Branden and his family decided to take a stroll down the streets. They had stayed at the Bear Lake over the weekend, and they were looking forward to having some fun, out in the snow. Little did they know, that they would see a sight which would scare their wits away, and would immediately send them into panic mode.

18. A Storm Of Snow

The night before Thanksgiving, it had snowed heavily. The temperature had dropped steadily, and there was about 50 feet of snow that covered the surroundings. As people were wiping snow off their cars and roofs, Branden’s kids were gearing up to have some fun times. They pleaded Branden to take them out in the snow, to which he agreed.

17. The Excitement

The family, especially the kids, were really excited. They were looking forward to some real fun, as they rarely got such environments to play in. They were running around, skidding in the snow, and throwing snowballs on one another. It was all going well until one of the kids found out something horrific.

16. The Sight Of Horror

Branden’s family were throwing snowballs at each other innocently playing. One of his sons decided to move a little further away from the family, and hide. He armed himself with snowballs to pelt his family with and laid quiet, waiting for the perfect moment to attack. But once he got to the perfect spot, he saw a sight that spooked him to bits. He immediately rushed to his family and told them what he had seen, and they couldn’t believe it.

15. A Sad Scene

The family rushed to the spot of the sighting. Once they got close, they realized that it was a dead kitten trapped in the snow. Brendan’s brother immediately told his niece and nephews to move away. He just wanted to check if there was a realistic possibility of saving the kittenHe uttered, “You Okay, buddy?” But, the motionless creature didn’t respond. Was it dead, already?

14. Dead or Alive?

The big question they faced was, whether the cat was dead or alive. He picked the little white kitty up, as the children circled around him. He tried to rub the back, but the animal remained lifeless. He tried to look into the eye of the little white fellow, to check if it had any signs life.

13.  Any Hope?

When they noticed closely, they felt that the little buddy did have a little life left. Overjoyed by that, one of them shouted, “Yay, we are bringing a little cat to life here!” They immediately rushed to the room that they had rented, to try and save the kitten from death. But, this was going to be a difficult task for one particular reason.

12. A Race Against Time

As they reached their room, they realized that there was very little time left to save the kitty. The kids huddled around a fireplace, while Brendan’s brother tried the CPR to invoke life into the cat. But, they still didn’t know whether it would survive or not.

11. Hope’s Fading Away

As he continued to rub the kitten’s back and tried to invoke life into it, his voice gradually began to lower. It becomes evident that he realizes that the hopes of resurrecting the cat, has began to fade. Nevertheless, he tries CPR once again in hopes that, against all odds, he could make it live. And the kids started doing something beautiful and sweet to ensure the cat’s survival. 

10. Praying And Pleading

Saddened by the possibility of losing the little fellow, the kids began to murmur prayers that literally bordered on pleading. One of the kids shouts, “Come On!” The other one responds, not as optimistically, “but look at him.” Negative thoughts began to cross their minds as they made desperate attempts. Were they going to let go?

9. Brendan Gave up

Noticing that the chances of saving the cat were getting bleaker, Brendan said to his brother, “I truly believe that there (is) no chance.” Everyone in the room was telling him that he should just give up. But, his brother was so determined to save the cat that he still continued his efforts.

8. Never Say Never

He continued giving CPR and rubbing its body. The room gradually began to light up, so they wanted to give it a try. But would they witness a miracle? Or would their holiday cheer be crushed? 

7. Where There Is A Will…

They kept trying and trying, despite the fact that the kitten’s condition hadn’t been improving much. Brendan’s brother kept doing CPR for about an hour, even though it had been fruitless.

But after a while, he gave up. The family began to prepare for a small final ceremony for the cat and started wrapping it up in a blanket. That was to be the end of it, supposedly. But then, something incredible happened.

6.  A Miracle!

Just when their eyes were getting numb, they witnessed an unexpected turn of events. The kitten slowly started to open its eyes. Brendan says, about that moment, “We thought we had just witnessed a miracle”. But was that all?

5. Battle For Survival

Having survived excruciating circumstances, the kitten had become very weak. Finally, after taking a little while to recover, the kitten popped its head out of the blanket. The family were overjoyed by this, oblivious of the fact that their joy was about to receive an increment.

4.  Those Eyes

When the kitten opened its eyes wide, the Binghams realized that they were strikingly icy blue in colour. Within a few hours, they greyness of the fur started disappearing, and after she had soaked enough warmth off the blanket, the kitten was ready to play. But then, the kids had something more in their mind.

3.  The Love Of Kids

The kids were extremely happy. They couldn’t wait to play with the little chap. And they fell so much in love with it, that they even asked their father if the could take it home with them. Brendan’s son says “I want to keep him”, in a tone filled with innocence. Brendan, however, replied “We won’t be able to do, what Becca can, for the cat” as the family handed over the kitten to a family friend.

The kitten was off to a new home.

2.  A Home For The Baby, And A Name Too

The kitten was handed over to a family friend, and they named the cat Lazarius. She’s been taken care of by the family friend since. While it’s still not certain whether that cat had been abandoned in the snow or not, the efforts that the Bingham family made to save the life of Lazarius, were commendable and respectable.

This kitty not only got a second chance at life, but the miracle witnessed by the family brought them closer to their faith, too.

1. A Lesson For Everyone

Many at times, we ignore small things happening around us, or maybe, we don’t consider them important enough, to pay attention. But just imagine if the Bingham family had ignored poor Lazarius that day. An innocent creature would have lost its life.

Compassion, thus, must never die. If a small act of compassion can save a life, imagine what the world could do if it were filled with compassionate people

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