Meet The Woman Who Drove 20 Miles, With A Coyote Stuck In Her Car's Grill -
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Meet The Woman Who Drove 20 Miles, With A Coyote Stuck In Her Car’s Grill

20. The Famous Coyotes

Coyotes are rare, but famous animals. Most popular, because of the roadrunner show, in which a certain Mr. Wiley E Coyote kept chasing the Road Runner, all around. And while these creatures may be special, this coyote is lucky, too. 

19. Ability To Adapt

Coyotes are known, especially to zoologists, as creatures who have a great ability to adapt to tough climates and surroundings. It is this innate ability, that helps them survive the toughest of situations. That being said, this journey that one coyote went on is absolutely insane. And the fact that he survived it, is even more shocking.

18. A Routine Commute

It happened in Canada, where Georgie Knox, a resident of Vernon, British Columbia, embarked on a journey that she has made hundreds of times, in her white pick up truck. For her, making this commute, was almost a daily affair. Little did she know, that this one was going to turn out to be weirdly special.

17. And, She Was Off

Like every day, that morning, Georgie started her truck and without notice, set off on the road. There was nothing to make her feel that there was anything different about this trip. The weather, the road, the truck – everything around her was completely normal. However, things soon changed.

16.  Crossing Paths

A few miles ahead, a Coyote suddenly ran across the road, in front of Georgie’s truck. Georgie tried her best to save the animal, but when she heard a loud thud on the bonnet, she realized that the Coyote had been killed. Georgie decided to move on since she could do nothing about it anyway.

This story should have ended right there, except, it didn’t.

15. Carrying On

Georgie was upset about what had happened to the Coyote, but she knew that she had tried her best to save it. Mindful of that, she moved on, and drove many miles, before she finally halted at a traffic signal. Still, she didn’t suspect anything strange, until she saw something.

14. Waving For Attention

It was at the signal that she saw a construction worker waving arms, trying to get her attention. She was perplexed by his behaviour. She had passed through this junction many times but never had anyone even noticed her. She was unable to gauge the situation, as the worker pointed towards her car.

So she got out of the car, but the sight that awaited her would blow her mind away.

13. He was There, Stuck In The Grill

The construction worker was trying to tell her that a Coyote was stuck in the grill of her car. She couldn’t believe it at first. After all, what are the chances that, after being hit by a truck, the Coyote would get stuck in the grill, and, on top of that, stay there for 20 odd miles of the journey? Pretty weird, isn’t it?

But, it gets weirder.

12. The Love For Animals

Georgie was an animal lover, as is evident from her Facebook timeline, that is filled with pictures of cute animals and birds. It was obvious that, had she known the Coyote was stuck there, she would not have continued to drive. In fact, she was already feeling guilty about the fact, that she had hit the Coyote. Now, to see him in that situation only amplified the guilt.

Since it didn’t look great for the Coyote, she decided to act quickly.

11. Expert Help

Unable to think of anything else, Georgie called up the local Fish and Wildlife Officer in Alberta. Even the officer couldn’t believe what he had heard, at first, as it was very rare to have an accident related to Coyote in the area. But since Georgie feared that she might hurt the animal further, she knew that she needed expert help.

The officer arrived, in some time, along with a zoologist.

10. Stuck For A Long Time

The Coyote had been stuck there for almost an hour now, and Georgie was driving fast on a highway. So it was possibly hurt, very badly.  The Officer needed to free the Coyote first, and only then, would the zoologist ascertain whether, or not, the Coyote could survive.

So how bad, was it?

9. Bruised

The Coyote was visibly bruised, with blood dripping, and his injuries clearly visible. However, how deep those injuries were, was difficult to tell from the outside. Hence a zoologist was on call to check on the Coyote, before setting him free to return in the wild. What the zoologist told them, was rather shocking.

8. The Resilient Animal

As stated earlier also, Coyotes are tough animals, that can survive through a variety of difficult situations. When this one was checked, he was found to be fine enough, by the zoologist. Everyone was surprised, as well as impressed by the resilience shown by the animal. After all, you don’t expect wild animals to be so calm under such dire situations.

7. It Wants Freedom

It was obvious that the coyote wanted to be set free from this suffering. It had intelligently, and patiently, stayed stuck in the grill, rather than trying to jump out. But now that the truck had halted, the Coyote wanted to be let off. He was getting a bit restless.

But while he wanted freedom, the officer had an issue at hand.

6. But, Where To Leave Him?

After being given the clearance by the zoologist, the officer had decided to send him back into the wild. But, there was one imminent question. No one knew, where exactly, this animal’s home was. So, without pondering too much, they decided to make a calculated guess as to where he might have come from.

And then, came a conclusion, as to where he would be released.

5. Finally, The Release

After getting the clearance, and the officer taking into account various factors, the Coyote was released in the open, near Kananaskis. The officer believed that this would be a relatively safe place for the Coyote to recover from his injuries.

But, this wasn’t a standalone story of its kind. There have been other similar instances, in the past, where animals have gotten stuck in the grills of vehicles and travelled long distances, yet been rescued alive.

4. The Poor Koala

In the year 2015, a Koala was hit by a woman’s car, that running at nearly 100km/h, near Adelaide, Australia. Incredibly, the Koala, too, got stuck in the grill. When the lady slowed her car down, to park it near a driveway, she noticed that the animal had been stuck there, all the while. But it managed to escape serious injuries and was set free.

3. Even The King Of Birds, Has Been There

In another similar story, it was an eagle that got trapped in the car grill, near Florida. The story is from 2016, and here too, the driver didn’t realize, until he was flagged by someone. The bird was saved and handed over to the authorities, who released it back into the wild.

2. Strange Stories

As Strange as these stories may sound, they are as real as they can get. While in most cases, the animals struck by fast moving vehicles, lose their lives, there are cases when they are lucky enough to escape, with relatively less damage. However, even the small proportion of cases, where they do get saved, leaves us with a relevant question – Is it sheer luck, or there is actually some quality that the animals who survive, display under these situations?

1. One Common Thread

And, as you might expect, in all such stories, there is one common observation. It is only when the animal doesn’t panic, and stays calm in its position, that it survives. That requires a lot of endurance and intelligence. And those two qualities can be extrapolated to be the key to surviving through any calamity in life.

A lesson for humans, maybe?

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