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Spotify is Becoming More Than Music: Look What The Service Can Do Now

Spotify just hit 50 million global subscribers and shows no signs of stopping its dominance in the music streaming world. The service has 40 million paying users and was named one the world’s most innovative companies by Fast Company.  However, Spotify is quickly making moves to become more than just a music streaming service, adding podcasts and video, as well integrating with different apps. If you’ve downloaded the Spotify app, you may be missing out on some great features you didn’t know existed. Here’s a look at how Spotify is evolving to becoming an essential app in your busy life, whether it’s during your morning commute, your evening run, or all of the hours in between.

Spotify Meets Waze

If you love streaming music during your daily commute, then this first feature is for you, Android users. Spotify announced on March 14 that they teamed up with Waze and brought your music right into the Waze app, so you can access directions, trafific info and your music all at once, without having to switch between apps. Once you’ve opened the Spotify app, the new feature will let you navigate with Waze within the Spotify app, then follow your route with your music still playing. You also have access to your Spotify playslists so you can change tracks or switch up your tunes. Spotify also built in a safety feature for those who are driving: once the car is at a complete stop, one tap lets you go between the apps for seamless listening. So far, Spotify hasn’t announced when we can expect the integration to be available for the Spotify iOS app.

Preview Music in the Spotify App

Want to hear a song in a preview format, and not listen to the whole track just yet? Press and hold on the song’s title, and you’ll hear a preview without having to leave your current playlist or stream. That’s not all, as you can also preview albums and playlists with the same gestures as well. This is a much quicker way to see if you’re interested in hearing a song or album, especially if you’re a little bit picky on your music choices. 

Change Your Spotify Quality Settings

There’s a way to change the quality of your music on Spotify and you might not be using it! You’ll find the quality settings on Spotify’s mobile apps. Just go into the Settings section on the Android app and under Streaming Quality on the Setting pages on the iOS app. You’ll be able to alter the quality of the sound to have a lower or higher streaming experience, which lets you save on data.

Enjoy Customized Playlists with Accuweather and Spotify

Spotify teamed up with AccuWeather to create Climatune, a new website designed to produce music customized to your local weather. Not only are you given playlists that are tailored to the current weather in your area, but you can also see what others in your area listen to according to the weather. Visit and you can see all of the site’s features. The Spotify app also features a Mood setting where you can select tunes that coordinate to weather, such as sunny or rainy. If you’re the kind of person who likes to soundtrack your life according to the weather, then go forth and discover new tunes. 

Spotify Podcasts

Podcasts are only picking up steam, thanks to high-profile successes like Welcome to Night Vale, Serial, and Missing: Richard Simmons. Now Spotify is getting into the podcast game with on-demand shows in a variety of genres. With the Spotify app, you can download podcasts for offline listening or stream the episodes, choosing from shows like How Did This Made, BitchSesh, 2 Drop Gurls, Stuff You Should Know and More.

Spotify has also launched original programming with a series of podcasts. The first, Showstopper, focuses on music in television, while UnPacked features Broad City’s music manager Matt FX and Michele Santucci, Music & Talent Manager at Spotify Studios, chronicling their adventures traveling festivals around the country with interviews and more. Finally, the third Spotify podcast is The Chris Lighty Story, a six-part show about the titular individal, a music industry leader who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound five years ago. More original content is expected from the service later in 2017.

Spotify Running

If you’ve ever shuffled through music trying to find the right soundtrack for running, then you know how frustrating it can be to find music that doesn’t match your pace. Spotify Running ends that by evaluating your tempo and selecting the right background music for your run. Access Spotify Running by navigating within the app to Playlists then going to Browse, and you’ll find Running under Genre and Moods. You can then choose a playlist, and begin running. The app will scan for your pace, and match the music. Spotify Running is also integrated with Runkeeper, so you can tap Track with Runkeeper to log your miles, plus features original music from Elle Goulding, Tiesto and more.

Spotify Videos

Spotify has signed partnerships with a number of media companies to bring video content right to you in the Spotify desktop or mobile versions. The video library is viewable under Browse > Videos in the app, and features interviews with musicians, TEDtalks, and other video content that is sure to give you plenty to enjoy.

Create a Perfect Playlist with Cross-Fade

Feel like a DJ and set up your playlist perfectly with the Cross-fade setting so you can get rid of the awkward silence between tracks. This setting will come in handy if you’re fond of streaming Spotify at parties or with friends, and don’t like those big gaps in between songs. You can find it under Settings, then Music Quality.

Look for Specific Search Terms

Did you know that Spotify offers the ability to do precise searches? You can use Search box to perform advanced searches of the following. The following come direct from Spotify’s blog!

Search by artist

  • artist:Radiohead – lists all tracks by Radiohead

Search by track

  • track:”My Sound” – lists tracks with the name My Sound

Search by album

  • album:Loveless – lists the album Loveless
  • album:”Many Faces Out Of Focus” – use quotes when the keyword contains spaces

Search by year

  • year:1969
  • year:1989-2013
  • year:1989-2013 NOT year:1993

Refine your search with AND, OR, and NOT.

  • Kyuss AND Green – lists results with keywords ‘Kyuss’ and ‘Green’
  • Zeppelin OR Floyd — lists results with keywords ‘Zeppelin’ or ‘Floyd’
  • Metallica NOT Anger – lists all Metallica tracks except with the word ‘Anger’

Instead of using AND or NOT you can also use a plus sign (+) or a minus sign (-).

Further search options

genre: Displays music in the genre matching keyword. 
label: Displays music released by the label matching keyword. 
isrc: Displays tracks matching ID number according to the International Standard Recording Code. 
upc: Displays albums matching ID number according to the Universal Product Code.
tag:new – Lists the most recently added albums. ‘Tag’ won’t return results for any other keywords.

Now you can be a Spotify master!
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