Man Sees Floating Whale That Appeared To Be Dead, When He Touches It This Happens -
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Man Sees Floating Whale That Appeared To Be Dead, When He Touches It This Happens

While out in the ocean, exploring the sea, one man would get into a situation that he won’t soon forget. When he spotted this floating whale in the water, he assumed it was dead. However, the reality of the situation was so much more mind-blowing.

20. The Man


Michael Fishbach is one of the founders of The Great Whale Conservancy. The GWC works hard to protect the lives of many of the world’s great whales and their habitat.

19. Boat Trip


One day, Michael and his team were on a boat trip in the Sea of Cortez. He was with both friends and family when he spotted something extremely odd in the water. So what was it?

18. Odd Sighting

Image: CNN

As they got closer, Michael realized that the floating object in the water was a humpback whale. The whale was stuck in a fishing net. Michael immediately assumed the worst.

17. Dead

Image: Mirror

The humpback whale wasn’t moving at all and Michael immediately assumed that it had died from being trapped. “I came upon a young humpback whale that appeared to be dead,” Michael says in the video footage of the discovery.

16. Sudden Change

Image: Daily Mail

However, his observation was quickly proven wrong when the whale decided to do something suddenly. Out of nowhere, the whale rolled slightly and let out a huge breath from its blowhole. It was an amazing sight!

15. Amazing Sight


We floated next to the whale for several minutes, but we saw no signs of light. Suddenly, the whale rose slightly in the water and forcefully exhaled,” Michael explained. That’s when Michael decided to do something crazy!

14. Grabbing Gear


Michael began to quickly scurry around the boat looking for his swimming gear. He knew that there was only one thing left for him to do. He would have to go into the water and help rescue the whale.

13. Acting Fast


Michael also knew that time was of the essence in a situation like this. The whale had been hanging around at the surface for far too long and its life was at risk. So Michael quickly jumped into the water.

12. Snorkeling Gear


With his snorkeling gear on, Michael began to take on the daunting task of swimming over to the whale. This part was especially tricky, as he would have to keep the whale calm throughout the entire situation.

11. Cutting Free


Michael brought a knife with him so that he could begin to cut the whale free of the net. It was incredibly challenging to keep the whale calm throughout the process. However, Michael did his best.

10. Swimming Away

Image: Daily Mail

At one point, the whale began to swim away as Michael was cutting on the net. For a while, the crew was pulled away into the ocean and unable to continue cutting away at the net.

9. There To Help

Image: YouTube

I quickly discovered the whale was severely entangled in the gale net of the type used by local fishermen… there were no words that I could share but I wanted to let the whale know that we were there to help,” Michael said of the situation.

8. Bleak Situation

Image: YouTube

“The situation was indeed bleak,” Fishbach said. “The tail was entangled in so much gear it was weighted down a full 15 feet below the surface.”

7. Tired Out

Image: YouTube

Eventually, the whale got tired out of dragging the boat with all of the crew on it. It was at this time that Michael and the crew saw the perfect opportunity to begin cutting the net once again.

6. Naming Her

Image: YouTube

Everyone on the boat also agreed that they would give the whale a name. They decided on Valentina and so they began to refer to the whale as Valentina. As soon as the named her Valentina it was as if the whale knew that the humans meant her no harm.

5. Finally Free


Finally, Michael believed that he had totally freed the whale from the net. So everyone anxiously awaited to watch the whale swim off into the sea. However, what happened next was a complete and total shock.

4. 500 Feet

Image: Radio Canada International

Valentina began to swim out into the ocean but at around 500 feet away she made a stop. Everyone was waiting to see what was happening when Valentina did the most amazing thing. She jumped up out of the water and flew around in the air.

3. An Hour

Image: ABC News

For the next hour, Valentina continued to put on a show for her rescuers. She seemed to be so grateful to the amazing team of humans that freed her from possible death.

2. Free At Last

Image: Daily Mail

Mommy, I know what she’s doing. She’s showing us that she’s all free,” one of the children said. Everyone was so blown away by the whale’s show as it was an astonishing thank you to them all.

1. Millions

Image: Daily Mail

Since the video has been uploaded to the Internet, millions of people have viewed the daring rescue. Everyone is just as surprised by Valentina’s sweet thank you as the crew on the boat was!

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