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Man Finds Mysterious Box In His Basement, But When He Opens It…

Every house has its own secrets, but this man was surely not ready to find out what was hidden in his cellar! We all need to get some work done around the house, but it’s not that often that we actually do it. Well, today we are going to present the amazing story of a man who started revamping his cellar and stumbled upon a “weird” box that was hidden in the ceiling.

20. Strange Box

This is the strange box that our story’s protagonist found hidden in his house. The man shared his story over imgur under the username “branik12”. Let’s see how it all started.

19. Handy Man

The imgur user is a handyman who loves doing work around the house. He bought a new house that was built in the late 40’s and decided to do some remodeling and bring it in a better shape. Here is what he found after peeling the walls in his cellar.

18. Weird Drawings

The imgur user knew that something weird happened in his cellar after he stumbled upon these drawings. These chalk drawings were hidden behind the paper walls, but this was not that special in comparison with what came next.

17. More Drawings

As the man was taking down more paper walls, more drawings were revealed. This is when he knew that he needed to take his camera out because something weird was happening. The next drawings he found scared him a little!

16. Scary Drawings

As you can clearly see, the drawings resemble swastikas. This was getting strange, but the man didn’t give up and continued his work. You won’t believe what happened next.

15. Removing the Ceiling

The man wanted to remove the ceiling, but this was no easy task since it was covered in dust. He then covered most of the house in plastic so that the dust wouldn’t spread and got to work. This is when he found the strange box!

14. Things Get Interesting

As the man was taking down the ceiling, he saw something interesting. What could that be? Let’s look at a more detailed picture.

13. Metal Box

The man took a picture with the flash enabled and this is what came out. Seeing the strange metal box, he decided to take it down and see what’s hidden inside.

12. Secret Box

Considering how well hidden the box was, the man knew that something valuable must be hidden inside it. Therefore, he went looking for his wife so that they could open it together. And so they did…

11. What Could It Be?

As the man was getting closer to unlocking the box, he started thinking about what he might find in there. Could there be money?

10. Opening the Box

The imgur user admits that he didn’t have any expectations before opening the box but little did he know, the things inside of the box would make his life better!

9. Old Newspaper

The first thing to come out the strange box was an old newspaper. Check out the next picture to see why this newspaper was so unusual…

8. Interesting Ads

The newspaper sure looked interesting, but this was not the best thing to come out of the box. You won’t believe what the man found next!!

7. Wrapped Money

The man couldn’t believe his eyes. The box contained three big stacks of money. But how much money could it be?

6. Old Money

It was clear that this man struck gold. As if his luck couldn’t get any better, check out how rare these banknotes are!

5. Rare Bills

As you can clearly see, the bills were big! However, the twenties were not the biggest bills this man found. Keep reading to see what I am talking about.

4. Is it a Prank?

After finding so much money hidden in his home, the man couldn’t stop from wondering if this was a prank of some sorts. It seems like this type of thing only happens in the movies. However, it wasn’t a prank and the money was all his!

3. Tons of Money

The best thing about the money this man found was not only their value but the fact that they can be sold off at auctions for bigger prices because they are quite rare. Click next to see a better picture of the money.

2. Paying Off the Mortgage

When asked about what he will do with all these bills he found, the man simply said that he will pay off his mortgage and other debts.


What would you do if you ever found something like this hidden in your house?

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